Book Giveaway: The More of Less by Joshua Becker

The More of Less by Joshua Becker

When I made the decision to embrace minimalism two years ago, I started reading everything I could find on the topic. There were stories of people who could fit all of their belongings into one bag, people who lived in tiny homes, and people who didn’t (seem to) have homes at all but instead travelled the world. I found each story fascinating, but not always entirely relatable – that was, until I found Becoming Minimalist.

Joshua Becker’s story was so normal. He was married with two kids, owned a house and had filled it with too much stuff. Then one day he decided to declutter and purge most of it, and discovered the life-giving benefits that come from living with less. Like a good writer, he started a blog to document what he was learning, and he has since shared his story + let countless other minimalists (myself included) share their own stories on his site.

I met Joshua at WDS in Portland last summer, and was pleased to find he was exactly who I imagined him to be: kind, inviting and a firm believer in the power of community. We talked at length about our various projects and hopes for the future, and I left WDS knowing I had a new friend in my corner. When I was recovering from surgery in February, Joshua sent me a copy of his new book to read. I devoured it in two sittings, and now I want to share it with you.

In The More of Less, Joshua shares his story of how he became a minimalist and how minimalism has changed his life, then jumps into his best strategies and tips for readers. From defining minimalism in your own terms, to decluttering with a family, maintaining your efforts (my shopping ban is mentioned on pg. 144!) and living an intentional life, there’s advice for every step of the way. And again, he not only shares his own stories but those of many others in his community.

If you or someone you know are ready to discover the benefits of living with less, this book is a great place to start – and I’m giving away two copies! To enter this giveaway, you can subscribe to my mailing list (3 entries), visit my Facebook page (3 entries), follow me on Twitter (2 entries), tweet about it (1 entry) or leave a comment on this post that answers the question listed (1 entry). You can also do all of these things for a total of 10 entries.

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Since the content of The More of Less is universal, this giveaway is open to readers worldwide. It starts on Wednesday, May 4th at 12:00 a.m. PST and ends on Sunday, May 8th at 12:00 a.m. PST. The winners will be announced in my blog post on Monday, May 9th.

Good luck! 

PS – If you live in Victoria or the South Island, Joshua and his family are doing a West Coast Book Tour and will be stopping here on June 28th! I’ll be his special guest at the event and would LOVE to meet you there! If you want to come see us both, you can register for free. :)

  • Oooo this book looks right up my alley. I’m currently struggling with finding the time to downsize my life. It seems that in the 16 months that my husband and I have been living in this apartment, our possessions have doubled. I’m up for getting rid of most of our possessions, but maybe reading this book will give me the motivation I need to finally do it.

  • Would love to win this book to help me out. I’m hoping to retire in the next couple of years and will probably downsize to an apartment. My family and I have accumulated way too much stuff living in houses for 35+ years. Every time I try to start, I end up walking away because it’s overwhelming.

  • Hey Cait!

    Long time no talk!! I would love to win this book… sounds like it’d be a great read!
    And in keeping with my own minimalistic (is that a word?) efforts, after reading it I would be passing it on to someone else as I’m trying not to accumulate books anymore!

    In keeping with May’s theme for “A Simple Year” (declutter your digital life) I am trying an all-out social media ban/detox for the entire month of May. I feel I’ve become addicted to it over the years. I go there mindlessly, waste precious minutes and hours of time, and I often don’t even enjoy the experience. Time to cut the cord! It has been easier than I thought it would be, to be honest, and I’ve already read 1.5 books since Sunday! I think when I go back Facebook will be a goner, but I admit I am missing Instagram. It’s my favourite.

    Anyway, have a super day!

  • Cait, I have been in the process of minimalizing my life for the past year. I have been discovering so many unused or forgotten items….like my freedom, creativity, sense of self. Since this is an evolution of change I would of course love to read Joshua’s book, however I am especially writing for my dear friend. She is a mother of two young sons. Her mother passed away 17 years ago at 43 years of age. Her father kept everything…….it was all too sentimental to let go. Tragically her father died recently, leaving my friend with an entire house of her dear parents things….not to mention her own home which became very low priority during her fathers battle with cancer. I have seen how stuff has been piled into her life, smothering her joy, and her ability to be the mother she needs to be, and the wife she wants to be.
    Thanks for your blog, it has really been an nspiration for me.

  • I started my minimalist/slower living journey about a year ago, when I thought that I had everything that could ever be given away, given away. But I’m starting to realize that there is no end game to minimalism. I would love to read Josh’s perspective and advice to help me along the way.

