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It’s 7:09am, and I’m sitting at the dining room table in my dad’s house in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It’s raining outside, the sound of which is barely making its way into the background, now that we have two dogs snoring in the room across from me. I had no intention of writing in this space, or even writing today at all. And yet, when I sat down with my coffee, the first thing I did was open up my website (old habits die hard) and click on the “Add New” button. And now, here we are. :)

Hi! Hi. Hello. It is genuinely so nice to be here.

Apparently, it’s been 793 days since I wrote my last proper blog post. I’m not sure how you sum up 793 days in a few paragraphs, and so I’m not even going to try. Sitting at the keyboard today, the only thing I want to say right now is that: I’m here. I have capacity in my life and my heart and my nervous system to be here with you right now. This hasn’t been true for all of the last 793 days, but it is true right now and it feels good to be able to share those words.

I don’t have plans for this space. I don’t know how often I’ll write, or what I’ll write about, or what we might have discussions about. On that note, please know you have full permission to read or not read. To comment or not comment. To consume and interact with what I share in whatever way feels good for you. My only hope is that when you show up here, you feel like you are able to do so as your full self. Similar to all the years before, I will always commit to this being a safe space.

I will leave it there for now, friend. Hitting “Publish” while that still feels exciting. :)

Take good care of yourself today, xx

  • Read your book the Year of Less a month ago and was so sad to find out that you weren’t still active on your blog. Hoping to read more of your thoughts and doings in life :)

  • I just finished listening to the Year of Less for the fourth time…. serendipitous timing to see this! Hope to see the audiobook of Opting Out happen soon… can’t wait.

  • This was a calming surprise. I saw your post in IG and checked my email, but nothing was there, but here it is. Dogs snoring….. love that, thank you.

  • I haven’t had the time or space to read any of my usual blogs for months now… but this morning I decided to log in and just have a quick peek… and the first post that came up was this one… interesting that after months of not reading, I decide to read the same day you decide to post for the first time in a long time… serendipitous?

    • Ohhh Jena, I love that. And that word: serendipitous. I am with you: I haven’t read blogs in *years*. Literally, years. But this just feels… right, right now. :)

  • At a time when every little thing makes me cry, this little “hello” definitely did me in. Thank you and hello!

    • You’re not alone in that, Katie. The word I’ve been using lately is: tender. Not broken, just tender. <3

  • Always happy to see more words from you! Both of your books reside on my shelves and frequently end up back in my hands, to revisit a chapter or two. It’s always encouraging.

  • So glad you are back! Pausing on almost every page of AIOO. So surprised & glad to see this today. 🎉

    • Pausing on almost every page. I love that, and just did the same thing with another book: Everything Is Spiritual by Rob Bell.

  • Hey! I found your book The Year of Less randomly at a used book store a few weeks ago and LOVED IT :) I could relate so much, I read it within a day. Then I saw you’d just published another book and somehow it’s even more similar to what I’m going through right now- Crazy! So I have to say I was so sad to see you’d given up your blog when I looked up your site, but here you are again! I’m about to start your second book and look forward to hearing about someone else’s Adventures in Opting out :)

    • Ooo I love when we grow right alongside writers/creators we follow. That feels so good/supportive to hear, too! Hope you enjoy Adventures :)

  • You do what feels right when it feels right to do it! I love that intention and freedom, all wrapped up in one. I just want you to know that your AIOO has meant so much to me! I saved most of my reading (which I combined with meditating on what I was absorbing) for a 3 week vacation/getaway with some of my family. I took time by myself, drank it in, and it nourished me. My adventure continues…thank you!

    • Oh, Denise—thank you for painting such a beautiful picture of your experience! I’m so glad and grateful the book felt nourishing, especially while on vacation. What a treat. :)

  • Hi Cait, you must to do whatever you want, if you want to write so it, if you don’t isn’t necessary to force yorself…I’m sure your mind and your body know exactly what you need!!!

  • Welcome back!
    Your latest book just arrived and I’m reading it now. Was wondering about your blog and here you are!
    Have a great day, all best wishes from the Netherlands 💖

    • Thank you for supporting the book, Linda! And the Netherlands! My cousin lives there now. Hope to visit one day, sooner than later :)

  • Hi :D This was way to exciting. I poured myself another cup of coffee and had to laugh when I saw that this is not going the usual blog post or newsletter, but a genuinely short “hi, I’m here message”. And I love it. So good to read you have the capacity in your life right now. And I will get right back to reading your book. Don’t want to get the coffee get cold, right? :D Always a pleasure to read from you!

    • Haha, definitely not a usual blog post! But here we are, friend! Hope you enjoyed that coffee :D

  • Nice to have you back… In your own space, haha. I was living abroad back in 2015 when I discovered you. Much has happened for you as well as us, your readers. I am excited too. :)

    • “Much has happened for you as well as us, your readers.” Ohhh my gosh, ain’t that the truth. Can’t wait to hear how everyone is, as we continue on here. :)

  • Yay! So happy to see you writing in here. I fully relate, Just remember that you did just release an amazing book!!! I plan to read it again and again. Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful insight. It’s exactly what I needed

  • Hello!!! I love that you wrote today- it’s a little easier to breathe with a little more space down here too :) I missed you <3

  • So good to see you back in this space! I have to admit, I only read a couple of blogs, and it works best for me to subscribe to them by email. Looking forward to more, and thanks for continuing to send the newsletter.

    • Absolutely, Aimee! Newsletter won’t get anywhere. Will just keep tweaking the look of it, haha.

  • I feel like this post and your writings give me permission to keep living the life I want to live, rather than the life society expects of me. So thanks!

  • Hi Cait! This is the first blog I have ever read!! 😂 I love the way you write & your books are one of the few I can happily read over & over again.

    • That’s so nice to hear, Sharon! I have a few of those myself, and am grateful mine are part of yours :)

  • Hello! I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for sharing your stories and insight. I can’t wait to read your latest book! My local library didn’t have it, so I filled out their form to order it. They did and I’m first on the list!

    • Oh yay! Thank you so much for asking them to order it! That’s hugely helpful for authors too. :)

  • Oh, hai! ;-D
    Good to see you orbiting the blogosphere again…you are always a calm voice in a world wide web-whirlwind. Best wishes to you and yours; doing whatever whenever your muse taps you on the shoulder.

    Take care, and be well!

  • Your writing takes me to a place that makes me feel like I’ve taken fresh air into my lungs. It’s nice to hear from you.

    • Reading this made *me* take a deep breath, Kristin. Thank you for sharing this reflection with me. It’s nice to hear from you too :)

  • Hello Cait, I’ve just started reading your book. It fell off the shelf at Munro’s Books in Victoria right in front of me. Your goals are similar to ones I’ve long had. Like you I’ve struggled with alcohol and impulse buying. I’m really glad you are blogging again because I look forward to reading your future posts. TYOL is an inspiring read so far.

  • I just started reading your book, The Year of Less, saw your website and thought it’s really cool. Wish I could finish a book for once (I often read many books within the same week) and apply what I have read.

  • This is so funny to me – I thought of you the other day, and how the last time I’d read about you (I’m not using socials much), you were writing another book. I thought I’d check and see if it’s out, and read some old blog articles. And here you were, having recently checked in!

    Just missed the first of your Book Club (of sorts), but I’ve signed up for the others. It’s lovely to hear from you, and I hope you’re doing well. I can’t wait to read the new book.

  • Hi, This is my first time on a blog. I’m reading your book, The Year of Less. I love it and really need to hear this right now. Thank you for sharing. I just beginning chapter five. I feel you gaining strength page by page. I hope i can break my bad habits too.

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