The Simplify Your Life and Finances Giveaway

Enter the Simplify Your Life and Finances Giveaway

Hi friends!

I’ve been working on something fun for a month and am so excited I can finally share it with you today. :)

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know I love to host giveaways. Over the years, I’ve given away dozens of books, gift cards, an e-reader and even a mattress! (Remember that one?) Being able to support and give back to the community we’ve created here has always been top of mind for me. That’s why I try to reply to all of your comments and emails and why I host these giveaways.

There’s a funny thing that seems to happen every summer, though – especially as July turns into August and it feels like September is just around the corner. I start to hear people say that “the year is almost over”. Not only that, but since it feels like the year is almost over, I hear people say they are going to push off any new goals or challenges they have until the actual new year.

That’s almost five months away, friends. And as excited as I am for January 2018 to arrive (so we can all hold The Year of Less in our hands!) there’s a lot we can do between now and then.

Last month, I did 25 calls with readers and walked away from them with an overwhelming sense that we could all gain something from taking a step back and figuring out what we really want in life. The two topics those conversations could’ve generally been categorized under were life (home, clutter, digital) and finances (budgeting, money mindset). While I have a lot to say about both, I’m also part of a community of bloggers who share their own experiences and expertise through books and courses. And you know my belief about having these conversations together: the more we share, the more we can all learn and the better off we’ll all be.

My friends obviously feel the same way, because when I asked them if I could bundle up our work and share it with this community, everyone replied with a big YES.

So, if you’ve been pushing off any goals or challenges that could help you simplify your life and finances, here’s a giveaway that can help you get started today.

Simple Living Books

Books ($70 value)

The first thing I knew I wanted to include in this giveaway was a handful of the books that have helped me in my own journey these past few years. Along with the popular instructional book on decluttering, I’m also including my friend Joshua‘s book which talks more about the why behind doing so. I had to include a copy of The Soul of Money, which has inspired so many ideas and conversations about money in my personal life. And I’m also including my friend Tammy‘s book that I love, also because it’s part memoir and part self-help. <3

Courses ($124 value)

30 Days to a Simpler Life – No Sidebar ($15 value)

A 30-day email course that will inspire and encourage you to design a simple life. My suggestion would be to start this course right away, then move onto the others. It will give you lots of actionable advice and a new community to connect with at the start of your journey.

Dress with Less – Courtney Carver ($20 value)

A 10-lesson “micro-course” (as Courtney calls them) with instructions and information about dressing with less and creating a capsule wardrobe. Includes a Project 333 worksheet at the end. There are also audio recordings, a webinar and a Facebook community to join.

Uncluttered – Joshua Becker ($89 value)

A 12-week course that helps you unclutter your home, own less stuff and live the life you want. I loved watching Joshua bring this course to life (and you might even find a video interview with me in it). The next course starts September 5th and you could be part of it!

Enter the Simplify Your Life and Finances Giveaway

Coaching Sessions ($300 value)

Finally, I’m including some one-on-one time with me! We’ll start with a 60-minute call where we can talk about your goals and values (and how money comes into the equation). As part of this, I’ll send you a copy of the Mindful Budgeting 2017 Planner so you can start making more mindful decisions about your finances today. I’ll give you an audio recording of our 60-minute session, in case you want to review it. Then we’ll do a 30-minute follow-up call three months later to see how you’re doing and celebrate any wins. :)

As the saying goes, “what consumes your mind controls your life” – and your finances, in my opinion. This summer, start simplifying both. Learn from some of the most influential people in the minimalism + intentional living spaces and create the simpler life you want. To enter, just answer the question below then enter your first name and email address. That’s it. (And you can gain more entries by sharing it with others.)

Good luck, friends!