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The List of Women I’ve Wasted Money Trying to Become

This is a guest post from my friend Chelsea Fagan, founder of The Financial Diet. TFD has quickly become one of my favourite sites because of the refreshingly honest stories and opinions they publish. I finally got to meet Chelsea and Lauren at FinCon, and am excited to continue our

The True Cost of Wasting Money on Getting Wasted

It’s been a year since I last wrote a post about my sobriety. When I read that post now, I can see how uncomfortable I still was with parts of it – namely, the social aspect. I knew life was better without alcohol, and I was a better person when

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Reflections on a Year of Slow Living Experiments

Well, my friends, I can hardly believe we are days into the new year—and 2017 is behind us. Part of me wanted to let the date change without putting much energy into reminiscing and thinking about all that the year held for me. But I think that’s simply a combination of

10 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life in 10 Minutes

As you know, I’m not usually in the business of writing a lot of how-to type posts. My preference is to share personal stories and lessons I’ve learned – and that is especially true when we’re talking about decluttering. The same way personal finance is personal, what we choose to