The End of Summer Book Giveaway


One of the challenges I set for myself during the second year of my shopping ban is to only read books I already own, and not even use the library while I try to get through them. While unpacking the last few boxes of stuff I have, I found my (much smaller) book collection and made a stack of the ones I want to read in the next few months. At the top of my stack was The Joy of Less, which my amazing friend Clare sent me a few months ago. I finally started reading it late last week and, with each chapter I finished, kept thinking it would be a great book for anyone who wants to embrace minimalism.

Do you know what the best way for me to spread the message in that book is? To give it away, of course!

It’s been six months since my last giveaway, and I think this will be my final giveaway for the year, so I wanted to make sure it was big. Instead of giving away 1 book, I’m giving away 3! One lucky book lover is going to get 1 copy of each of the following books:

  1. The Joy of Less by Francis Jay
  2. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and
  3. Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

Each book is great on its own, but combined they can help you declutter, embrace a less stuff-heavy lifestyle and inspire you to become more resourceful. As the end of summer approaches, I know a new season brings change, so my hope is these books will help you create some changes in your home / life.

Of course, I see the irony in giving away more “stuff” to people who want to live with less. If you win, my hope is you’ll read each book and then pay it forward, by passing them along to friends, family or anyone else you think needs inspiration to live a simpler life. <3

To enter this giveaway, you can follow me on Twitter (3 entries), tweet about it (2 entries – can be done daily for more entries), visit my Facebook page (2 entries) or leave a comment on this post that answers the question below (3 entries). You can also do all of these things for a total of 10 entries.

Remember to use Rafflecopter to make your entries count!

Since the content is universal, this giveaway is open to readers worldwide. It starts on Monday, August 24th at 4:00 a.m. PST and ends on Thursday, August 27th at 4:00 p.m. PST. The winner will be announced in a blog post on Friday, August 28th at 4:00am PST. Good luck!

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  • I reduced a lot while I moved, but worried we are starting to reaccumulate things! I am in need of more strategies to reduce my attachment to things! Thanks!

  • I’d like to win these books to help me get even further on my journey to embracing less!

    Of course, I would give them away once I’ve read them!

    Love this blog. Thank you for sharing your story :-)

  • I really enjoy your blog. I’ve been inspired to start being content with what I have, pare down my wardrobe and not be such a slave to ‘stuff’. I feel I have a lot to learn and am excited about the tips that these give away books hold! Thanks for doing what you do!

  • I’ve already read two of these, so I won’t enter, but can I just echo that The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is *so amazing*? Reading it is really what got me to take a hard look at the stuff I own and think about what I really need – partially because in some parts of the book, it was like she was standing in my room talking to me. How did she know about the never-ending pile of clean laundry that never gets put away?! The end result was about five gigantic bags of stuff being donated, and a closet that to this day is still organized (this has never in the history of me ever happened.)

    This is an awesome giveaway Cait, and so generous of you! I’m adding The Joy of Less to my library hold list right now to finish up all three.

  • This has come at a very apt time – I have two of those titles on my holds list at the local library. Unfortunately, I’m no.62 of 68 active holds so it could be awhile!

  • Fingers crossed! I’m trying to get my head around all of these concepts…spending less, having less, wanting less and yet having more of the good stuff in my life…contentment, joy, happiness, peace. Here’s hoping this might help! Happy Monday!

  • I want to read these books to help me in my journey to getting my life together and get rid of all the ‘waste’.
    I have so many things running through my head and it would be nice to read advice from others who have tackled de-cluttering their lives.
    I also would love to pass them on to my sister who is still finding it hard to understand where I am coming from on my minimalism journey.

  • I grew up in a home with little material goods yet I was comfortable. I’ve entered middle age with excess. Life feels cluttered. For the past year, I’ve been attempting to learn the minimalist view. It’s quite liberating though I’m only in the baby stages. I will continue striving to make this my lifestyle. I need all the help I can get. That’s why I want to read the books you are giving away.

  • Eek! First off, it’s not everyday that competitions are open worldwide; generally speaking, competitions that are open worldwide don’t interest me, but THIS! This is one prize I’d love to win! I’ve been a borderline hoarder all my life, and am starting to explore the possibilities of a minimalist lifestyle. I’ve seen reviews of all these books and really have been wanting to get my hands on them! Furthermore, I know a few people – friends and family – that would benefit greatly from these resources when I’m done with them :D

  • I want to read these books because I feel the pressure of “Stuff” around me — books I haven’t read, things I don’t use, things I had accumulated for a lifestyle I don’t yet have. In the past couple of years, we’ve lost family members and the process of sorting through their things has been a real eye opener for me. Right now I’m on a fall de-cluttering mission!

  • Nice and lovely idea, I’m doing the same thing reading books that I already have, unluckily my public libarary doesn’t offer new books but only old and college/university books, but I said that like a lot your idea?…

  • I’ve read The Joy of Less but not the other two. I’ve been pursuing minimalism since 2010. My amount of possessions has fluctuated greatly due to several moves and the arrival of two children. I want to read the others because I always like to hear new ideas about simplifying and am always trying to find the balance just enough stuff. I want my kids to see that stuff isn’t as important as people and for them to learn to share generously with others.

  • Thank-you so much for your wonderful blog and this contest. You are inspiring and your e-mail notifications are one of the first things I click on when they pop up in my e-mail!

    I would love to win this contest. Between a few at home jobs that have taken over our house, a 4 year old who can inflict maximum damage in a fraction of a second, and a husband that is going to throw us both out if I don’t figure something out soon, I need all the help, ideas and motivation I can get. Plus I just want us all to be enjoying our lives more and not constantly thinking about all of the things around here we should be working on.

    When completed, I have a friend that I was just talking about all of this to yesterday. About how life is short and we all need to focus on the things that make us happy, spending as much time as we can with the people we love. Not squandering our time on things that really aren’t important. I think she would benefit from these books almost as much as I will.

    Thanks again for this chance, and for sharing your experiences!!

  • I’m trying to pay off 20K of debt this year. I’d love to read these books! My boyfriend and I are attempting to declutter our downsized apartment. We could def use some life changing magic! Thanks for your blog. It’s very inspiring!

  • I’d love to win these. I really need some help conquering my hoarder tendencies. I would love to not be surrounded by constant clutter. Thanks for offering this!

  • I love books and reading so I hope to win these boots. I’ve slowly started to dive into minimalism but want the final push into it.

  • I’ve been on the minimalist path for a long time now, so I don’t have much left to declutter. But I’m always interested in learning new tips and am especially interested in the Zero Waste Home book. Now that I’ve cut back on what I buy and what I bring into my space, I’m trying to focus more on limiting the amount of packaging and plastic I have to throw out.

  • I’m on the path to Minimalism. I’ve been starting a few months ago by decluttering clothes, but I need to do more as I have so much stuff! I’m also trying to be more conscious with my budget. I’d love to read these books and then share them around me!