  • I want to read this book because I have hoarder tendencies, but something about reading a book like this always gives me the kickstart I need to get back on the decluttering habit and keep going

  • I’d like to read this book as I would like to embrace minimalism more – I like how you mentioned that minimalism is defined differently by each person. I like to think I already embrace minimalism by not having too many belongings and not buying things unintentially – but I also know I’m not a strict minimalist (I don’t live in a tiny house, etc). I also just moved to a new country, and know what it’s like to purge – upon reflection, I wish I had gotten rid of more stuff before my move!!

  • I have been battling depression for several years now. In the process, I have allowed myself to become a hoarder only to realize the shopping just gives us a temporary high. It has been a long painful ongoing process to battle both my depression and de-cluttering my condo. When I finally confessed of my mental health issues to my friends (I hid it for 4 years before before letting them know.), they rallied to my side and helped me to be a better person. Nowadays, I rarely buy anything new stuff, I only buy experiences for it is more rewarding for one’s soul. There is still a long way to go before I can finally achieve minimalism in my condo and ultimately in my life. I have been following your blog for a couple of years, but it is only recently I finally decided to kick myself and get really down and gritty to minimal my life. I may not win this book, but that’s okay as long as I continue to read your inspiration blog and challenge myself to be half the person you are, then it is a victory for me. Thanks for reading my blog.

  • Beautiful giveaway! I’ve loved following Joshua’s work in the past years and would love to get my hands on the new book, too.

  • I’ve been following Becoming Minimalist for a while now but I have yet to read one of his books!

  • I would love to read this book. I have read his book “Simplify”, and I subscribe to his blog as well. I’m in the process of decluttering my home after being in the same place for over 15 years (and stuff accumulates whether you want it to or not!).

  • This book sounds great for two reasons. 1) Personal stories are so relatable. 2) “Finding minimalism in your terms”. The second reason really resonates with me as I’ve never felt like a minimalist, yet I know I have a lot of the tendencies. Last weekend if Sunday Funday hadn’t been interrupted with preparing and packing for going out of town for work for two weeks, I would have started yet another purge of the house. Instead, that is now something I look forward to doing when I get home. I think it is strange how so many items have held some sort of value in my life at one point or another but the greatest enjoyment that I get from them now is getting rid of them :)

  • I’m moving from South Africa to Stockholm in August to embrace a brilliant opportunity to go back to university and get a master’s degree in a field I’m passionate about. The idea is absolutely terrifying and Cait, your blog has helped me to find the courage to embrace it anyway! I’m busy trying to downsize from a two-bedroom flat into two suitcases and trying (and struggling!) to find my inner minimalist. Somehow I find myself just wanting to go shopping for the trip, even though I know that’s a bad idea since a) I can’t take much stuff with me! b) I REALLY need to save my money now, not spend it or I’ll end up with a massive loan at the end of my studies and c) what sane person would attempt to buy a winter coat for Sweden in Africa??
    Anyway, I’d love to learn to live more intentionally and stop my urge to buy more STUFF all the time so that I can make the most of this opportunity and focus on experiences rather than things and how I’m going to afford them all – and I think Joshua’s book will really help me with that. (Also, I’m a big fan of his blog :) )

  • Hi Cait! I really enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for the opportunity to win this interesting book!

  • It’s on my reading list and a free copy would be most excellent! If I win, once I’ve read it I will pass it on/post it on to it’s next destination. Let’s start a book chain!

  • I never read a book written by Joshua Becker, and I’m really interested, because I love how he writes in his blog.

  • I’d love to read the book. I’ve paired down my clothing using kon mari, but am still struggling with other items in my home. I think reading it would give me an extra boost I need.

  • You knew I was going to enter to win this book right? LOL If being minimalist means it doesn’t take you an hour to find something; then that’s where I want to be. The end….

    • And watching the news since yesterday , seeing about 80,000 people in Fort McMurray, Alberta having to leave their homes, not knowing if they will lose everything, and realizing what is really important in life. It’s definitely not “stuff.”

  • I’ve been cleaning out and simplifying for about a year. I’m doing it slowly but the progress has been very rewarding. I’m a believer. It’s made managing life so much more joyful, and since I hate taking time away from my family to do “unnecessary chores,” it feels so good every time I get rid of something that eliminates one more thing I used to have to maintain. It’s so refreshing! I want to continue this journey and continually relearn to place more emphasis on people and experiences than on things. I’m a work in progress but at least there’s progress.

  • Having recently moved into a larger house on a farm we have so much space to store things and our house is mostly empty as we don’t have a lot of furniture right now. Hoping this book will keep me motivated to maintain that space for us to play and interact in rather than filling it up with stuff.

