Mindful Musings

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of content that’s out there? Blog posts, articles, news stories, podcasts, videos, and everything that’s shared on social media. Add the fact that we could probably binge on movies + televisions shows for every waking hour of our lives and still not run out of stuff to watch.

Yea . . . overwhelmed is a good word to describe how it makes me feel.

That’s why I’ve committed to only publishing + sharing content I think you could truly enjoy and take something from. It started by deciding to publish fewer posts of my own. Then I began sharing one blog post I loved each week. Eventually, I went on to help curate the content for Rockstar Finance for three years.

Now, I write a weekly newsletter of my own. :)

It’s a small collection of content designed to help you slow down and make mindful decisions. But here’s the thing. If I have nothing to say and haven’t found anything good to share, I won’t email you. Because if I don’t want to write it, you won’t want to read it—and I respect our time and attention too much.

So, this is me saying I will email you a few Friday’s each month. That’s it. And I think you’ll enjoy each one.

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