  • Great giveaway! I’d love to declutter, but I’m a little too attached to all of the stuff I have (even the crap). I’d love a little more insight on wrapping my mind around getting rid of stuff. I’ve heard great things about these books, but my budget is small and really tight so I haven’t made the plunge.

  • I’m new to this blog and part way in to my journey of more simple living. However it can be discouraging with three littles who create so much mess and are magnets for acquiring “stuff”. I’d love to read these books for some inspiration to keep working at removing the excess from our lives and to be more satisfied with less.

  • The zero-waste movement is so compelling to me. I’ve started to look at the Zero Waste Home blog a bit, and it’s so eye-opening. Even if I ever do succeed in decluttering my home, I’ve realized that waste and excess are so much more than just extra shoes and salad spinners.

  • I’m super excited about this giveaway. I’m always looking for ways to find joy in living a more de-cluttered life. I recently got married and my husband and I have been talking more and more about downsizing and focusing more in experience than material things.

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  • Amazing prizes and what a great idea to pay it forward!

    I am a huge reader and I have to been reading a lot from my library lately as well. I can’t believe I went years without using their resources! Another way I get my books cheaps is hit up yard sales to find books – I have came up with a book system for not allowing these books to over crowded my house and will be donating all read books back to the library ;) (they even give u a tax receipt for anything donated)

    Anyways I’m a huge fan of ur blog and look forward to the emails every Monday – take care


  • As a student who moves around a lot, I finally realized that my mother was right all along: less is more. I’m really looking for ways to cut back and to embrace simplicity.

  • I have recently been in a “nesting” mode and part of it is getting rid of stuff. I am wanting to downscale my living space as my boys will be on their own in the next 2 to 5 years. To learn more about decluttering and living a minimalist lifestyle certainly would help me in this process.

    Thanks Cait for this opportunity!

  • we are five people in a small house and i just had the kids home for summer and a toddler who reorganizes everything constantly. I really want less to clean.

  • I have started decluttering right after high school, so thankfully I never accumulated a lifetime of stuff. However, there are still some things I struggle to get rid of, and these books would be great inspiration!

  • I love the idea of continuing to pass these books along from person to person. I often have trouble getting rid of things (books in particular) because I think I might want it at some point in the future, but knowing that the item is going to someone who wants and can use it now would really help me feel good about pairing things down.

  • I started a journey without realizing it, when I moved from a large 4 bedroom house complete with attic and finished basement to a one bedroom house. I stuffed everything I could into the largest truck u haul rents without really thinking. After putting most stuff in the basement and setting up our clothes racks, and getting a wardrobe to put away more clothes I was uncomfortable with how much more cluttered my home looked. Now I’m moving into a one bedroom apartment and have been reading blogs like mr money mustache as well as blonde on a budget to continue to motivate me and change my thinking. I would be honoured to have these books to read, and would love the opportunity to pass them on to friends who need help as well. Thanks!

  • I just moved out on my own for the first time and I could not believe how much STUFF I have! I attempted to do a de-cluttering as I was packing, but I still wound up with way more stuff than necessary. Clothes are my pain point – I always think “I might need this for a special occasion” and that “special occasion” usually never arrives. Tidying up is harder than it looks!

  • Would love to win your books, Marie Kondo’s book has been on my list for quite awhile, and the other two sound great! Been a minimalist of some sort for years, but really started a huge declutter process the last year or so. Hope this counts as an entry, don’t see a question above to answer unfortunately! Just discovered your site a few weeks ago – loving it! Thanks!

  • I am beginning my minimalist journey – as I write my basement is filled with so much stuff I can’t breath. I’m ready to simplify and minimize and my hope is reading this books will help inspire me along this journey. Thanks so much for your blog – you are such an inspiration!

  • I’ve already read Marie Kondo’s book but like everyone else, found it to be amazing. If I win, I’ll pass it along to the other people in my life whom I know would appreciate it too!

  • I am a year into minimalism and still read about it online. The books would be a wonderful addition to my reading list

  • I want to read these books for inspiration and tips on minimalism and cutting the clutter. I want my home and mind to be clear and have room for what really matters.

  • I have always had a problem with “stuff”… feeling I want more, need more, must have more… But now I see how your stuff can weigh you down and hold you back. As I work to have less stuff or only stuff that really matters, I would gladly welcome expert advice in the form of these books.

  • This is an awesome giveaway! I just finished reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and loaned it to a friend, and I’m actually half way through Zero Waste Home right now which was sent to me by a blogger in Australia. I’m going to tweet about the giveaway, but I want someone else to win it who hasn’t already read them. I’m adding The Joy of Less to my reading list too!

  • Your blog has changed my life. I am a 30 year old who went back to school, and have managed to get 5 years of education without incurring any new debt (all paid for with cash). But the old debt from before school is still hanging itself over my head and crippling me in interest fees. So while I want to celebrate my accomplishments, I have to be honest with myself.

    Since I started reading your blog, I (like probably all your readers) came to grips with reality and realized the debt has to go (OMG the interest I have been paying alone!!!). In the midst of that realization, I decided I wanted to declutter my life and my mind. I, like you am an avid reader and recently made the commitment to not buying any new books (of course I have to buy books for school – but I am buying used on the cheap and sharing with classmates). I went down to my public library and signed up to get a library card so I can read for free!

    These books, would not only give me something great to read while I am stuck reading all the required school texts, but it would help me with all my personal goals and insights on how to wrap my head around this new journey that I started when I began your program. My goals are to declutter my mind, my life and embrace minimalism in order to give back to the planet and find the happiness outside the world of consumerism.

    With starting my final year at school, I fear my head will be too stuck into school work and I will forget about all the promises and goals I made. Having this books on my nightstand to read first thing in the morning, will allow me the opportunity every day to revisit my goals and stay on track while living the busy student life.

  • Two of these books were already on my “to read” list, but now I have a third to add. I love the pay it forward idea too! I’d love to pass on the books to my mum. She’d love them! (And also really likes to pass things on as well!) Thanks Cait!

  • Learning about minimalism & living on a budget is truly life changing. I’d love to read these books to continue my journey!

  • I am trying to move to a lifestyle that is less cluttered in every way, and these books would help move me toward my goal. The only one I have read is Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

  • I am moving from Newfoundland to Ontario with my boyfriend in a couple days and I sold, gave away, and donated 75% of my “stuff” (Ironically, that included about 200 books). We are only taking whatever fits in our car! I have read several books on simple living and zero waste, and I always want to read more!

  • This is truly inspirational. Thanks for the opportunity to win these. I hope I get the chance to read these as I work on simplifying my home and embracing a minimalist lifestyle.

  • If chosen and happen to win your books, I’m so willing to pass them along to another of your followers when I’m done. I’m simply amazed by your life and your transparency! I am an avid follower of the minimalist movement. In fact of the 7 blogs I follow, 5 are minimalist blogs! Yay!