  • This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time. I woke up this morning (late) and spent the morning rushing around trying to get ready, feed the kids breakfast, feed the animals, pack up, find missing kids items, get the kids to preschool, get to work for an 8 AM meeting……….I almost started crying on the way to work because I’m so overwhelmed. I NEED to do something. I NEED to remove some of the stress from my life. I have to simplify, there’s no other option anymore. I’ve tried decluttering, but haven’t been able to finish it or make what I have done stick. Regardless of whether or not I win the book, I’ll be buying it. Thanks Cait!

  • Sounds like just the book to get our family motivated to simplify. We keep saying we need to, but that’s as far as it goes. I’m interested how a family works together to reach this goal. Thanks for the info – I’ll head to his website next!

  • Great giveaway! Working on simplifying and this sounds like it’d be a great book.

  • I would love to read this book, as it will inspire me to continue on the path I have started on, to pare down my belongings.
    I have really enjoyed reading about your journey to minimalism, in the last year or so. Any extra inspiration is always welcome…. This book would most certainly provide that! :-)

  • A book giveaway – how fun! I’d love to read Joshua’s book after hearing about him through various mediums (your blog, Brooke’s podcast). After reading The Minimalists book last year, I have slowly embraced a life with less – stuff, clutter and commitments. The one piece that is the hardest for me is the continual process of decluttering my 3 young sons growing pile ‘o’ stuff. They come home weekly with a folder from school with papers, attend birthday parties with endless goodie bags and receive trinkets and gifts from well meaning family and friends at every turn. I would love to read Joshua’s take on minimalism with kids, as I am finding myself increasingly frustrated.

  • What a great giveaway! I’m getting married this summer and we’re considering moving in the fall. We trying to get our family to simplify before the move and this book would be great motivation!

  • I live on Vancouver Island and yes, I have registered for Josh’s talk in Victoria. I have followed his blog and yours for some time now. I would like to read The More of Less because reading can offer new possibilities and insights.

  • I could write a long waffly comment listing all the reasons why I’d like to delve into the contents of this book. But I will refrain – minimalism surely applies to our words too, right? Let’s just say, that I’m hopeful this book might be the one that my burgeoning family can actually relate to.

  • I would love to read this book as I’m working on simplifying and am always curious to learn more about minimalism!

  • My husband and I, and our three kids have started to downsize our life. Sold the house, halved our belongings but it’s still a struggle minimalism get with kids. I need all the help from Joshua I can get. The book would be lovely.

  • Cait, I’ve spent the past two weeks devouring your blog. I’m a professed minimalist but I needed some fresh inspiration and your shopping bans and decluttering gave me exactly what I needed. Joshua Becker is one of the first people that I found on my minimalist journey and I would love to win this book because it sounds like it encompasses his whole journey and he walks you through it start to finish.

    Also, I’m not buying anymore books for a couple of months and just using the library while we work to pay off student loans over the next two years. I have a baby coming (3rd one) and by this time, I have realized that I really don’t need much for this baby. So, I’m hoping to still pay a lot on my husbands student loans even though we have an impending birth and I’m getting braces. Thank you for your fresh perspective and your honesty on your blog! I absolutely love it!

  • I have been reading/researching minimalism for quite a while. I’m tired of stuff controlling my life – I so want to break free of that feeling.

  • I would love to read that book because I have been following that author for a while now, and got excited knowing a book would come out.

  • Sounds like it will be a fantastic read. I really enjoy reading his blog so can imagine how great the book will be. I have just checked Amazon and it is not out here in the UK until 3rd June :( not sure I can wait that long!

  • I am looking to declutter & organize my life this year. Less stuff means less stress. Looking forward to a calm & clutter free home!

  • I just recently listened to Joshua on the Slow Home podcast. I’d love to read more about his transition to minimalism.

  • I’m so interested in this book. I’ve done a lot of downsizing in the last year or so, but I certainly wouldn’t call myself a minimalist. I’d like to be, though, & I think I just need some additional inspiration/motivation/understanding to get there.

  • I have been simplifying my world for years. Like you, I like to read just about anything and everything to help me continue on my journey. Thanks for the raffle.

  • Sounds like a great book! Not sure what you mean by “answer the question listed” to enter the giveaway, but I do need a push to de clutter and this may help. Of course one of my biggest “clutter” categories is books, though…..

  • I so want to read this book! Been following blogs for a while now but a book is always my preferred way to soak up information and ideas. I’m sure fellow book-lovers understand!

