The Year of Less Is Finally Here!

The Year of Less by Cait Flanders

Good morning, friends! And what a beautiful morning it is, even with all the rain we are expecting here. No amount of precipitation will get me down, because today will always be the day my first book was released into the world! January 16, 2018 felt so far away, but now The Year of Less is finally here!

The Year of Less by Cait Flanders

The early response to the book has been incredible. And when I say early, I mean early. Random copies started to pop-up all over the world in mid-December. I heard from readers in Australia, Ireland, Ohio, Indiana, Ontario, and BC who had picked up copies from their local library or bookstore. It made me a little anxious, at first, because I didn’t feel “ready” for it to be out in the world. But I have learned that I am probably never going to feel ready! I just have to be ready enough, and that’s where I am now. What helps me feel ready enough is seeing it in your hands, hearing what it has stirred up inside of you, which parts you’ve related with and why. I’ve seen a bit of this start to show up on Instagram, but I want to hear more.

Aside from the pictures you’ve shared, I’ve also seen some amazing reviews published on Goodreads. And the most exciting news I can share right now is that Vogue Magazine has listed The Year of Less as one of the nonfiction books that will help you change your life in 2018 + CBC Books has listed it as a work of Canadian nonfiction to watch out for in 2018!

I can honestly say I am totally overwhelmed in the best way possible right now. Part of me wants to say something sentimental, like how I’ve always dreamt of writing a book and seeing it in stores—and that’s true! But I’m just going to spend the day celebrating. I’m not usually very good at that, but this is a milestone I want to remember forever. Here are some ways you can celebrate with me. :)

1. Get a copy of the book!

Canada: | Indigo

USA: | Barnes & Noble | iBooksPowell’s

UK: | Waterstones

Around the World: Book Depository | Booktopia

It’s currently available in hardcover, e-book and audiobook! You can also ask your local bookstore or library to carry it. It would make me extra happy to know it’s in more libraries. :)

2. Write a review on Amazon!

For inspiration, you can read some of the things written by the people who read + endorsed the book, but I want to hear what YOU thought of it. Why did you buy the book? What was your favourite part or the most surprising thing about it? What did you learn or gain from reading The Year of Less? Did it inspire any ideas for ways you want to change your life or your habits as a consumer? Whatever comes to mind, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it in a review on Amazon. This helps authors more than I ever realized. <3

Note: When you visit the Amazon page, scroll down and click on “Write a customer review”! Thank you, friend!

3. Share your story on Instagram!

Here comes the fun part. Ever since I started writing it, one of my dreams has been to see The Year of Less out in the wild. I thought about this when I completed the proposal in Squamish in May 2016, and when I was scribbling notes down on the side of the road during my huge solo road trip around the US, and again when I finished the first draft in Squamish last January. The ideas for this book have come from all over North America—and I would love to see where the final product goes around the world.

But I don’t just want to see the book on Instagram. I want to read your story. Maybe you include some of what you put in your review. Or maybe it’s a story that is much more personal, but one that will help you connect with other readers who are on similar journeys. I have always believed that the more we share, the more we can all learn—and the more we can inspire each other, too! When you’re ready, we’d love to see where you are and learn more about you. Add the hashtag #theyearofless to the end and we will find you. :)

Fun fact! So far, I know people have placed orders in 21 countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Ireland, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. How cool is that!?

Before I finish this post, I want to acknowledge everyone who has helped bring this book to life. On top of the people you’ll read about in the acknowledgments, I want to thank Tantor Media for turning it into an audiobook (which I narrated!), Raincoast Books for helping me share it with more Canadian readers, and everyone who has taken the time to interview me and share my story with their audiences. I have learned so many things about the publishing industry, especially in these last few weeks leading up to the launch. Being a first-time author, I am continually surprised and delighted to hear just how many people are working on making the book a success. It takes a village, friends, and I am grateful for mine—and for all of you. <3

  • Congratulations Cait! I hope you enjoy today, you have worked so hard on this! Sadly I will have to wait a little longer until January 27th before my copy will be delivered to the Netherlands but I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Congrats, Cait! I was excited to wake up to the notification from iBooks that The Year of Less was available to download! It moved to the top of my queue to start as soon as I wrap up the two books I’m currently reading. Can’t wait!