  • I’ve absolutely loved reading the book by Mari Kondo, I recommend it to everyone! I haven’t read ‘The Joy of Less’ and I would love to read more about minimalism. Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home is also fantastic and inspirational, I breezed through it, a very nice read.

  • I’d like to read these books because reading about minimalism helps to keep me on the right track or push me in a better direction :-).

  • I’d love to read these not only to gain new perspectives on life and “stuff” but to pass these on to those who may not realize some things about their own “stuff” :)

    Thank you for hosting this contest. :)

  • I’d love these books because it’s just me and my daughter and I want to have a house that is more organized and live a lifestyle that promotes minimalism. These books would be inspiration. Thanks.

  • As a mother of a 8 month old. I am sure you can imagine that I would be looking for ways to save money and live a minimalistic lifestyle. I would love to read these books!

  • Thank you Cait for your thought provoking posts! When I was single and living on my own I found it much easier to live a minimalist, clutter-free life. Now that I share a home with a wonderful husband who doesn’t wholly embrace this way of life how can I balance my need for simplicity and frugality with his need to have things on hand (in case something breaks, someone may need it, etc?) I would love to read these books for inspiration. …

  • Awesome giveaway! I’ve been decluttering for a few months now, but I never really thought about learning about different methods. These would be a great help!

  • I’ve recently started the process of decluttering my one bedroom apartment and it feels so good. I find the hardest part is moving past the initial feeling of guilt that comes with getting rid of items in perfectly good shape, but the feeling of peace and calm that comes after is much more powerful.

  • I would like to win this giveaway because I have a passion for reading and self-development. I am at a point in my life where change is imminent. I just graduated with my second degree, start my nursing career in a month, and ended my long term relationship two days ago. I have incurred a lot of student loans, and I am so intrigued by the concept of minimalism. I know that learning this skill now could have a tremendous impact on my financial and psychological health. Thank you!

  • Wow, thank you Cait, for being so generous! I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to clean out my home, which was the house I grew up in. I definitely could use some help- weeding out the parents’ and siblings’ stuff has been challenging (the sentimental feelings get in the way). I started my shopping ban two days ago- on my birthday. Hopefully that will eliminate the clutter!
    Thank you again- you are awesome!

  • I have the …Tidying up book but not the others. If and when I win the prize giveaway, I’ll read the other two books quickly, make notes to myself, and pass them on.

  • Umm… I still have boxes unpacked from when I moved in with R – almost a year and half ago. We have converted the room that was supposed to me home office into storage because of “stuff”. I occasionally get the declutter-bug and dump bags of stuff at a time, but there is still so much more that could/should go. That’s why I’d love to read these books :) Thanks, Cait!

  • I would love to receive these books because I haven’t read any of them yet! I recently started following you and every time I hear people worrying about budget I have shared your blog link. Also, as an environmental professional – I think that giving the books away is a form of recycling and that’s awesome. Besides trying to cut down on the “clutter” in my diet, the “clutter” I spend extra money on im also looking forward to giving away/donating/selling alot of the things I own. Before reading your blog I gathered items around my home for a community garage sale this summer but skipped way too many – now I cant wait till next year because there are a ton more items I don’t need to hold onto; they’re weighing me down, mentally and socially.

  • We have a big cross country move possibly coming up in the next year. I’ve been working on paring down my belongings (particularly clothing and kitchen items), but I would love some inspiration and encouragement on embracing less and living more. That’s why I’d like to read these books!

  • I began this journey about three months ago and really have seen good things in my life. I especially like the idea of clearing up clutter to live a purposeful life. Happily heard you on the Slow Your Home podcast last week and loved hearing your story. Like you, I have a lot of debt and have just put a plan in place to pay it off as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  • Thank you for the recommendations! I have been hesitant to take the minimalistic jump. It can be so overwhelming at first but I’m trying to remember that you have to learn to crawl before you can run.

  • Luckily, I recently purged my books and donated them to a book sale for a local women’s shelter. This gives me room to bring in new books. If I win, I plan to read them and then donate them. Thanks for this opportunity. I love books! :)

  • I’ve read the life changing magic of tiding up – I specifically bought it for my dad but read it first. I loved it and was very glad to see my parents going through their closet when I was over there this weekend!

  • I haven’t read any of these books but would love to! I have been exploring the idea of minimalism for about a year now and it seems life changing.

  • I think these books are a great giveaway! When you’re the only person you know trying to embrace the idea of living with less stuff, you can feel very alone. People don’t understand why you’re getting rid of perfectly good stuff. And when the people around you don’t quite understand what you’re trying to do it can throw up road blocks both emotionally and mentally. Too often people ask “Why?” and your answer is never good enough. When they start needling every answer you can’t help but start to wonder “Is it worth it? Should I have more emotional attachment to this stuff?” I think reading these books will help give me that push to finish the cleanse and help me to realize that I’m not alone in the process after all.

  • I love your blog posts! I’ll get to the books in a second, but my boyfriend introduced me to Blonde on A Budget about a moth ago, and I look forward to reading them every chance I get. First thing in the morning before the office opens and on the train home are my ideal reading times, it gets me prepared for the day and helps me wind down after the rat race. Please don’t ever stop writing!
    As for these books- how perfect would they be? I need less clutter, both in the tangible/ physical sense and in the emotional sense, but I’m sure fixing the former will help with the latter. The amount of things I hang on to just for the sake of “what if?” and “why not?” could fill a department store. These books might just be the kick- in- the- butt I need to move in a different direction. When I’m finished reading them, my mom needs a similar kick-in-the- butt. Her home is far too filled with things she can’t bear to part from, so she is without a doubt my “pay-it-forward” target.

  • I’ve been wanting to read these for awhile! I’ve been planning a wedding so time and money have been short but I would love some reading to do after!

  • I love the Marie Kondo one. I haven’t heard of the other two but I love books like them so they have to be right up my alley! (And then I will pass them on, of course.)

  • I have needing to make mini changes for awhile..and then of course pass on these same ideas to others who have said the same thing…maybe they are just waiting for me to I WILL…. and I like to read, so winning these books would be a win win for everyone

  • So very excited you are giving these away. My husband and I have just started the process of decluttering absolutely EVERYTHING! Venturing our way to a more minimalistic lifestyle. These books would be the perfect read right now!

  • I’m so glad to find you and your blog!
    My boyfriend is VERY minimalist, and is encouraging me to become more so.
    It’s hard, but it makes me feel better each time I let things go!
    I’d LOVE to read these books!

  • To me books are never clutter – just good friends. That being said, you can always pass them along for others to enjoy.

  • Thanks for hosting this give away! I’ve read Marie Kondo’s book, but not the other two. My work has a staff lending library where we share books that have inspired us, so after reading all three titles, I’d like to add them to the library.