  • I struggle with the duality in myself of an ardent consumer, enjoying lovely things and a wannabe minimalist seeing the value in saving money for the important things in life- travel, experiences, retirement and less baggage. You and Joshua have been massive inspirations to me in my struggle.

  • Love this idea! I’m slowly starting to edit out everything I don’t need – I love how it feels to be so free from things.

  • I have been clearing our home of “stuff” and find it to be very mind-cleaning as well. I would love to read and learn more for continued motivation. Thank you, Cait!

  • I heard Joshua being interviewed on local radio yesterday (5/3)… I was even more impressed than just reading the blog. Wow.

  • I was inspired by your shopping ban and getting rid of most of the items in your home but I can’t get my boyfriend into the same mentality. I was hoping that this book would be an easy way to introduce him to minimalism and hopefully limit more things so we can downsize our house without being overwhelmed by clutter.

    • Samantha – I too am in the same boat! My boyfriend & I have been living together for 6 years now and while I am finding so much freedom from minimalism he is quite the opposite. Here’s to introducing minimalism!

  • I’d love to read it for motivation that calm and peace can be better achieved with less as we try this jouney :D

  • I give things away, purge and buy less quite often. I want to continue this journey.

  • Having just sold my house and in the madness of preparing to move, I can use all the help, reminders, encouragement and prompts in establishing a more minimal footprint. And I promise to take what I can use and pass the book on once read!

  • Thank you for the opportunity to enter this lovely giveaway. We can all benefit from fresh ideas to help motivate us on our journey of simplifying.

  • I really need some minimalism in my life right now. I moved into my first apartment about a year ago and it seemed so enormous. Within the last year, I’ve managed to fill it up with so much stuff I never knew I had/needed! It looks so tiny now and I’m daydreaming about a two bedroom. What I really need to do is embrace the truth that I really don’t need all of this stuff. I have a really hard time getting my things, especially the things that were given to me as gifts.

  • The past two or so years I’ve been on a slow process of simplifying/minimalising in my home and while I have developed a few strategies (say hello to the big closet purge) I could definitely need a few pointers to reach my goal before I hit 50 *haha* so I’d love to get some additional advice through this book.

  • Hi Cait! I would love to read this book since I’ve been following Joshua Becker for several years and I’m excited to read yours and Anthony Ongaro’s parts it in the book! It would be really nice to receive a copy since I’m a broke college student :(

  • I am still at an early stage in my minimalism journey, and I’m looking for ideas and inspiration.

  • After a wake-up call (my husband leaving me) I am really trying to live my life intentionally, trying to pay attention to the important things in my life.. Which is the people and experiences. Not the things. But I have not been able to move the clutter out. Hope this book can help me to me be forward on that front to open up my home space and my life. And I enjoy Joshua’s writing.

  • Would love to hear about the perspective in this book (I already love the blog) and would be motivational as we continue our simplifying journey! Thanks & blessings!

  • I’ve been starting seriously on this minimalist journey since March after realizing that we had no control over our finances. I’d love to read another person’s perspective on the journey and hear any tips they have!

    Thanks Kait for your blog, it’s very inspiring!

  • I have started down this path with a 40 bags in 40 days purging and now need to take it to the next level. Winning the book would stay within my no shopping ban.

  • Awesome giveaway! I would love to read his story. I’m especially interested in stories about families living the minimalist lifestyle together.

  • I’m new to this journey and am reading everything I can get my hands on, just as you mentioned you did a few years ago. I read your blog and Joshua’s regularly and have poured through the archives as well. I’d love to read the book to get even more in-depth insights about transitioning to a life with less stuff. Your blog and your shopping ban are very inspiring!

  • I’ve been wanting to read this book – but it’s not available at my library.
    There’s two of us in a four bedroom house, and it’s full of stuff. Mostly mine, but also my parents (both passed away) and siblings (both moved away). I hope this book will provide the push I need to go through the hundreds of boxes in my home.

  • Definitely looking forward to reading this book. My life and my space are overrun with clutter and junk. I’m eager to learn more about any successful solutions to this situation that others have found. And thanks, Cait, for your blog and the Budget & Cents podcasts–very inspiring stuff! I’m finally sticking to a budget for the first time in years thanks to you.

  • I’ve had my eyes on this book after hearing it was recommended by you and Anthony Ongaro. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • I love becoming minimalist! Really needing some encouragement to simplify my possessions/life a bit before getting married this summer and moving back abroad!

  • Ah would love to win this!! Love your blog – thank you for such informative and applicable content (also great that its Canadian $$ focused).