  • Way to go, Cait! I had a crummy day yesterday, but when I got home, your book had been delivered to my doorstep a day early-made my day a little sunnier. I’ve read through Chapter 1 and am loving it so far!

  • Congrats Cait the big day is here and you are now ‘in Vogue’ :D. I was one of those lucky Irish folk to get my hands on the book just before Christmas and devoured it over a few days. I could see myself in so many different parts of your story and it’s so nice to read someone articulate so many of my own feelings. Looking forward to the first quarterly webinar. Sit back and enjoy today. You’ve done so well. Off to listen to Honey Money Conversations right now :) xx

  • Ahhh I’m so excited for you, Cait! I’m also so excited for myself because my Amazon order has jumped from being delivered on Thursday to already being out for delivery today. I can’t wait to sit down and read it tonight!

    Enjoy every single bit of today-you’ve worked so hard for it and deserve it :)

  • I put a suggestion for purchase of your book in my library here in Kelowna only to find I’m already 22 on the wait list. Congratulations and really look forward to reading it!

  • Yeah!!! I’m am so excited for you and CAN’T WAIT to read it. I’m about to head out on a month long road trip and I can’t help but think this will be the perfect accompaniment to my journey. Happy New Year, Cait!! Looks like things are off to a nice start. 😊

  • Congratulations Cait. I somehow received mine last week and I have already read it . What a year that was! It’s a fantastic read and incredibly inspiring. It makes me feel less daunted about doing my own shopping ban. Enjoy! x

  • Congrats Cait! I’ve been having a heck of a time finding a copy in downtown Toronto. Looks like it was released early here, but every Indigo/Chapters bookstore near me has been showing zero available copies – how amazingly cool is that?!? I’ll get my hands on one soon though. :) Congrats again!

  • I’m very excited to get this book. I was going to buy digital (because, stuff) but I think I’ll buy hard copy to pass it along when done! Congrats :)

  • Hi Cait,
    Just to let you know, the Library in Brooks, Alberta has ordered your book and I am first in line to borrow it.

    I can’t wait to read it. 😊

  • Congratulations Cait, I got my copy last week and I’m half way through it and loving it. You’ve been very honest about your struggles and its great to know that when you fall down you get back up (sometimes literally!)
    Enjoy this time, recognise the love that is being sent back to you by your tribe and ignore those trolls, You did it girl!

  • This is so exciting! I’ve been reading +.digging through the archives for a few months now as a lurker, but I had to actually leave a comment today to say congrats. You’ve put so much work into this and I’m just really happy for you!

    I think you’re right about never feeling ready – I think whenever big things are happening, we never really do. That was a good reminder today, as I’m facing down a lot of big exciting/scary things I don’t feel ready for either. Feeling ready ‘enough’ is waaaay more manageable.

    Enjoy today! You’ve earned it! :)

  • Congrats Cait! I’m so super happy for you! I’m super excited to get a hold of it. I’m going to suggest my library bring it in. They need more simple living and minimalism books! LOL!

  • Dear Cait…I love the book! It is transformative. Your experiences are beautifully shared and they resonate! Thank you for your gift of bravery, honesty, reflection, humility and hope! You are an inspiration. It is no accident that I discovered The Year of Less…as I am devoting myself to making 2018 my Year of Less. Wishing you all the best, I will keep reading!

  • Huge congratulations to you Cait! My copy has been downloaded onto my kindle and I can’t wait to get reading. Have a great day celebrating :).

  • This is wonderful! I had to smile…you made me think of having a baby, and how you’re never quite ready. Congratulations!

  • I’m waiting for my copy to arrive here in the UK, should be here any day and i cant wait to get into it. Well done you and enjoy the ride!

  • Congratulations Cait! I’m so happy for you!!! I’can’t wait to read it! Thank you for sharing your story with us! :)

  • Congratulations Cait, the book is amazing!! I was a lucky one who got my copy early, and then devoured it in one day. You have created a wonderful, raw, and insightful masterpiece. It highlighted many of my own tendencies and has forced to look more deeply into them and face them head on.
    Thank you for your honesty and for sharing yourself with us. Enjoy your success and adulation x

  • Congratulations. Cait! I received my copy yesterday, and have started reading it… it’s a wonderful book! Thank you for sharing your story with the world!