  • I am so overwhelmed with all of the things that I have collected over the years, and I am finally ready to set them free! I think these books will be the swift kick in the rear I need to get started.

  • I would like to read these books to reinforce positive habits that I have been building. And I love the idea of sharing these works with friends and family.

  • Ohhh girl. These are 3 books on my list to get! Much like you… I love to read and love to declutter! I’m a true minimalist and am learning on how to use my budget appropriately from you! I’m not buying any books the month of September so these three gems would really help with that goal!

  • I want to read the joy of less. I read the Marie Kondo one & have used that method to go through clothes & shoes. Working on other categories. After I read the books I will of course pass them on to other as a way to help them & avoid clutter.
    Thanks for your generous giveaway.

  • I have been “down sizing” for a year now and have hit the wall. I believe getting a new perspective will help me get to the place where I am living with what I need vs what I believe I need. I am constantly surprised at how light I feel as I am donating my “stuff”. It would be great to win these books! And I would definitely “pay it forward”!

  • I want to read these books since I recently started down the pathway of minimalism. I have cleaned out so many things that I wasn’t using and gave them to others who would use them. I love how clean my closets are and not having to search through tons of items to find one certain thing!

  • I’m in a 6 month no shopping challange (that I’m secretly hoping to change to 1 year.) So this would be a great way to expand my library on a topic I’m passionate about.

  • Over time, I’ve accumulated so much stuff, and I’m trying to get inspired to clear out the things I don’t need. These sound like great books to help someone get started.

  • I have followed your journey and am inspired to try harder at getting rid of clutter. These books would be great to read and win :)

  • I want to read these because I’m transitioning into this lifestyle. After I finish with them, I’d put them in one of the many little free libraries around town to make someone else happy!

  • I’d love to read these for the great reminders of minimalism, and then I have a friend I would love to pass them on to!

  • I often feel like there are two tigers fighting within me- a minimalist, eco warrior, tiny house dweller and an elitist maximalist who loves the trappings of success. I would like to read about how to integrate these enemies, so that I can follow a strategy and not veer all over the highway!

  • Can we comment without entering? :-) These are wonderful books, but I’ve read them, and would love for them to go to someone who hasn’t read them yet!

    It’s pretty incredible how you’ve so quickly gone from a blogger sharing your personal debt story to a real lifestyle role model. No doubt it is because of how hard you’ve worked to make your blog personal and honest, and you’re a great writer. Love seeing you all over Twitter, hearing you mentioned in casual conversation among acquaintances who we didn’t even know paid attention to finance or minimalism blogs, and then swamped with comments here. So well-deserved! Thank you for fighting the good fight. :-)

  • Just graduated undergrad and moved into an apartment and trying to start postgrad on a good foot. Hoping to read these so I can get rid of all my unnecessary items and clothes from college

  • I have actually read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up so I would gift that one if I win. The other two are on my must read list because I want to really reduce my waste, and own even less than I do.

  • I’ve been struggling with decluttering for years, and a friend had recommended The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up just last week – all three books sound fantastic though.

  • I have no idea whether I’m doing this right to try to enter… Anywho, I have gotten through a lot of the “just throw useless junk away” phase of decluttering, but now I need to more mindfully go through our stuff and could use these to guide myself through it!

  • I’d love to read these as I simply enjoy reading, and anything I can learn about! I just moved, and did lots of deck uttering. However, I can always use more!!!!

  • I recently discovered your wonderful blog and am making my way through your posts, as well as listening to the interviews you have done. I would like to read these books, especially, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, because I am eager to find new ways to declutter our place and to live comfortably on less.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • I would LOVE to continue my journey to minimalism!! I’m at a plateau. I just take after my mother so much, I collect and save everything! I’ve done a lot already, but have so much more to do!!! This would help!

  • I want to read these books, because we have a very small house and will be living here forever. I don’t want it to be crowded with stuff. Also, I’ve been trying to reduce our trash this year, and it’s not going well. Definitely need to read Zero Waste Home!

  • Enjoying your blog so much. I’m not much of a “stuff” person to begin with but you have definitely sparked a minimalist revolution in my world. Thank you for the opportunity of this giveaway!

  • I am getting lost in a sea of debt….These books would be a great help. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I moved in with my fiancé last year and have struggled with how to keep our stuff at bay. With the bigger kitchen, bigger closet, etc. it’s so easy to say, “well, now we have room!” And then I’m griping 2 months later when a blender I didn’t really need in the first place breaks and needs repair. Help me! :)

    Oh, and the wedding is a “NO GIFTS” affair, so I’ll need some good back-up when people try to ask where we’re registered.

  • I have started to declutter and would love more encouragement to finish my journey to be more of a minimalist and debt free :)

  • Leading up to a move across the country, these books will definitely help me dwindle down my household items to be more manageable!

  • In 4 short years I have filled my 1,300 square foot home. I would like to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle and I think reading these books would give me the kick I need.

  • I would like to win these books because I have recently moved from a house to a 550 square foot condo and I have a lot of purging to do. I would like to learn how to embrace minimalism while discarding sentimentality.

  • I don’t think I’ll ever be a minimalist, but these books might help with my goal to be more mindful with respect to what I buy and own.

  • I not only want to read these books, I NEED to read these books. Our house is plenty big enough, but there always seems to be clutter everywhere. I used to think it was kinda inevitable with small kids, but I don’t think the kids need all the stuff they have either. Reading these books would certainly give me a kick in the butt to get going and de-clutter for good!

  • We recently moved and I THOUGHT I’d purged beforehand, but we still have a ton o’ stuff. I need new ideas to really pare things down!

  • I have been waiting all summer to read Mari Kondo’s book. Since I am in month 3 (thanks to you) of a no shopping ban I can’t buy it and I have been on the library waiting list since May. I’m currently 6 people away from getting my turn. Maybe by Christmas!

  • I just finished listening to Jess Lively’s podcast featuring Bea Johnson and it was so inspiring! I’m on my way today to get a mini kitchen compost as my building finally has a green bin! I would love these books to help give me ideas on the easy things I can do around the house to reduce clutter and waste. I already found a bunch of easy tips on zero waste home’s website that I’m going to start implementing this week :-).

  • I discovered minimalism this year and have worked to apply the concept to my home and really every aspect of my life. Even after such a short time, I’ve enjoyed positive changes but I know it’s a lifelong process. I would love to read these books (I’ve only read the book by Marie Kondo), but I’m even more excited to then gift these books to my mom. Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway!

  • Kids are grown, if not downsize my physical house, downsize the amount of stuff in it. Would love to read those books.

  • Great blog! Helping others by sharing your life goals. Books sound like they could help me get back on my feet ans be free from the clutter that tends to hold me down.

