Adventures in Opting Out is Here!

Adventures in Opting Out cover by Amanda Sandlin

Hi friends! Most mornings, I take things really slow. I lay in bed for a while. Stretch. Then grab a book, make a coffee, and curl up and read on the couch with Cooey. I love this little ritual. It’s the calmest way I can start my day. And yet, I couldn’t do that today. Because when I opened my eyes, I knew what day it was. September 15th! My second book’s birthday! ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT IS FINALLY HERE!

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My New Book: Adventures in Opting Out

To opt out is to step off the path you’re on and start doing what feels right for you. To do it, you have to embrace the fact that it will be an adventure, filled with risks and uncertainty, but also rewards and lessons that could potentially change your life in ways you have never imagined.

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Free Mindful Budgeting Templates (+ Update on Planners)

A few people have asked if I still have the old Mindful Budgeting print templates that I used to sell here, and the answer is yes! If you’re looking for a tool that can help you take control (or at least take stock) of your finances right now, in this time of uncertainty, I’ve uploaded the files so you can download them for free.

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My Top 10 Favourite Posts

It’s been almost a full year since I stopped blogging. In that time, I’ve thought a lot about what I want to do with the archives—and, ultimately (after asking myself what 34-year-old Cait wants), I’ve decided to delete them.

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Why I’m Retiring from Personal Blogging

You have all helped me in more ways than I can list here, and I am so grateful for your time, energy, and attention. Now, I believe that the best thing I can do is continue to model what it means to live an intentional life. In this case, that means trusting my gut and letting go of my blog, even if it feels scary.

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