Good Grief and Financial Discipline

Good Grief and Financial Discipline

This is a guest post from my friend Mrs. Picky Pincher. It couldn’t be more timely for me, and I appreciate her willingness to open up and share this part of her story with us. <3

My mom was never one for jewelry. But, on one chilly November morning, I remember clutching to her necklace until my knuckles were white. It was Black Friday and we’d just celebrated Thanksgiving with our family the day before. But there we were, in the ER of the hospital, getting the worst news you could imagine. A very sympathetic doctor explained that my mom died, and there wasn’t anything else they could do.

Everyone asks how it feels to go through something like that. Crying isn’t always the first reaction, either. My initial reaction was to vomit. For a good 30 minutes, all I wanted to do was hurl. I was in shock, and I remember I couldn’t even cry until the next day, when I sorted through my mom’s things.

That’s when we discovered she had a prescription painkiller addiction, which ended up killing her.

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