  • I would really enjoy these books because I just relocated and I’m living out of a suitcase and a few bags; I want to fight the urge to start accumulating stuff again. I’ve just learned to enjoy life without so much stuff and I’d be interested in the ideas that these books offer. Thanks!

  • I’ve been slowly working towards a more minimalist lifestyle, but it has been a huge challenge to reach that goal while also compromising with my husband. We sometimes read books selected by the other, so it would be great to read these books together to motivate further decluttering. We’re in the process of moving, and while I can see the progress we’ve made in purging, there’s also a long way to go! I would love for our next move to be significantly easier!

  • Thank you for your excellent imformation and sincereity. I would love to win these books to not only help my wife and I,but also help our many friends here in El Paso,Texas,where many people here,as well as everywhere else, need all the help that is available to them. Sweety,God Bless you and yours,and best wishes on your new endeavors! Respectfully,Dwight

  • I would love to read these books. I found your blog from the article in the newspaper and I’ve been following ever since.

  • I love books that help to create a strategy. It is one thing to have an idea, it is another to implement it. :)

  • I have been working… Very slowly… In this direction. I’d live the resources to help jumpstart the process.

  • All books I’d like to read (and then can pass on to the Free Little Library a neighbor just erected in her yard!)

  • I’m just starting on my journey to living a more minimalist life and I think these books would be great resources.

  • I just learned about your blog and spending ban from the CBC article. I am trying to reduce spending while also trying to pay down $25k in debt. I also have been frustrated with attempts to get organized around my home. I moved into a condo 2 years ago, and cupboards and closets seem to be in a state of perpetual mess! I would love to win the books to jumpstart and further motivate me to reduce the clutter, embrace happiness with less, and encourage my steps toward a shopping ban. Less shopping means less stuff!

  • Would love to win these books! More awesome tools for my toolbox are always welcome. I’ve been making efforts to live on less, and could use new tips and tricks. Thanks for giving all of us a chance to win.

  • I’m in the midst of moving to a small home and trying to work out what is worth keeping and what is best to give away. Seems to be a constant process!

  • I find that reading about things I want to do, once I have gotten started doing them, can help me stay on track by refreshing my thinking. I don’t want minimalism to become just another thing I do. I want to retain the intentionality of the process.

  • Last year I moved into a condo and greatly reduced my belongings. Alas, I find myself accumulating again and want to get a handle on it. Reading these three books will serve to remind me how good I felt about reducing the load last year. Thanks for your useful blog. I look forward to it.

  • Hi Cait. First, I’m pretty new around here but loving your site. I want to read Zero Waste Home as even though I am not really either very frugal or much of a minimalist I am really into reducing waste. I want to read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up because I have been holding onto a bunch of clothes and books that I don’t need anymore but for some reason don’t want to let go of. I live in quite a small space so that helps reduce what comes in but it’s time to let some of this old stuff go.

  • We recently moved back to the US from overseas and sold just about everything. Now that we are settled in, I’m realizing we didn’t need to bring half as much with us as we did. We still have stuff stored at a friend’s house that we’ve been living without for almost 9 months. It’s safe to say we probably don’t need what’s in those boxes. :)

    If anyone has any advice on how to get a spouse onboard with living with less, I’d love to hear it!

  • My husband and I have let go of many things already, but we are still having problems with some things. He loves movies and I love books. I also have a challenging time with clothing – not buying too much, but rather wanting to get rid of poor quality clothes that do not fit my life style – but paying off debt is more important right now. We also have an extremely hard time getting rid of sentimental antiques – even though we are not sentimental about them. Rather we re worried about upsetting family. Anyway, I would like to read these books to give some clarity to why we are letting go of things. And I would pass them onto family members who are starting to get curious about what we are up to – and are still reluctant to change their ways. (I need to learn how to live a less consumptive lifestyle without the support of others but that’s a whole other comment!)

  • We’ve been going through are stuff as well and reading for motivation. These would be a great addition.

    We’ve already taken the plunge on getting rid of plastics from our lives. Our trips to the trash room are few and far between nowadays.

    Love to learn from others.

  • I would love these books, having 3 children I am DROWNING in clutter of unused stuff and I have no idea where to start to get rid of it lol. I would pass these along to others who are also drowning as well :) Thank you.

  • These are exactly the things I am looking to embed in my life. I am particularly interested in learning the secrets of a Zero Waste Home, and would love to get these books!

  • This is such a great site! Love the content you have here. I’d love to get my hands on these books because I’m all for embracing the minimalist lifestyle. Keep up the great work! :)

  • Very kind of you to have such a cool giveaway! I have made a small but significant start on lowering my levels of consumption. Reading these books would add to my knowledge and no doubt be very inspiring. Thanks for your blog and also for thinking of your readers with this giveaway. All the best to you.

  • I am actively trying to reduce my footprint, by being mindful of how I spend, how I consume, and how I live. Thank-you for hosting such a great giveaway.

  • I’ve heard wonderful things about these books, especially Kondo’s. I think they would help me in my minimalist journey.

  • I have alot of stuff, piled up, and it causes me stress. I will certainly pay it forward by passing these books along. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would love to read the books because of two things. The first, I trust your taste based on your blog. The second, when I moved into my flat I had very few furnitures and it was really empty, still I loved the space and I coul really feel the energy. Now I have properly filled my home with all the things, but the energy is gone. I would love to have it back and hope the books migh contain some good ideas. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Awesome giveaway! I listened to Marie Kondo’s book a little while ago and I love her concepts. I started decluttering a couple months ago with my husband. We took every single piece of clothing that we owned and piled it up in a room on the floor. It was shocking to see how many items of clothing we owned. We finished the day with 4 garbage bags of clothing to donate and 4 garbage bags that went straight to the rubbish bin. It felt so good. I have slowly made my way up to sentimental items and through reading online articles and your blog, I have managed to part with items that I honestly don’t like, but only kept because of the person who gave them to me. Instead I have found one item from each special person and kept them, instead of holding on to every single gift.

    My husband is so much happier now because he can not stand clutter at all. So I have a win-win, my place is tidier and my husband is happier! I have also experienced the same high that I used to get from shopping through decluttering!

  • I loved reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I want to purchase a copy for myself to work through the tidying process, but if I can win a copy that would be wonderful! My money can be put into paying down my debt instead. As for The Joy of Less by Francis Jay and Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson are at the top of my reading list! I can’t believe the similarity in reading taste. Love it :) I can gain a lot from reading these books.

  • This is exactly what I need! I’ve been trying to reduce my closet (I have over 800 items of clothes alone!) and I’m desperately seeking guidance.

  • I moved recently to a small 400 square foot space and love it. I got rid of a lot when I moved but these books could be the last step in removing what remains.

  • I’d like to win because I could use some encouragement and advice about how to tidy up and live with less. I have Marie Kondo’s book on my Kindle, but my mother won’t use a Kindle and she wants to read it, so I would pass the hardback on to her.

