You’re Allowed to Change Your Mind (and Your Direction)

You're Allowed to Change Your Mind (and Your Direction)

This is a guest post from my friend Nick. It’s a refreshingly honest story about two people who are doing things their own way—including shifting gears and moving in a new direction.

Two years ago, my wife and I started planning a new life. I worked as an engineer at a well-established company and Hanna was in physical therapy school. We liked our lives ok, but we wanted more. I couldn’t stomach working for someone else and Hanna couldn’t bear the idea of working for the same employer for too long.

But most of all, we wanted to travel. We dreamed of days spent hiking through Glacier National Park and nights around campfires. We longed for sand between our toes and the smell of the ocean. Instagram took over our phones, our time, and our thoughts. Travel was everything.

On top of that, the timing was perfect. Hanna and I are young and we don’t have kids. Now is when we should be running off on an adventure. After all, when else are we going to have this opportunity? The plan was for her to take a travel physical therapy position after graduation, and get sent to a new city every three months. In the meantime, I had two years to build up a freelance business on the back of blogging so that I could work remotely.

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