  • Enter me in the giveaway please!!
    As a thirty-something with a ton of student debt to pay off, minimalism has fascinated me, but it still feels like a constant battle against stuff in my household and money is still always tight! Any new advice would be so helpful!!

  • I would love to read this book as part of my quest to becoming a minimalist. I read Joshua Becker’s blog and enjoy his insight into the process. I feel that I would learn a lot from his sharing in the book.

  • I love how the minimalist world not only helps people on their journey, but each other from blogger to blogger. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Hi Cait,
    I would love to win the book as I love becoming minimalist, I regularly catch up on Joshua’s posts and the guest posts. Also it’s my birthday at the weekend so it would be a great surprise gift for me! And also I am experimenting with a shopping ban so as much as I’d like to read the book I don’t want to buy it!!

  • Our family is moving to a “new” house in six weeks. We got rid of a lot to get our house show-ready but still have a lot more to purge. This book looks like something I might even be able to get my husband to read . . . !

  • Hi Cait!

    Ever since I embraced a more minimalist journey I’ve been looking for inspiration where I can find it. It is how I came across your blog (and why I’ve been saving money going on 4 months now ;) )! I’ve read a few of Joshua’s posts and somehow I’ve felt reassured that minimalism doesn’t look the same for everyone and it gave me the confidence I needed to keep going. I’d love to read his book to learn more about the lifestyle and incorporate minimalism in other areas of my life. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I can’t wait to read this book! Joshua Becker was one of the first authors to introduce me to minimalism, as well. I loved his free Kindle book, and he deserves this publication! It’s been a little over a year since I embraced minimalism, and I continue to keep wanting to learn more and take it one step further!

  • I love cleaning out and simplifying and this book looks like even more than that. I could use a recharge :)

  • I’ve been on a minimalism journey for a couple years now, and now I’m about to radically downsize…I’m selling my house and moving myself and my son into my dad’s condo. I have 7 weeks to purge my belongings and take only what we truly need and love. I’m sure Joshua’s book would be a huge motivator!

  • This book amazing! I have remember you mentioning his blog before but I always forget to check it out.
    It would be amazing to hear you both speak and meet you! I tell everyone about your blog and podcast. My husband and I are traveling the us leaving Wiscknsin in a few weeks and Victoria is on our list. I hope we can make it time.
    If you need any travel inspiration or advice for your next year on the road check out our blog

  • I’ve been working on minimalism for a while now and would love to hear his tips on how to get the whole family involved.

  • I would really love to win this book because so many aspects of minimilism are applying to my life right now, especially with having a small child who has a lot of stuff. I feel like I can relate to what Joshua Becker is saying and as I get older, I want to not be tied down by things and stuff. I want more experiences :)

  • Sounds like a really helpful book! I’d love to read it and figure out how to downsize and declutter with a toddler in the house!!

  • One more tool on my journey towards minimalist living. Thanks for the opportunity and, as always, thanks for your writing.

  • I’ve been following Joshua’s blog for a while and am intrigued to check out his book. Minimalism appeals to me in so many ways. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach, but to be mindful about the things we own is a huge step towards happiness.

  • Our family is very similar to Joshua’s and I have been reading his blog for a while, as well as decluttering. I’m really enjoying the benefits so far, but seem to be in a bit of a rut and I think this book will help get me out of it.

  • I found you while researching blogs on budgeting and fell in love with your style of writing and the real life experiences you share. I have now paid off one credit card and almost have my car paid off. I thoroughly enjoyed your Budget & Cents podcast and look forward to a new season. I am clearing out the clutter from my life and finding much more happiness from doing so. Looking forward to reading about your travels this summer.

  • I am ready to gather more knowledge to start my journey towards more minimalistic life. In several aspects of my life I am already trying my best, but I believe that more knowledge about other ways would help me a lot.

  • Hello Cait.. I am in two minimizing processes at the moment. I am in the process of giving up one of my main addictive feel-good habits; shopping! I began shopping primarily for clothing and books really excessively about 10 years ago.. and only in the past six months realized how distracting this was from what was important to me. I haven’t bought any new clothing for 3.5 months (I failed a bit on the book front and ordered a book about hiking in the Gulf Islands for my summer yoga trip to Cortes Island). I also have a small family (myself, my partner and a beautiful little girl + 2 cats) and a small home in the woods; I want to create a serene and beautiful environment and I have always struggled with clutter and not being tidy and only realized recently it’s because I have too many things I don’t need or care for! I would love to read the book for further inspiration and to inspire my family :)

  • Your blog got me started on my own shopping ban, and has become an inspiration for me as I start down the road to living more with less.

