Since publishing The Year of Less, I’ve been fortunate enough to be offered some incredible speaking opportunities. When Google asked if I would come in to tell my story, I was happy to do that—and always will be. But I also walked away from that author talk feeling ready to dive deeper into the topic of what it means to be a mindful consumer, especially in a world that has been designed to make us binge consume everything.

So, in the future, I would love to talk about a few different topics: (1) my personal experience detailed in the book, (2) how to start paying attention and become a mindful consumer, (3) the idea of creating vs. consuming (and how to mindfully do both). I would also love to do live interviews or sit on panels, so we can be humans who talk about this stuff together. That’s where the magic happens (and why I always do Q&As at the end). :)

To book me for your event, please reach out to Lucinda Literary. Thanks!

Upcoming Events

October 11, 2018 @ 7pm – Shirlington Branch Library (Arlington, Virginia)

October 24, 2018 @ 7pm – St. Albert Public Library (St. Albert, Alberta)

October 25, 2018 @ 7pm – Strathcona County Library (Sherwood Park, Alberta)

November 8, 2018 @ 11am – Salisbury Country Club (Richmond, Virginia)

Past Events

August 24-27, 2018 – CampFI Midwest (Minneapolis)
May 17, 2018 – Google Author Talk (London)
May 8, 2018 – Psychologies Magazine (London)
April 18, 2018 – North Vancouver District Public Library (North Vancouver)
March 24, 2018 – Chapters Indigo (Victoria)
March 21, 2018 – Squamish Public Library (Squamish)
March 15, 2018 – Audreys Books (Edmonton)
March 12, 2018 – Octopus Books (Ottawa)
March 7, 2018 – Queen Books (Toronto)