  • Congratulations Cait! It was serendipity, the way your book found me! I am enjoying the audible version and will order 2 copies . More so I am totally excited to have found your website/ blog . The pictures are amazing and the articles close to my heart! What a surprise to have the audible version so close to the book launch. Enjoy every second of your success! You have made a huge contribution to the World! Well Done!

  • Thank you so much for a beautiful book, Cait. I read it cover to cover in less than a day. I really liked how you learned and shared that the root of the compulsion/addiction is a feel of unworthiness and that once we come to know our worth then we can stop trying to fill ourselves up with things and stuff. It is a lesson I am learning too. Anyways, thank you for sharing your words. I loved the book. Best, Nadya

  • Congrats Cait! I am currently a student so do not have much to spend on books (trying a shopping ban based on your ideas!) So I went to borrow your book from the local library and found it has 43 holds already! Will definitely purchase to support when I get my first full time job :)

  • Hi Cait! Congratulations! I discovered your blog and podcast last year and you‘ve been a huge inspiration! :) I‘m from the Netherlands as well, hope the shipping won‘t take too long. I can‘t wait to read it!!

  • Hello Cait! I have been following you for a few years now and you inspire me a lot. I ordered a copy of your book, but have to wait until Monday for delivery by Amazon to the Netherlands. I can’t wait to start reading as I am going through a tough time myself and can use all the help I can get to keep going.
    Wishing you all the best for 2018 and I will keep reading every post you make, as the are so inspiring!

  • Cait, I started your lovely book last night and am about half way through. I have one thought as I hit the half way point and you recount your experience with co-workers calling out your sobriety at the company Christmas party – I think they did that because they are proud of you! I’m sure the last thing they would want to do is embarrass you. Thank you again for sharing your story. Your book is beautifully written, enjoyable to read and best of all, inspiring!

  • Hi Cait!!! I’m writing to words from a town on the outskirts of Rome…. just to let you know that it is international!!!!!
    I am reading your book and I am so addicted to it that I can’t wait to find the time during my day to read it!!! It is written so well!!!!!
    Thank you so much …. when I finish it I’ll write a review if you don’t mind…
    Take care and thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  • I just finished the audiobook. I must say I’ve got about 25 years on you and I was inspired. Great book!

  • Cait, I just finished the audiobook of The Year of Less and I LOVE IT…..I so wish I would have read your blog or known about you 30 years ago but you weren’t even thinking about budgeting or decluttering yet. You so spoke to me as I have been dreaming of a “tiny house” since I first saw one and want/need to declutter. I also have to get my debt under control so I need to read your blog to find out how you did that. I just saw a journal that you are selling and thought I should buy that — then I remembered what I heard today and said no you shouldn’t spend the money :) You have certainly overcome a lot and are so strong whether you feel that way or not. I just want you to know that you have made an impact on a 65 year old single woman’s life. Thank you.

  • I just finished reading your book and I am even more amazed by you! Which I didn’t think was even possible. Thanks for sharing your true self with all of us.

  • I started reading your book last night! I come from a long line of spenders, and have finally had enough of the cycle of overspending, stressing over money, and feeling like I’m in a constant state of decluttering. I don’t want to leave that legacy for my children, so I’m looking to your book for inspiration on my own financial journey this year!

  • Cait, I just finished you book and it was amazing. As a long-time reader of your blog, I expected to like it, but I truly LOVED it. I think one of the most inspiring aspects of your book is that you shared your weaknesses and failures in such a honest way, I was rooting for you all along, lol! You did a great job on this, and I just wanted to thank you for it. Big hug from Belgium! ;-)

  • Great read. Loved your story. Got my copy of the book on Kindle and could hardly put it down until I finished it today. Congratulations!

  • Cait, your book is awesome (I am up to chapter 3) and I want to thank you for sharing your story with the world, I have read a couple of book about no spending experiments but none have touched on the raw emotional side of things and there is little inspiration for thus where I live in England. I embarked on my own no shopping year on 31st December and have been counting down the days till I recieved your book to guide me. Like you I have tried to experiment before but my consumption of being a materialistic Shopaholic consumed me each time. Thank you once again for sharing your story and best wishes for the future.