  • Moving to Asia and not having all of my “stuff” for 8 weeks made me realize how much time, money and energy it was costing me. I’ve been working on downsizing since, but have not yet reached the point where I could call myself a minimalist. I would love to read this book!

  • I’d love to read this! I’m slowly picking up every book on minimalism I can find, but most haven’t been very good so far, so I’m hoping this one will be better! And I want to review it on my blog. :)

  • Hi Cait! I love reading your blog, you should know that how you feel about Joshua is how many of us feel about you! You are kind, realistic, honest and seem to understand the importance of community. I hope you know how much you have changed my life for the better and led me towards minimalism and all the amazing things it brings!

  • Hi Cait,
    I have been following for a while and also follow The more of Less. Living simple and living within your means is something that we are slowly progressing towards. We are downsizing quite big in the next week and our expenses will be down as well later on this year. Would love a copy of the book!! :)

  • I want to read this because I’m in a similar situation as Joshua – married with a new baby and two dogs living in a normal house and wanting to reduce how much stuff we have!

  • I am surrounded by junk!! I have recently separated so I am renting out lots of my home and now it seems all my junk is moving into my bedroom!! I really need some inspiration!!

  • I’d love to read this book because I feel myself stalling a bit on my minimalism journey. I think it would help me refocus my efforts.

  • I LOVE this website! I am also following Becoming Minimalism! I wish that you both would come to St. Louis. I have been wanting to order his book, but I could not fit it into my budget. So, winning a copy would be a dream come true!!

  • This book would be perfect! My fiance and I have been trying to declutter our apartment! Our wedding is next month and we are aiming to start married life with less clutter!

  • I would love to read this book! I have just started learning about minimalism and I think I could benefit from it. I tend to have too many things and my personality type gets overwhelmed by all the thing. Eek, hope I win!

  • Intentional is my word for the year and it definitely includes the need to simplify and reduce “stuff”! i
    would love to read this book.

  • You get a mention in his book?!? That’s so cool!
    I might be able to make it to Victoria for June 28th… maybe…

  • I would read this book to help me get over my fear of where to begin. Also, I have done quite a bit – but never seem to stop adding -subtracting. Circles one might say. I would like to read this book and conquer this never peaceful part of my life. Clutter+ Ugh!

  • I would love to read this book because I want to let go of time and space wasters and focus only on the things and activities that really give my life meaning. Thanks for the contest!

  • I am currently mid de-clutter after living in my large 2 br basement suite for a year. As a full time student I have a hard time devoting a lot of time and mental energy finding things a ‘home’ but my boyfriend who I joke is “way-more-organized than me” is moving in 4 months from now so I am biting the bullet to de-clutter way in advance so there’s lots of room and less decisions needed during the ‘merge and purge’ phase in September.

  • Since moving a year ago, I got rid of a ton of stuff. But our new place has so little storage I feel I need to learn to live with less. I’m getting there but that’s why I want to read this book! Thanks!

  • I did a big purge about 1.5 years ago. Since then I’ve been much more intentional about what I buy and keep. I attempted a shopping ban, but still bough a number of things during it. I feel like i’ve made a small foray into minimalism, but I’m not really a minimalist. I’d like to read more about it to see if I could get deeper into minimalism successfully.

  • Looking around me, I need to declutter and this book along with your blog can only help!!! Thank you for offering 2 books!!!

  • I’m just starting my voyage towards minimalism and think this book would be a very helpful guide!

  • I am getting into minimalism and would love to have this book as a helpful guide!

  • Would love the opportunity to win this book to help me along on my journey towards simplicity.
    Thank you..:)

  • I’ve been reading articles about minimalism and really want to embrace it, and I think this book would really help me cross that bridge into freedom of less :)

  • That’s a nice giveaway! After I read the book, I’d be more than happy to pass it on to my sister-in-law.

  • Thank you Cait. You are always an inspiration! I have embraced minimalism for a while now. Its sets you free!

  • I’m trying to minimize since we’re going to be down sizing in a few months. After a huge out of state move, I’ve realized that we have way too much stuff! I love Joshua’s blog and I’d love to read his book.

  • I just discovered minimalism and would love a copy of this book to help get me started!

  • Thanks Cait for a new blog post and doing this giveaway event! I enjoy reading your blog posts , especially those about shopping ban and minimalism !

  • I would love to read this book because I live in a very small space and have way too much stuff that I can’t get rid of. I’m tied to way too many things, but I don’t know how to change a lifetime of thinking that things must be kept! I’m over 60 years old and I’m miserable living with this overwhelming lack of space because of sentimental items. Pictures from so many decades of living life, things from grandchildren and family. Ugh! Help!

