Thank You! Enjoy Your Adventure Supplies

Hi friend! Thank you for ordering my new book. I’m so excited we can read it together + connect over the material this fall. Between now and then, I want you to feel equipped for the journey we will be going on soon. Similar to the way you would pack supplies for an outdoor adventure, I thought it would be fun to gift you some supplies for your future adventure in opting out! Here are a few things you can explore this summer:

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Start with the Introduction (Listen to Audio Version | Download the PDF)
Check out the books I read while writing (expect this list to keep growing!)
Read some stories of people who have changed paths in life via NYT
Listen to a few episodes of my favourite podcasts:
Real Talk RadioAfrica Brooke, Carrot Quinn, Jamie Varon, Kara Ford
She ExploresAlone, Friendship, Quitting, Blueprint, Possibility
Unrooted – this whole series about finding home is lovely :)


When you decide to opt out of something, you might find that many of the people in your life don’t understand the choice you’re making. For that reason, it’s helpful if you can find ONE person who fully supports you. This summer, I’m happy to offer to be that person: with a four-part audio series where I can keep you company! Every two weeks, I’ll send you a new Field Notes recording (+ transcript). You can find them all here:

Episode 1 (Audio + Transcript)
Episode 2 (Audio + Transcript)
Episode 3 (Audio + Transcript)
Episode 4 (Audio + Transcript)


Once the new book is in our hands (on September 15th!), I have come up with two ways for us to connect over the material.
1. Virtual Book Tour – I will be hosting three online events with special guests (yay!). I will send you the registration details in early September.
2. Workbook – Amanda and I are in the middle of creating the most beautiful workbook filled with exercises and reflection questions. I cannot wait to send you off on your adventure with this!


Finally, it’s always important to pack water and snacks for an adventure in the outdoors. But this is especially true in life right now—especially the time we are living in. One of the simplest pieces of advice a friend has ever given me is also the one I find myself giving over and over again: your only goal today is to drink water and eat one healthy meal. Please take care of yourself, so we can all take care of each other. I love you, friend! And I’m so happy we get to spend some time together (online) this year. xx

*All illustrations done by the talented Amanda Sandlin! If you love her work, you might also love following her on Instagram. I know I do. <3