10 Simple Living Blogs and Podcasts That Will Inspire You to Make Mindful Decisions

10 Simple Living Blogs and Podcasts That Will Inspire You to Make Mindful Decisions

Since embracing minimalism and a simpler life, one of the commitments I’ve made here is to not add to the noise that exists online. I try to only publish posts when I have something I need to stay or something I think I can help you with. I don’t want to add to the list of things that could distract you. I want what I share to make you think – and hopefully, help you make more mindful decisions.

It’s easy to do this when I’m inspired by so many friends in the minimalism / simple living space. A few of you have told me you’re looking for new blogs to read. Since I’m on the road for another week, I thought I’d share a list of my favourites. Some you’ll know, some might be new to you. And if I’m missing any, please feel free to share links to your favourite simple living blogs in the comments. Happy reading, friends!

  1. Be More With Less – Courtney is most well-known for Project 333 – the capsule wardrobe challenge she created a few years ago. However, the reason I love following her work is that her message always comes back to exactly that: love. From the blog posts she writes to the quotes she shares, Courtney reminds us how simplifying our lives is an act of love and opens us up to more of it.
  2. Becoming Minimalist – You probably don’t need an introduction to Joshua’s work. He’s been writing and speaking about how owning less can help us pursue more of our passions for eight years. The two reasons I love following his work are because: (1) he’s not afraid to tackle the topic of personal finance, and (2) he’s incredibly generous with his time and audience. I’m grateful to know him.
  3. Break the Twitch – Anthony is another good friend of mine. He writes, speaks, and makes videos about minimalism and intentional living. Our stories are similar, in that we both recognized we were spending too much money on stuff we didn’t need (out of habit) and both did major declutters. He writes a lot about changing habits, in general. Ask yourself if you ever take the false first step and go from there.
  4. Design for Mankind – I didn’t start reading Erin’s blog until after I finished her book, Chasing Slow, earlier this year. Erin writes about slowing down and living a more purposeful life with her family. The thing I love most about her blog is her “small step” series: short posts with simple actions that can hopefully help you leap into a better life.
  5. No Sidebar – Brian is a minimalist designer, and the name “no sidebar” is perfect for what he shares on the site: blog posts that inspire you to design a simple life. What I appreciate most about No Sidebar is that it’s a team effort. I’ve discovered some incredible people who write about simplifying their homes, their lives (both offline and online), their work and their mindsets. I also love the Instagram account!
  6. Raptitude – I first connected with David in 2014 when a friend sent me this post. His blog has been my favourite ever since, and if you’ve missed every reference I’ve made to it, here’s a reminder to check it out immediately. David is known for conducting experiments that test ideas and potentially change his habits. He’s inquisitive and insightful and inspires me to be mindful of myself and my actions.
  7. Rowdy Kittens – Tammy and I finally met in-person when I was on my big road trip last summer and we became instant friends. She’s probably most well-known for having lived in a tiny house for four years. But what I appreciate most about Tammy is her commitment to sharing pictures of her morning view and inspiring everyday adventures. She also exudes gratitude, which is contagious.
  8. Simply + Fiercely – I can’t quite remember when or how Jennifer and I first connected, but that’s part of the fun of “meeting” people online. What I can tell you is that I feel like she is one of the most genuine people I’ve “met”. Jennifer writes about how to build a life you love through simple and intentional living. It starts with listening to your heart, doing more of what you love and letting go of the rest. <3
  9. The Art of Simple – Tsh is probably another blogger who needs no introduction. Her podcast is actually the first one I ever listened to in this space and that, coupled with her blog, has inspired me with my book, work, home life and travel. I also just finished reading her book, At Home in the World, and would list it as one of the best I’ve read all year (and one of the most descriptive travel memoirs I’ve ever read).
  10. The Slow Home Podcast – Last but certainly not least, Brooke’s podcast is my all-time favourite. While I continue to find myself subscribing and unsubscribing from others, hers is one I will never miss an episode of. She hooked me with her willingness to be open and honest and inspires me by walking the talk. What I appreciate most is her ability to let go of things (including projects) that don’t serve her, opening herself up to more of what does. ALSO: The interviews she did with Kevin Janks re: meditation changed my life, and I am loving the meditation series she’s been sharing for the past few weeks.

