Hi friend!

Since finishing the final edits to The Year of Less, I have imagined that it might spark some conversations about how we can become more mindful consumers of everything—and that there may even be a few challenges inspired by the shopping ban. Creating a space where we can share some of our stories (and struggles and triumphs!) was really important to me.

It’s nearly impossible to pick an option that will work for everyone, so I will encourage you to do whatever works best for you. Want to start a blog? Do it! Want to start your own Facebook group? Amazing. I don’t use Facebook, but I do use Instagram (I’m @caitflanders). Here’s how we can connect there:

On a day-to-day basis, we can find each other by using the hashtag #theyearofless. I would love to see pictures of the book out in the wild (like this)! But we also want to read your story and learn more about you—that’s how we really connect with one another.

You don’t have to be doing a yearlong experiment, like I was. You could just share something like: the reason you picked up the book, and which parts resonated with you and why. Or you could write about some of your goals/intentions to become a mindful consumer. It’s your profile, so do whatever feels natural. :)

After your intro post, feel free to add the hashtag to any future post that you want other community members to see. And to make sure you see what others are posting, follow the hashtag:

  1. Tap on the hashtag #theyearofless in your post or on one of mine.
  2. Tap “Follow”. That’s it!

Once you follow the hashtag, you will see everyone’s photos and videos appear in your feed + stories!