Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of content that’s available? Blog posts, articles, news stories, podcasts, videos, and everything that’s shared on social media. Add the fact that we could probably binge on movies + televisions shows for every waking hour of our lives and still not run out of stuff to watch. Yea . . . overwhelmed is a good word to describe how it makes me feel.

That’s why I’ve committed to only publishing and sharing stuff that I enjoy creating + think you could enjoy reading/listening to. Content that hopefully inspires you to slow down, consume less, and live and create more. I try to do this on a weekly basis, but it doesn’t always happen. Because if I don’t want to create it, you won’t want to consume it—and I respect* our time and attention too much.

So, this is me saying that I write + send out a few blog posts via email each month. In those emails, I also include a handful of links to content that inspired me in my journey to becoming a mindful consumer.

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