  • I just finished the book, and it didn’t feel like I was actively reading. The pages seemed to turn themselves as I immersed myself in the beautiful language and raw honesty.
    Thank you for creating this gem. It is certainly a book I will be rereading in the future :)

  • I just finished listening to The Year of Less on Hoopla and I am inspired to try this! I am an Amazon addict and I often find myself just looking at the Daily Deals for no reason at all. Then I buy something that I don’t need just because it’s a good price or because it’s cool. And when that smiling Amazon box shows up (as they do almost every day) I can’t even remember what I bought! I need a year of less, probably for the rest of my life. Thanks for your book and for sharing your personal stories.

    • I finished your book quickly, as it was a well-written, detailed and interesting read and you do a good job of documenting your (unfinished) journey; it’s a work in progress as you continue on your way.
      Although it certainly will resonate with your own generation most, and those younger, there is also enough of interest for the older generation (my eldest daughter is your age). Having followed your blog for a few years, there is some repetition but I can see that the book also needs to stand alone. I have recommended it :)
      Good luck with the book’s launch and I can see it doing really well!

  • Congratulations and keep kicking goals, such an inspirational read. It normally takes me several months to read 1 book I happen to finish your book in just 2 weeks. I’m so excited to hear of any tips that you may have to begin such an incredible journey?

    Thank You


  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade tweeted about you!
    I adore Gail!! Met her and received a GREAT TIGHT hug! But she mentioned you and your book…which after reading about you, I am hooked! Received your book on Friday…by Sunday I had devoured it- so many flags went off, similarities!!

    Currently purging in my livingroom!

    Thank you…! Telling all my friends about your books! Even my 3 kids(ages 12, 10 and 8) are curious…!

  • Hi Cait, I think I’m only half way through the book, but I already love it. I have to agree with your sentiments about not drinking. I recently gave up drinking due to another family member’s dependence on alcohol and I’ve experienced the same comments from work colleagues and family members.
    I’m also enjoying the finance and minimalism segments of the book. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog and I’m feeling inspired to save more money due to reading the book.
    Thank you for writing it.

  • I just finished listening to the audiobook version of “The Year of Less”. Thank you for giving us such an honest and open look at your experiences and discoveries during the year of the “shopping ban”. It was a rough ride for you, but I’m glad you made it through and found the strength to share it with the world.

  • Hi Cait,
    I heard your interview on CBC radio last week. I found your book and ordered it from Amazon on Tuesday and I was so excited to find it at my doorstep today, Thursday!
    Looking forward to making a change. Less is more!
    All the best

  • Just finished reading your book! I found it through Hay House, which I love, and so glad I did! I connected with so much in the book and am exploring your blog now. Thanks for the great read – I think it’s the last book I’ll buy for awhile;)

  • I read your book in one sitting. Wow is all I can say. Just wow. You’ve proven you can do just about anything you put your mind to. VERY inspiring!!

  • Hi Cait

    Your book was delivered to me in Spain at 2pm yesterday and I finished it in one sitting!

    Absolutely loved your book. Beautifully written, honest, insightful and most of all inspirational❣️

    I’ve travelled the journey of consumer debt destruction ($200k to be honest about it!) and it took my husband and I around 3 years of focus and sacrifice/prioritising our needs over wants to pay the debt off.

    We are now travelling the journey of minimalism and simplification of our lives in a new country with our two children. We sold our house and investment properties (and all of our furniture!) and donated a lot of possessions to a women’s shelter/charity. We are in the process of re-establishing our true priorities in life. Living with More intention. Focusing on the things that are non-negotiable and worthy of our exchange of time for money.

    We have just started this next phase in our lives but are inspired by your story to pursue our dreams and go against the natural flow of today’s society.

    Thanks again for sharing the path you have chosen and the lessons learned along the way😃

  • Hi Cait,
    I read your book the other day and I just loved it. I enjoyed your personal stories meshed with advice that I truly felt like I needed. There are already things from the book that I am planning to try. First thing ticked off my list was deleting every single shopping app on my phone. Next step, decluttering.
    Thanks again and I hope it’s a great success for you.

