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I’m so glad you’ve joined our community! I started this blog back in 2010 and it was originally meant to serve as an accountability tool in my debt repayment journey. (It also used to be called “Blonde on a Budget”.) As you can see, though, it’s morphed into so much more than that over the years.

After paying off $30,000 of debt in two years, I adopted a minimalist lifestyle, decluttered and removed 75% of the belongings in my home, then put myself on a two-year shopping ban. I also took control of my health, lost 30 lbs. and quit drinking alcohol.

Each week, I write a post that sheds some insight on how my decisions to become a more mindful consumer are changing my life – in hopes it might inspire you in your own journey. (I’m also writing a book about it! The Year of Less is due out January 2018.)

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