Cait Flanders in Squamish
Photo sneakily taken by Sian Richardson

Hi friend! My name is Cait. I’m an author, podcaster, and traveller from a beautiful island in British Columbia, Canada. For the past nine years, you could say I’ve been on a journey of less. Less debt. Less clutter. Less consumerism. Less alcohol (ok, no alcohol). Less time online/on my phone. Less consumption overall. I wrote a self-help memoir that documents some of what I have experienced and discovered. The Year of Less came out in January 2018 and became a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

As I continue to experiment with less, I’ve come to realize these aren’t tests with a pass/fail grade. These are adventures in opting out. Opting out from the family stories, cultural surroundings, and messages that have told us who we should be and how we should live our lives. Opting out from the stories we’ve told ourselves about what we think will make us happy yet it somehow never does. It’s not easy to change those stories, or to step off the path you’ve been walking along and take a different one. There are a lot of challenges that come with it. But choosing to opt out is a brave decision, and one that allows you to live an intentional life according to your own values. (If you’re curious, mine are: calm/slow, connection/presence, and adventure/explore.) I typically look at this from the frame of what we consume, because I’ve learned that what consumes our minds controls our lives and finances. What if we stopped consuming mindlessly, opted out for a period of time, and created the lives we really want instead?

Things I collect now: conversations with humans about being human, lessons from making mistakes and having the courage to try again, inspiration to slow down and be more intentional, and stories from people who are willing to share what they know. Truth: I’m still constantly culling my library of books and the number of podcasts downloaded on my phone. It’s a work in progress!

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