For more great articles, bookmark Simplicity Voices. It’s like the Rockstar Finance of the simple living space and was created by Claire from Want Less. I also enjoy reading articles on MindfulTiny Buddha and Zen Habits.

  • Hi Cait,

    I hope this finds you doing well. Your blog is excellent and today’s post stellar, as always! I so appreciate you and the work you are doing.

    I recently came across a blog that I think you and your readers may enjoy, hopefully as much as I do. She’s a fellow Canadian, originally from Vancouver and living in the Netherlands at the moment. Her name is Sadia and her blog is called “Pick Up Limes.” She also has a YouTube presence and her videos, in my humble opinion, are amazing! She’s a registered dietician and in addition to talking about minimalism, she also discusses and provides recipes for veganism. She’s lovely and gentle and doesn’t preach, nor does she have a dogmatic approach to veganism, but lets the reader/viewer make up their own mind about how they choose to live their life. Enough for now, but definitely worth a look. Here’s the link to her blog: https://www.pickuplimes.com/ and a link to her YouTube videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq2E1mIwUKMWzCA4liA_XGQ

    I have no vested interest in promoting Sadia, but simply love what she’s doing and her approach to life. Thanks again and I wish you a wonderful summer.

  • Looking forward to checking out these sites, books and podcasts! I recently have been feeling like life is moving at whirlwind pace. This post popped up and all I could think was “Simple living inspiration and reminders, that’s what I need!” Thank you for the share!

  • Thank you! I’m always looking for inspiration and appreciate these recommendations. That Raptitude post had me rushing to subscribe to the blog, and I will definitely check out the Slow Home podcast, it looks good too.

  • Great list! Other than the amazing ones you mentioned, The Minimalists and Colin Wright have also been instrumental for me–I frequently find myself referring to some staple essays by The Minimalists when I hear questions about minimalism (along with a bunch of authors that you listed above). I one day hope to make it into an epic list like this in the future!

  • I’ve been a big fan of some of these (especially Raptitude! It’s personally responsible for my biggest life change!), but I am very excited to check out those that are new to me. Thanks for such a thoughtful gift to your readers while you are on the road. All the best for your continued travels!

  • Thanks for the links, Cait! I just started listening to the Slow Home podcast thanks to an episode of Budgets and Cents and I’m really loving it so far. I’m excited to go check out these blogs.

  • Focus 3– Amazing people that promote a positive life and culture for success at home and at work

  • Hello from South West England. Here’s one lady who has been down Shopoholic Alley, but retraced her steps. Wasn’t thousands in debt, but it put the frighteners on me and worried my husband. Nowadays, I stick mainly to charity shops for clothing, or cheaper ranges in supermarkets and periodically have a blitz of my wardrobe. Thankfully I’m more or less on an even keel these days and am able to control my spending a lot better now. Having gone through a traumatic period in my life, I’ve survived the rocky ride and am so thankful for the support of my dear spouse and to have been given a second chance. May anyone else reading this get the same – life is so precious on this beautiful Earth. Thank you for your lovely blog.

  • Thank you for this list, Cait. I had heard of most of these (REALLY enjoy reading about David’s Raptitude’s experiments), but I had never heard of Rowdy Kittens. Haha, what a fab name! I’ve been poking around on her website and find her writing to be quirky (in a good way) and inspiring. Thanks again.

  • I am inspired. Just signed up for your postings via email. Thank you for offering such great life strategies!

  • Thanks for this list Cait.
    I have recently made some forays into minimalism and have realized that you can develop your own version of it. The list gives me a feel for different perspectives of minimalism…

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