  • I really want to get my life and home in order. There’s too much clutter and chaos. I’m super interested in what Josh has to say about minimalism. :)

  • Why I want to win this book? I have always been a minimalist. Clutter makes me uncomfortable and I seeks ways to minimize it. In my single days being a minimalist was easy. Now with a family of 5 I find it much harder. In 2016 our family has committed to a buy nothing challenge. It’s been a great experience for us and has us rethinking a great many things about our needs, our wants and what we want moving forward. I am in just the right place to enjoy this book. As per Cait’s suggestion I will be trying to get it from my local library.

  • I would love to get this book as I’ve moved 2x since January and would appreciate more ideas to help declutter and reorganize my life that is all in boxes right now.

  • It sounds great…..It would be a perfect begining with my own minimalist style of life!!! a perfect gift!!I adore your blog, always remove my mind, but by the moment have a lot of things to change.Thanks for all your time.From A Coruña-Spain.:)

  • I’ve been minimising and shopping-banning (is that a word?) for almost 10 years now and there is still some way to go.

    Great, that this is a worldwide competition!

  • I’ve been gradually getting rid of the unnecessary possessions and learning about minimalism. I want to live a more simple or uncluttered life but it is still a bit of a struggle changing. I’m definitely interested in reading Josh’s book.

  • Wow thanks for making it a worldwide giveaway Cait!! I will read this book for sure… And my housemate will laugh when I get another book about decluttering “Isn’t that missing the point??!!!!”

  • I want to read this book because, having read several articles on Josh’s site, the allure of minimalism is rather profound. While we are nowhere near what could be described as minimalist at this time, my wife are working on purging many things and, in the next few years, plan to move our family into an Airstream and hit the road full-time as I begin working as a travel nurse. Focusing more on the minimalist mindset will be paramount as we begin that journey, as we will be downsizing to a living space of a mere few hundred square feet. Thank you very much for the opportunity with this giveaway! :)

  • I’ve been reading your blog since last year and I also love Joshua’s blog. I’d love to win his book mostly to introduce minimalism to my husband who is actually more in the I-finally-have-a-lot-of-space-for-myself phase. Before marriage he lived with his parents and did not have a real personal space, so now he’s enjoying our new house, but I feel like we have too much space and we need not to fill it up with things. This book could be helpful in explaining how I see things and maybe getting my husband on board too. :) Thanks from Italy!

  • Sounds like this would be a great read! I’ve been working on removing clutter in my life, it’s been slow going, but it’s getting there! Something like this would be a great motivator!

  • I love Josh’s story and blog, because you are right – it’s SO normal! His neighbor made a valid point that got him to become a minimalist: maybe you shouldn’t have so much stuff. I love that something so simple changed everything for Josh and his family. Every once in a while I find a really good minimalist read and it gives me the kick I need to start decluttering, again. Again, because it’s a continual process and each time you learn something different. Thanks, Cait!

  • While I would love to read the book I would like to nominate Suz’s entry (May 4, 2016 at 4:39am) because her entry touched my heart. I watched my mother go through the same process as her friend. It’s tough and can be emotionally devastating.

    Suz, I don’t know you but if you read this, please give your friend a hug from me.

  • I want to start the journey of becoming minimalist. Ive decluttered somewhat but there’s way more I have to learn and implement. Winning the chance to read and own this book would be totally awesome!!! FYI I love both your blogs! :D

  • I would love to read this book as I find realistic reminders of living a simpler life immensely inspiring.

  • I’m subscribed to Becoming Minimalist already and love his writing on minimalism and would love to read more! I’m building my own tiny house in Nova Scotia and I’ll definitely need to practice minimalism once I move in and do some downsizing beforehand too. I’d love to win this book!
    I’m glad you got to meet him and it’s very cool that people online writing about the same topics get to meet in real life. :)

  • Minimalism isn’t in my blood, but focussing on the important stuff sounds infinitely appealing. Perhaps this book will help me to do that.

  • I have been following his blog and Facebook , I love his style and mission. I want to read his book badly, I have been purging things and need more encouragement. Thank you for this giveaway.

  • Joshua’s website was the first one I came across, as a recommendation from The Frugal Girl, and it springboarded my interest in Minimalism, and all the wonderful author/blogs I’ve discovered since then. I am looking forward to reading this regardless.

  • I can’t wait to read this book! This is my year of minimalism and learning to love things less. I am so glad to have found your blog late last year and have completely transformed my finances from making a budget, tracking purchases and investing! I feel like I owe you so much! Also I look forward to the (hopeful) day of seeing you on the streets of Victoria, or better yet on the trails in our glorious island backyard!