  • I bought this book Friday and finished it this morning (Sunday). I never leave book reviews, but I’ve reviewed this one everywhere! I actually clapped once while reading it because it inspired me so much. I’m not sure I can do a full year, but I’m writing up my approved shopping list and mapping out my spending ban right now. Thank you for writing this book!

  • Congratulations on the publication of your book, Cait! I just bought it on Amazon for someone who will no doubt benefit from the wisdom inside of it. And then I plan on borrowing it from her to read it myself. :o)

  • I listened to the ebook whilst travelling back from the Uk to Spain. I found it very inspiring and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to reevaluate their budget or life or both. I came back to our house in Gibraltar and have decided that i need to clear out a lot of things. I have been practising minimalism for some time now but this has pushed me to the next level. Great read, love the e book. Congratulations

  • Congratulations Cait! The book is truly wonderful – I bought mine in ebook form as we have a strict policy on bringing more physical things into the house that is already crying out for a good de-clutter and I tore through it in under 24 hours. You’re writing style is honest and engaging and just beautiful, it has been a very long time since I have read a book that has immediately absorbed me like yours has. While we have already worked quite hard to minimise our spending and make more thoughtful purchases your book has given me a further push to start going through our belongings and donating, selling or storing what we can to de-clutter our home. Thank you for your wonderful book!

  • Got my book yesterday! Came late home from work and started to read immediately and continued this morning on my way to work! I love it! It is so well written and REAL! Thank you!
    LOVE from Finland

  • I’m currently listening to the audible version of your book and I’m on the chapter about black-out shopping and . . . you are me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this! There are even times that I’ll get a delivery and I won’t even remember ordering anything!! You’ve inspired me to implement my own shopping ban. The book is great!

  • I’ve read the book and have been moved and inspired by your journey. It has inspired my to make my own shopping ban. Thanks Cait!

  • I finished your book. My son, husband, and I sat down and discussed what we would really like our money to do. We talked about having way too much stuff. This weekend we began the purge of our house, keeping things that only brought us joy. (They amount of bags and boxes that went out of our house was astounding, we donated all toiletries to the shelter we volunteer at, men’s clothes to the thrift shop, women’s clothes to the domestic violence shelter, books to the library, pantry items we genuinely would not eat to the food pantry, blankets to the animal shelter, miscellaneous items to a second hand store.) In the next few days we will be discussing what we will not be spending money on, what items are approved, and what items will need to be purchased in the coming year. I thought my boys would resist – they were as excited as I was. Thank you so much, I knew we needed to do this, but I just needed a little nudge.

  • I stumbled upon this book at a bookstore and picked it up on a whim. I heard never heard of you but it matched up with something I had started doing in my life with saving money and rearranging the things in my life. I finished it in less than 48 hour and I have so much love for your story in my heart. I will post a photo on Instagram for you and I will be reading your blog and listening to your podcast. Thank you for your help in this odd time in my life.

  • Got the book as an ebook and read it immediately. Really enjoyed it. It is one I’ll probably re-read again.

  • Congratulations, Cait! I am so excited to be reading your book, which I confess (sorry) that I got from the library because one of my own goals is not to buy any more books until I’ve read or gotten rid of all the books I already own. Just a few chapters in, I already know this book is going to make a huge impact on my life & the way I see things.

  • Cait – I’m nearing the end of your book on Audible. (I tend to listen to non-fiction books as an audio book rather than read them) and I can’t tell you how much it has helped. I’m a spending addict and a food addict. Your book has inspired me to do a shopping ban for Lent – and beyond. I thank you for being brave and sharing this journey with people like me who have struggled mightily.

  • Hi Cait. I’m a 51 year old woman who left her therapy appointment this week, ready to start a journey of mindfulness. I went to Barnes and Noble and found your book, or it found me?? I’m only halfway through and I must say, we have a lot in common! I wish I had been as smart, insightful and articulate when I was your age. You’re going to be a fantastic 50 year old one day :) Thank you for sharing your story.
    I live in Missouri, USA, near St. Louis.