  • I would love to win these books because I have the hoarder gene in me and I am trying to be brave and get rid of a lot the stuff i’m holding on to (old projects and papers from school, old clothes in case i need to get dirty, knick knacks i haven’t touched in years). I just need a little boost to be brave enough to let it happen.

  • I would love to read these books ’cause I’m a big fan of personal development. Not only do I like to get inspired, but I love sharing the messages with others! I’m just starting a practice as a Life Coach, so I think these books would be a great addition to my library.

    P.S. I am very thoughtful about my book collection – borrowing books from the library first before I purchase. I have already read one of the books featured there, and it made it to the purchase wishlist. The other two have been on my to-read list for a while! :-)

  • Hope I win these books…but if not, I’ll consider them recommended. I’m 100 per cent on board with minimalism, in principle. But the practice is harder than it looks!

  • I love the idea of a more simple life without “all the stuff”. I have just started going through my things, but it’s really hard to decide what to let go of. It would be really great to get some new ideas on how to approach that…aaand…the waste problem. I was home alone for a week and realized I made tons of waste. How did I even do that??? Where will all the waste go..?

  • I was totally inspired by Cait’s first push towards minimalism with the 1 year shopping ban, that I added declutter email, phone, computer and 250 items from my house to my 2015 goals! I’d love to win these books in order to read and learn more about what minimalism means to other people. I also love the idea of a “zero waste” life – repurpose, recycle and repeat! :)

  • I have to admit I bought zero waste as soon as it came out, so I would give me new copy to a person I know is interested in zero waste: my massage therapist. The other two I would read because I don’t know the work of these authors. And I will put them in our neighbourhood’s “free street library” so others can benefit from the reading.

  • Just this weekend, I went through the whole upstairs level of my house and organized the entire floor. We ended up getting rid of 3 black garbage bags full of stuff, 2 boxes of books and other random items. I couldn’t even tell you what was in some of those bags! I would like to read the giveaway books for more tips on how to declutter and keep it that way. I’ll be trying a mini shopping ban to make sure I’m not tempted to buy anything now that I’ve cleared out so much space.

  • I am embracing minimalism and you are such an inspiration to us all. however i am only learning through podcasts and blogs. If I won the books, I would gain a greater appreciation of it!!

  • I have been slowly decluttering for 12 months or so, but am moving to a much smaller house in 2 months time and want to use this opportunity to only move the perfect necessities with me and get rid of the rest!

  • This has been the summer of simplifying and eliminating things and it’s just begun! Two of these three books are on my “to read” list and the third looks like a perfect fit. I’d love to read them and then pass them on to others!

  • I don’t think I own a lot of stuff but I’m fairly certain I could still use some motivation to clear out some more of it. I try to do an annual purge so I think these books would help with that.

  • Reading blog posts are like preparing for a vacation. You plan and pack and get a glimpse of whag you think it will be like. Reading a book is like being on that vacation you are fully involved in what’s going on. That’s what I need, I love reading you blog and it has inspired me to do far more than I thought I could but a book would help me to focus even more and find out exactly what it’s like to live the life I want. And turn what I want into what I have.

  • I’d like to win these books so that I can be more efficient and effective in getting rid of all the c**p in my apartment! I NEED to learn to let go!

  • I would love to read these books because I am in need to do some simplifying in my life. From decluttering my apartment and getting rid of all the things I keep that I simply don’t need to simplifying my personal and professional life. This is something I’ve been wanting and needing to do for awhile. Between reading your journey and hopefully these books will give me that final push I need to get this process going.

  • What a great giveaway, Cait! I’d like to read these books for a bit of inspiration as I continue to declutter my home and my classroom (I’m a high school teacher), as well as for some ideas to maintain the work in the long-term. Love your blog!

  • I am working on living with less. It is an ongoing work in process that I am very mindful of. I have always been a responsible spender, but my husband and I want to become debt free and these books will help us. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • I discovered your blog recently. I am on a decluttering journey which is hampered somewhat by my family’s hoarding tendencies. Would love to win the books for extra inspiration.

  • I would love to win these books! As we’re getting closer to being empty nesters, our focus is on living a more minimalist lifestyle and saving enough for a comfortable retirement.

  • Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Plans are in motion to declutter my son’s room before school starts, so sometime this week, but he is much more like my hubby and wants to keep everything just in case… so wish me strength!

  • I’ve been following Zero Waste Home for years now, and loved her book! That one I could pass on to someone else. :) But I would love to read Marie Kondo’s book, and I’ve never heard of the Joy of Less, but I bet it’d be a great read too! I am good at not acquiring a lot of new possessions, but I do have some hoarder tendencies, and trouble letting go of things I already have that I might need “one day.” I could use some inspiration!

  • I’d love to read all of these books. You’ve inspired me to start my own shopping ban this year, so I’m not allowed to buy these books for myself! I’ve followed Bea Johnson’s blog, always wishing I could read more of her story, it makes a zero waste lifestyle sound so accessible. I’ve heard so much about Marie Kondo’s book, and have unknowingly been applying some of her ideas in my own home. It would be a fun book to read, and fun to implement. I hadn’t heard of The Joy of Less before, but it’s something that I’ve embraced for the last couple of years, and how I came to find your blog. Thanks for showing that getting out of debt and living a meaningful life is both possible and worth the effort.

  • I would love to read these because I am at the beginning of my minimalist/paying off debt/living frugally life and I feel these books would be wonderful tools for me!

  • I would love to read these books and get started on my downsizing journey. I have started a little, but need a bit of a boost to get the job done much further. I love that you were able to get rid of your debt so quickly, and I hope to do the same.
    Thanks You.

  • Ooh, what a great set of books! I am in the process of decluttering, so these books would be great to stay motivated and see other ways I could live a more simplified life. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Love your blog! Doing the shopping fast too. Going minimalist, but still keeping quite a few of my books. the only reason I haven’t yet read those you are giving away is that I didn’t want to add to my collection. I would like to read them and would pass them on as well when done with them. Thank you for the chance to win them. Blessings!

  • Looks like a great selection of books to read! I have recently became interested in the minimalist lifestyle and these books would help me get a better understanding on what is possible and what could help me determine what is best for me :-) What is your favourite book so far?

  • Spring is just around the corner here and after separating from my husband, my 2 boys and I are getting ready to sell our family home. These books would certainly help me to let go of items no longer needed and to teach the boys whilst they are still young about being more mindful about what they want and what they keep. Learning to let go!

  • I have been trying to declutter for a year and a halve, but there are still some things I know I do not need but I just can’t get rid of. I need that final push…

  • To free my mind and continue to lessen the load on my children, that’s why. I read Marie Kondos book at the beginning of the summer and then spent the majority of the season cleaning out! I have a family of four so to was a daunting task. My sentimental 9 year old, that doesn’t like to part with her “stuff” was the most profoundly affected. She hugged and threw her clothes in the donation pile thanking them for their service! Now that she’s kept only what makes her happy, getting dressed is no longer a struggle and she apparently has her own style ( athletic clothes or jeans and tshirt…. Dresses be gone!). The joy she has, the calming in my brain and the awe of my neighbors inspires me to keep going. I’ll share Kondo’s book of course and will devour the rest!