  • I need help with wanting less and living lighter. I would love to win the book; thank you for the giveaway

  • I’d love to read this book, and considered buying it many times, but I’m on a no-spending challenge right now! I’ve resisted and been doing well on the challenge, but I would love to win the book! Cait, you’ve been such an inspiration :-) Thanks for this opportunity…

  • I seem to always be decluttering every couple months. I hope this book will give me some tips on how to finally organize and be more minimalist. I think to help with this, I will start a shopping ban this summer with only a few approved items to shop for.

  • I’ve been making some decent decluttering progress, but still have more work to do. I find personal stories of real people decluttering and simplifying to be so much more motivational and helpful than generic articles or lists of thing to declutter. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway, Cait!

  • I am beginning to de-clutter my life in expectation of retirement. Less for my kids to deal with when I eventually have to move. Some of the clutter is theirs though they have moved out! I also want to de-clutter so I can life a more simple, meaningful life.

  • I love reading about how you are living a minimalist life. I, like many others, are striving to be more minimalist. I feel like I have hit a rough patch. I look around and think, yes, I need that, yes I use that… or I can’t just get rid of that, its new! I will just use this up. Then things that I do try to purge sit in a pile for WEEKS. So basically, I have an excuse for everything. I am hoping that reading this book will get my butt in gear, motivate me to do instead of do nothing.
    Thanks for the giveaway Cait! Fingers crossed for me!!

  • We have just moved country and although I am working my husband has not secured work so its a bit tight (moved in November). I need all the help I can get xx

  • On October 10, 2015 I gave birth to a wonderful little girl. Her dad and I have politely declined a lot of the baby paraphernalia that’s been offered to us but lately I’ve been noticing how much has still managed to sneak into our home. We’ve always had too much stuff in my opinion but since she was born I’ve found it harder to stay on top of it all. I’d love to be inspired by someone else’s experience. :)

  • Sounds like a great book. We are drowning in stuff, and I’d love to get rid of loads of it.

  • I’ve been on this path for a few months now and have been reading your blog for about as long. It started with a move last year, downsizing to a space that was less than half of what I had previously, and sent so much home with my parents. Living in a tiny apartment with tiny closets has been so freeing. I’ve stopped shopping for “things” and that money is spent (or saved!) doing things that I truly enjoy. I’d like to read this book to expand my perspective and see what has worked for others/how it’s worked.

  • Would love to read this book to further my journey into minimalism. I’ve been in a decluttering phase for the past 3-4 weeks or so and have felt energized to continue on this path. I really enjoy reading your blog and also listening to your podcast (can’t wait for your next season!).

  • I keep hearing about this book everywhere, and would love to read it. Just listened to Joshua on the Productivityist podcast yesterday. Hope I win!

  • I want to down size and cull my possessions but it isn’t easy to change 50 years of habits or pare down 50 years worth of stuff. Hoping the strategies in the book will help me to embrace this new way of living.

  • I’d like to read about Joshua’s experience and I’m looking for strategies to help me clear out and simplify a few trouble spots.

  • Just reading about the book makes me feel lighter and more hopeful already! I can only imagine how it might feel after reading the book.

  • Thanks for this! I also love Joshua’s story; it’s been inspiration on my own journey towards mindfulness and minimalism. I’m excited to read the book!

  • I have lots and lots of ideas about how to keep in the minimalist direction of life that I’m heading into, and I hope this book will help streamline my efforts and give fresh perspective. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Would love to win this then pass it on to someone else interested once I’m done!

  • I can’t wait to read this book! I’ve only just started my purging, and am already feeling better about life in general. Would love to win the giveaway!

  • This book sounds great! I too, have gotten into minimalism in the past year and read a bunch of books, but my non-traveling life as a mom of two doesn’t exactly fit the mold of most minimalist authors. I’d love to see a collaboration of works from people with stories similar to mine!

  • I am fairly new to minimalism and am researching it intensely at the moment. I am looking to get lots of different perspectives on it and would love to read Joshua’s new book :)

  • I’ve been thinking about getting rid of a lot of my stuff – I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – but it seems like a big time commitment. I’m finally at a point where I’ll have some free time in the next few months, so I really want to get this done! I’d like to read The More of Less to provide refreshed motivation.

  • I have been reading Joshua’s blog for a while and reading the book would help me in the my journey to simplify.

  • I’m fascinated by the minimalism movement and have done a lot of reading about its predecessor, voluntary simplicity. Very interested in reading this book! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I want to know more of being a minimalist. I want to be one to simplify things around me.

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