  • Hi Cait! I am over halfway through reading your book and it’s great! Thank you so much for your openness, honesty and vulnerability! I have been on a similar journey to you with boyfriends, lifestyle, etc, debt when I was in my late teens and then doing a full 180 and going to the extreme of not spending ANY money at all. I am now working towards living a more abundant lifestyle and also a more intentional lifestyle as well – to spend money mindfully and for the right reasons. I am going out on my own this year as well as an HR Consultant as well as starting my own side business to coach and support people to live more intentionally so they can pursue their goals and dreams, i.e. travel for 3-6 months, go part-time at work to start their own side business. It’s a very exciting but also scary time and your book is a great complement to me getting ready! Thank you so much and all the best!

  • I really enjoyed the book and it’s kick ass honesty. It’s made me think about many choices I made along the way. Here’s hoping to better choices in the future. And to forgiveness.

  • Hi Cait, I had no idea who you were, but found your book at my public library. I love it. I was very surprised by the candor and depth to it. Please be encouraged–keep doing what you’re doing. And thank you for sharing your life with the greater public.

  • Cait, I just discovered your blog, finished your book, and wanted to say congratulations on everything you have accomplished! I relate to so much of what you wrote about and you are my new inspiration! I started paying off my debt two years ago and have about a year and half left to go. After my debt is gone I plan on saving for awhile then hope to become a full time freelancer in my field too. I have worked in uninspiring jobs for to long just to get by and to have “stuff”, not living the life I’ve dreamed of, but am so determined to change that! I am not spending money on anything but essentials, living more mindfully, and am minimizing my possessions to what I love too. Your brave story lets me know that I am not alone and has inspired me to keep going no matter how long and hard the journey, thank you!

  • My chiropractor told me about it – his family has already started decluttering. I read it and have already identified a bunch of stuff to sell and toss. And I recommended it to three other friends! It’s not like anything in it is earth-shattering but it’s something that most of us need to hear – especially when it’s framed in the context of a real person’s life experience. Thanks, Cait!

  • I listened to your audio book and I really loved it.
    I live that you took away all of your crutches that kept you from facing your problems and fears. I am so guilty of covering up my thoughts with white noise, background confusion that keeps me from grieving or changing my mindset.
    I also really appreciate your insight into being happy with just the necessities, learning to be content in the here and now is probably one of the most challenging things that I face, and I think it is an issue for a lot of people. Thank you for your great contribution!

  • Well done! Great read! I finished reading it last night. I haven’t been able to put it down. I’ve been going minimalist in the last year and what a huge difference it has made in my life. Reading your book was like being able to talk to someone else who “gets it”. Your an amazing human being! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!

  • Hey Cait! I just discovered your blog and need to read your book – after a REALLY rough year (husband left job to take care of dying dad, we had to rely on my salary + our savings, and life in utter disarray), I realized that all the stuff and stress and overwhelm had to stop, so we crafted rules to cut back to what adds value to our life (no more non-social eating out, no more new clothes / gadgets, etc.) and coincidentally termed it year of less as well, less about giving away everything we own but more about refocusing on what matters. (Here’s the details if you’re curious: ) Some of my readers helped me expand the idea of ‘letting go’ to also include things / activities that suck time / sap joy (like addiction to social media, negative self-talk, etc.) so we modified our year of less to cover that as well. (The framework is letting go of things, thoughts, obligations, habits and people that kill joy, post here: ) Anyway, LOVE the blog, what you’re doing and so fun to find a like-minded person out there with a different take on a year-long challenge!

  • Dear Cait,
    I have just finished listening to your book The Year of Less for the second time – it only took me four days to listen to it twice and since I still have it checked out for another 10, I will likely listen to it again. There are so many parts of the book where I can point to myself and say, “that’s me!” – I can’t share that all here, but I do want to let you know that you have made me appreciate the ability to live on less…much less and that I need to take a close hard look at how I spend my money. Thank you so much for sharing you story with all of us!

  • Your book popped up on my ebook search, just after a conversation with a friend about being a more mindful and conscious consumer. Perfectly timed. I have just read your book in a day and a half. I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to make some big changes to my shopping habits. 😊 Ps. I’ve been raving about your book at work too.