  • I joke to people that my husband and I are hoarders. We’re not really, but do have a lot of stuff! I could really use the inspiration that these books would give me to do some de-cluttering. Books are my weakness, but I will try really hard to give them away after reading.

  • Just finished reading all of your posts and I just love your blog! Have read about Beas book and would like to read it, but because I live in Finland I can’t find it in libraries as it haven’t been translated to finnish (yet).. So would love to win the books to see what’s going on in the world!

  • I think I’ve plateaued about 1/3 of the way through a mindset change towards less stuff. I need a little push, then the opportunity to pass that push along via giving the books away.

  • I’ve heard amazing things about The Art of Tidying Up, and I need to check out the others, too! I’m working on paying off my credit card debt, and I know that having a cleaner, calmer environment will help.

  • Thank you for your example and inspiration! I have been declutering all summer and telling friends and family members about your blog for my motivation. I have to say that your blog has helped me to get rid of things that I have been holding on to for way too long and they have been weighing me down! I feel in control now and I have room in my life to start improving in other areas!! Thank you for sharing your journey!!!

  • I’d love to read these books and share them with several of my friends who are also on this journey. Thanks!

  • This is something I would love to embrace (minimalism) but I still have mental barriers. I thought I would maybe take some baby steps and it might get easier.

  • Out of the 3 books listed, I’m really intrigued with Zero Waste Home. Just reading the title makes me think about all the things I’ve thrown out in the past week alone! My brother and I are moving at the end of the month, so we’ve been purging/donating/packing away – the entire process shows me how much stuff I own yet don’t really need. AHHH!!

  • I’m in the middle of the great purge in my house and would LOVE some guidance from these wonderful books you’re giving away so generously! I love your combo of getting rid of clutter and making other people happy with it, thanks for the inspiration! Will be sure to pass the books along and make someone else happy with them if I win ;-)

  • Darn it, I knew there was a reason I should get back on Twitter!

    I want to read these books because since I started following your blog I have been motivated to declutter my own home, even getting my husband on board. So far, I have donated 144 books and cookbooks to the library, and am in the process of going through my (large, walk-in) pantry, and plan on doing the bathroom next.

    When people say “there’s an app for that” I say “there’s a book for that.” As I declutter, clearly I need to be reading about it as well.

    Also, I had come across The Life-Changing Magic of Cleaning Up on GoodReads awhile back, and added it to my “to read” shelf. I just haven’t bought it yet, because I’ve been trying to be more frugal and own less stuff. =P

  • I’ve already read them at the library but I want my mother, mother-in-law and friends/family to borrow them so they can learn what I have :):)

  • I want these books because I have adopted the no shopping ban and can’t buy them right now :). Also I am making a dedicated effort to live more minmally and a more cost effective lifestyle and I am stalling out :(

  • I’d really love to read these books, and for so many reasons. My two sisters-in-law have been telling me about their minimalism, slow living, simplicity accomplishments/challenges/benefits, and I’m committed to following in their paths. We’ve just moved, and I’m freshly aware of how much stuff that we have that we do not need. Before the move, I pared down garbage bags of clothing, boxes of useless stuff, household goods destined for the dump/hazardous waste, etc. But there is still a long way to go. I’ve been a very keen budget keeper for some time, but the challenge is not to minimize and live on less income due to job changes. I know for certain that less things in our lives will make time and space and mental energy for life experiences. Very glad to have found your blog via the Slow Your Home podcast :)

  • I’m interested in reading these books because I am slowly, but surely, working towards a life declutter.

    And also, I’ve put myself on a book-buying ban for a whole year… so it would be a nice way to infuse my collection without buying! :-)

  • I am traveled the world this year with only a backpack, which included three long-sleeved shirts, three tank tops, two pairs of pants, four pairs of socks, a bunch of undies, and one pair of shorts. I want to learn to do that back home in Canada — and how to do that when moving to a new city, starting a new professional job in academia, while not embracing lifestyle inflation with a higher income. I have stayed debt-free over 10 years of university through scholarships, bursaries, and working hard…but I realize I could have saved a lot more if I had spent less on objects that did not bring much joy into my life. I love your blog and am trying to embrace minimalism as much as possible!

  • Everyone around is doing a Kon Mari attack of their homes; it’s about time I join the team. I definitely need some inspiration; it was only about two years ago that I finally got rid of my undergrad notes from 20 years ago. Papers and books overwhelm me just a bit.

    The other two titles are new to me, but they sound equally helpful.

  • I’m working on simplifying and decluttering my life and would love to read the books to get more ideas of how to make my life simpler.

  • All of these are on my to-read list, but I probably won’t get them from the library for at least a year (so many people want them!) I’ve already tried some Kon-Marie-ing with my clothes drawers, but have heard such great things about her book that I want to read the whole thing!

  • We have lived in the same house for 23 years. The children are grown and on their way to moving out. I would like to simplify our life and ready the house for eventual moving. I think these books would help me get started in the right direction.

  • I would love to read these books because I would love some more inspiration on declutting and living a minimalistic lifestyle. I love your blog and would like to read more!

  • I want to see what the hubbub is about regarding the Kondo book first of all, but beyond that, I know that I will be moving in less than a year. I really want to be able to fit most of my stuff in my car when I move (with the exception of my big furniture pieces, which I might sell before I move anyway), but nothing right now jumps out as me as too superfluous – except crafting supplies, which keep me sane, so that’s NOT really superfluous to me. :) So, maybe these will help me reconsider “essential” …

  • Winning these books would be an extra motivation to learn about simple living and minimalism. And, to be honest, I need all the help and motivation I can get to improve my current financial and living situation!

  • I already read Marie Kondo’s wonderful book, and we have made great progress with it. It was a library rental, however, and I’d love to have my own copy to reference and then pass on. As for the others, they are new to me, but if you found them useful I know I will too!

  • Wow, Cait! I just recently moved from Alberta to South Carolina. I sold half of my household furnishings after I received the moving estimate. Very cathartic and a refreshing new beginning. It makes me realize, now that all six kids are on their own, I love having less stuff, and feeling more flexibility in my life. It really makes me want to learn more about a simpler lifestyle. You are very wise for your years! I continue to enjoy your writing skills.

  • I would love to read these books. I have been inspired by reading about your decluttering journey and shopping ban, but I haven’t figured out how to start my own decluttering. I am a packrat and really struggle with the decisions of what to keep and what to get rid of. I think that these books would help me to focus on what I really need and how to organize my space.