  • I listened to this via audiobook on a road trip back home this past weekend. In addition to many parallels we share in our life journeys, your living with less journey really struck a cord. My husband and I have been walking this path since we were dating, and we continue to up the ante for ourselves – especially in terms of saving. I was utterly inspired by this book to “do more” and what’s crazier is that – just hours after finishing it – I returned home (see aforementioned road trip) and was Immediatley witness to some of the most extreme degrees of consumerism by members of my family. The contrast between what just listened to with your book and the endless amounts of “stuff” I saw in my families homes was simply crazy. It made me sad, and brought up so many of my own insecurities and triggers – but at the end of this weekend’s visit, it was absolutely clear to me that our path is the right one. I came back home to my husband today and we discussed this – and I have decided to take the shopping ban challenge. The book was real, realistic and common-sense- inspiring (does that even make sense?) Thank you for your insight, your words, your journey, and your willingness to share such an intimate story with us. I am excited to see how this will play out in our lives!!!

  • Hi Cait, I’ve just finished listening to your audiobook. I wanted to thank you, I had never read your blog before but came across your book on Audible, as I was interested in de cluttering my life. I’ve had similar ideas, making my own products, growing my own veg etc. with varying success. But it’s great to hear that someone else has put positive steps into place in their own life and that it is achievable with some determination. I would like to learn more about consuming only what is needed and living a more mindful life…for myself, the earth and future generations. I wish your book to be very successful, it is a positive message for everyone. We should be consuming less, creating more…and spending time with those we love the most. Thank you again, and for inspiring others. I will be keen to read more of your future adventures.
    Julie from Scotland

  • Congratulations Cait! Any news on whether you’ll be visiting us in Ottawa in March? It would be great to meet you and hear you speak!

  • Hey Cait!

    I just finished your book this morning and I LOVED it! You have such an inspiring story and you have delivered it in a very easy to read fashion. I had trouble putting it down!
    Your book inspired me to start being more mindful over my own spending habits because I truly want to get out of debt and build a savings!
    I was also inspired to begin a blog of my year journey in battling food addiction! I just started last week and using your idea of writing out the rules for reaching my goals has already been an incredible tool for keeping me accountable. You’re welcome to check it out: (

    I’m hoping to see more books from you in the future! Congrats on all of the wonderful life lessons you’ve learned over the past couple of years…they are truly wonderful lessons! I’m so happy for you!

    -Tanya Simkovich (TES)

  • I got them to stock it in my library in Australia! I was the first to borrow it & ive finished it in one day! Loved it!!! Going to give it to my Mum to read before we return it to the library. :)

  • I just came across your book on Amazon today while looking for my next Audible read, which led me here and I’m already hugely inspired! I can’t wait to read your book! :)

  • Hi Cait,
    I’ve been listening to your book (I’m currently lying down with a bad headache) but I was just taken with the notion to find your blog and tell you how much I’m enjoying it and that it is touching me how you are opening up and being so vulnerable. I’ve never been on your blog before and have bookmarked it to come back later and explore further, but for now…… on to more listening. Thanks!

  • This book is just what the doctor ordered. There are so many aspects of your journey that I share. Thanks for putting it all into words that hit home.
    Less is More !

  • I sat at Powell’s for a few hours last night and savored your story. I’ve read your blog for years so it was fun (and sad. and encouraging. and alllllllll the emotions.) to see what was happening in your life outside of each blog post. It felt like one long Christmas letter from a friend. The kind that our parent’s generation used to send, not the perfectly packaged and foiled and photoshopped ones that our generation sends out. It was a gift to not only see the numbers and percentages, but the heart change that happened during the shopping ban. Thank you for living it and sharing it!

  • Cait,
    Congratulations! What a great accomplishment! It’s funny, I recently have been understanding that life is not about acquiring items, it is about acquiring experiences! This mindset can certainly pay off in a quest to become financially independent. Spending money on useless and expensive items that do not provide any real value is a thing of the past for me. Currently, I put my head down and vigorously save money so that I can live a lifestyle that enables me to appreciate life experiences…not items.

  • I listened to the audiobook over a couple of days and loved it! I will definitely give it another read and have already recommended it. Thanks for sharing your stories, and for being so inspiring and encouraging. Lovely job!

  • I am about two thirds of the way through your book and I love it. I was drawn to it because I have recently come to the realization that shopping has been an unhealthy coping mechanism for me. It was great to find someone wrote a book about this very thing. :) One of my daughters has already asked to borrow my copy when I am done reading it. It touches on way more issues than downsizing/decluttering/minimalist living. It’s about living, period. Thanks for sharing your story! Looking forward to reading more and visiting your blog often!

  • Congratulations Cait!! It’s such a good read – bought it 3 days ago and I’m nearly finished it, Quite a feat I must say, given I haven’t actually been able to finish a book since our daughter was born 11 months ago!

  • Congratulations.
    I am struggling currently with my shopping habits and I am considering how I can make a change for the better where I will not only save, but be smart about my money… Thanks for being such an inspiration!!
    I hope to get your book soon!

  • Dear Cait,
    I saw your book today, bought it and read it in one sitting. I loved it!! And I will probably start reading it again tomorrow. Congratulations on a wonderful and inspiring book.

  • Congratulations Cait!
    I hope your book continues to be a great success!
    I have always tried to minimize, and continue the work to get to a goal of reducing my household items to a point where I am able to sell my house and get an apartment.
    I recently purchased your e-book which gave me a push and more motivation to speed up my efforts.
    I’m headed back to amazon to give you a 5 star review!
    Thanks so much for your hard work in making it!

  • Dear Cait,

    I purchased your book on a sale on iBooks and I am finding it a facintating read… I purchased it yesterday and even though I went to work as usual, I have ‘consumed’ already up to mid ch 10. I am a nursing academic in Brisbane Australia and my husband and I while we are now living again in a big city with everything at our fingertips, have changed our spending habits significantly-living for three years in a remote area of the state three hours drive away from the nearest McDonalds(my daughter’s measure of civilisation) will do that for some….
    We are at the stage where our children are almost independent financially, and we have been to hell and back with our first marriages and subsequent divorces and the financial strain that bring when children are involved and all the emotional strain blending a family where our exes are just as toxic out of the relationship as they were in it. Anyway, we are getting ourselves together now financially rather than just surviving and I can only marvel at the amount of hope that having financial control brings.
    I am struck by two things as I read your book-
    1. Even though I lived with my ex for 10 years and experienced what is was like for a spouse to live with their partner’s addictions, I hadn’t really considered how for an addict, anything can become an addiction. I gues I knew this intellectually through my nursing work, but your stories have brought that to life for me, possibly Because I am no longer living with crisis every day too, allows me to be more open to others perspective of this. My habit that can be viewed as close to an addiction is work and achieving things, I am working everyday to balance and temper this and reshape my habits, to live a simpler less cluttered life.
    2. As I am practicing and getting better at being a more mindful saver and financially savvy I am noticing that I the mindfulness is spilling over into other areas like the food I choose etc. and I no longer have to go to the shops just to get out of the house, I think more specifically about the return for investing my money in an item in the immediate future, otherwise I now just won’t buy it.

    We are so much more comfortable with every day life simply because we have a plan, (the barefoot investor by Scott Pape has refined our direction and is a great read too) and having a plan, savings and goals worth spending our money on make saying no to extraneous ‘stuff’ so much easier. In four weeks time we head to the US, Canada and Alaska on a mixed pleasure and some business for me trip that will have us working through half our bucket list items for the USA and allows me to reconnect with people I knew when I lived in Alberta.

    I can’t wait to finish your book to have some mor insights and see where your journey has taken you
    All the best

  • Just finished reading your book and recommended it to both my daughters in their 20’s. I love that you were so candid. I feel it is so relatable for so many people. Congratulations on the book and for all of your accomplishments.

  • Hi. I downloaded an Amazon kindle copy of your book. Wow! I am halfway through it. I am totally inspired to put myself on a budget and become a mindful buyer. I have clothes in my closet with the tags still on them from 2 years ago. It is really exciting to have a peek inside your head and see how other people think and thought process. Your book has really got my wheels turning and I want to become a better person. Thank you for that.

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