    Thank you for providing inspiration and sharing your journey online!

  • Growing up in a house of clutter I am setting out on a journey to avoid this in my own home. I would love to read thee books to help me on my journey. Then I would pass them on to those who want to take these first steps like me.

  • Starting my minimalist journey. Finding the philosophy really resonates with me but having difficulty turning it into practical steps. I’m a 40 something mom, wife, sister, daughter, etc. I am blessed to have extended family close by who love to spoil my children with material goods. Hoping to find some practical suggestions for getting the rest of the family on board with minimalism.

  • I am very interested in minimalism lately, haven’t read any of these books yet. They would be a great place for me to start!

  • I would love to win these books! I am recently divorced and learning to live on a lot less as a single mother of twins. Your blog has been so inspirational and these books will help me continue and expand my minimalist horizons and instill these values in raising my young children. Thank you!

  • Trying to get rid of the last remaining boxes of stuff after I recently moved. A push would be nice.

  • I have a one year old and our house has gotten out of control! I need ghese books in my life!!! :)

  • I’d like to win these books because despite the fact that I’ll never be nearly as minimalist as a lot of the people in them I’d like to learn new strategies for organizing my home in a more effective manner. Especially since I seem to only be living in places that are 600 square feet in size and sharing that space with a partner!

  • I think that it’s amazing how you’re helping others to declutter their life! I was looking for some books to learn more about minimalism, and I’m hoping to win one of these books to get me started. ^_^

  • I’ve been working on creating a more relaxed, simpler life. I’ve heard good things about all three of these books, but I haven’t read them yet.

  • I’ve wondered if the hype around Life Changing Magic was worth buying the book. This would be a great way to check it out!

  • I like reading improvement books, and my wife and I both stumbled on this blog through a CBC articles and ended up talking about it a fair bit.

  • I was literally looking for zero waste home at the used bookstore last night- to no avail! And I hear great things about Kondo (checked both it and joy of less out of library awhile back but didn’t get a chance to read it before it was due back!) Pick me, pick me! ;)

  • I’m an avid reader and am always looking for new books to read. I love being inspired by new idea. Admittedly, most of my reading on minimalism and simple living has been blog-based. Would love to read the authors’ perspectives.

  • I’m really interested in decluttering and minimizing our “stuff” so these books would be great! I stumbled across your website and am loving it so far! thanks …

  • i am a newly wed who recently moved out with my husband to start our own home. Living in the Philippines I have been tryng to incorporate minimalist living into our lives but struggle at some points because our culture here seem to be on the opposite. I hope to be the luckiest person to read these books so I can start to make a difference here in Manila. There is not much resources for minimalist living that patterns in our bustling city and i do hope having these books could break that for me. please choose me and plant the seed of knowledge here in the opposite side of the world. thanks

  • I want to read these books because I’m just diving into the world of minimalism and would love some more encouragement and inspiration as well as motivation!

  • I’d like to read the books to get a deeper understanding of minimalism – I’m getting better at passing things on that I’m no longer using, but I imagine there are some key principles to the movement that would help me get better at it.

  • The wait list for Kondo’s book at the library is 50 people. I should get it maybe sometime in 2017. :) Would be lovely to get them earlier.

  • I’ve been on a minimalism kick now for a little less than a year, though I still consider myself a newbie to this wonderful new world I’ve discovered. I’ve given away so much of what we own (and have successfully gotten the hubby and kids to do the same!). It’s just so freeing and addicting and I love the new, lighter, less cluttered and stressful look our home has, though I’m excitedly looking to learn more about simplifying my life and finding that peace we all deserve. My bookcase has been significantly reduced, but I would LOVE to have a couple of good minimalism books to call my own. I have borrowed from the library two of the three books you are giving away but after having extended my return date several times, I now have to give them back :( And my library doesn’t have The Joy of Less :( :( Thanks so much, Cait. I love reading your blog. You are such an inspiration to me!!!

  • I would love to get more ideas on how to reduce or organize better. I live in a one bedroom and will be moving in with my significant other in a year’s time. I have started the decluttering process a few weeks ago.

  • I tried to leave a comment via the raffle page, but I don’t think it worked… The reason I would like to read these books is so I can learn how to help my friends better. I have a lot of friends who struggle with clutter… Mental, physical, relationship and financial clutter… And I want to help… But I’m just learning myself. So I need a better toolbox!

  • Yes, I will definitely pay this forward. My wish is to learn to live with less. I do declutter often but more work can be done in that area.

  • I’ve recently discovered the zero waste home blog, really want to read the book but I have a shopping ban… Our library doesn’t have it… I’ve got rid of all my books this year except ones I enjoy re-reading. If I’m not going to read it again, no matter how long I’ve had it or who gave it to me, or any other sentimental reason, it’s gone. To my surprise what I’ve been left with are a couple of cookbooks, some sci-fi and some
    Jane Austen! I wonder what that says about me? Anyhow, thanks for the giveaway, best wishes.

  • I purged a bunch of stuff from my room nine or ten months ago, and clutter has started to creep back in. I want to keep moving forward and eliminate it from my life for good.

  • What a great give away. I’d love to read all of these as I’m working towards a simpler home. I prefer pages and covers to e-books so these would be perfect.

  • I have started the process but am flagging in energy and conviction. I think reading these titles (and re-reading KonMari) will help with motivation!

  • I’ve started a challenge to read as many lifestyle and personal finance books as I can get my hands on!

  • Since moving into my new place I have made a lot of food staples myself from stuff I had in my pantry (bread, mayo, ketchup, mustard, pasta, pizza sauce, etc.) and I have yet to buy new clothes or gadgets for the house. Do I WANT them, yes. Do I NEED them, no. If I continue my careful planning and budgeting, the house should be paid off in 13 years. As for other debts, I am happy to report I have none ^_^

    Would any of these books help me more than now? Definitely. A little extra help, new ideas, and motivation never hurts when aiming to save money for that ever approach retirement.

  • Honestly, I really need the support in embracing minimalism. People telling me “Please shop for clothes at least once” isn’t helping; I need to show them – more importantly, myself – that what I’m fighting for is real and that it’s something I believe in!

  • I would love to read those books! I admire your power, strength and the period of duration you have mastered. All the best- you go far girl! Fidi

  • im really excited for those books, i want read them because i want to learn more about minimalism,it could make my life better for sure.

  • These look like awesome books! I’m definitely trying to refocus the things I value in my life; I want to have a rich life with less. These look like great reads for inspiration!

  • I would love to win these books! Two of them are currently on my (much too long) “to read list”. I have slowly been in the process of letting go of items around the house. Reading these would help speed up the process!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win these books. They would benefit me on my continual journey of conscious consumerism, and minimalist lifestyle. They would also get really used as my family and friends share and pass on all reading materials…..

  • I’ve been wanting to read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo” for a long time since it got out! Looks like an awesome stack!

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