Our East Coast Adventure: Sick in NYC

On Saturday morning, I woke up in Boston with what was only the beginning of a wicked head cold (that I still have today). I grabbed a box of cold/flu meds on our way down to South Station, popped it on the Amtrak and napped for part of the train ride back to NYC. We got in around 5:30pm and were both starving. In the mood for sushi, a quick Google search pointed us to MEW in Koreatown, which was just a short walk from Penn Station.

Cool Lighting at MEW

The food was amazing. We each ate a bowl of age tofu (also our fave item on the menu at Sushi California in Coquitlam), split some corn on the cob (random?) and then I ate a spicy tuna roll. It was more expensive than sushi in Vancouver (which is dirt cheap and so good) but it was all delicious and the vibe was really cool. I would definitely go back there in future visits.

Age Tofu

After dinner, we checked into our hotel (Club Quarters in Midtown, booked on Hotwire – never stay there) then went out in search of ice cream. We grabbed a couple cones (two scoops each, of course) then walked to Bryant Park, where we sat by the fountain and did some people-watching before bed.

Bryant Park
Bryant Park
Fountain at Bryant Park
Fountain at Bryant Park
New York Public Library
New York Public Library

I passed out that night and slept for almost 12 hours…

…only to wake up with a fever.

I jumped out of bed and into the shower, knowing I had a day full of events ahead of me. As soon as I got out, I crawled right back into bed and stayed there until dinner time. Sarah was amazing and went out to get me iced coffee, green juice and a warm bagel. I, on the other hand, had an internal pity party. We had such a short amount of time in NYC and I had to spend almost an entire day in bed. :(

We had tickets to Chicago that night, so I got up around 5pm to go out for dinner beforehand. While I normally hate being anywhere near Times Square, it worked out that our crappy hotel was 2 blocks from a good Italian restaurant (I would go back there, too) and 4 blocks from the theatre.

The Rigatoni alla Trecolori
The Rigatoni alla Trecolori

I also couldn’t let Sarah leave without trying a piece of Junior’s cheesecake.

Red Velvet Cheesecake
Red Velvet Cheesecake

We got to the theatre right as everyone started to walk in…

The Ambassador Theatre
The Ambassador Theatre

…and got to our seats, which were just four rows from the stage. It was incredible. I felt like c.r.a.p. and tried not to bother everyone with my cough, the whole time, but what an incredible show. And Brandy (yes, Brandy Norwood) was the star! It was our 12-year-old dreams come true to see her sing live, haha.

Four Rows Back from the Stage
Four Rows from the Stage

We both got terrible sleeps that night – me because of my cold, and Sarah probably because of my coughing. But we woke up early and took the subway to the Upper West Side, so we could have breakfast at Alice’s Tea Cup. Then we grabbed cookies from Levain Bakery for our road trip.

Eggs Benedict on a Ham and Cheese Scone
Eggs Benedict on a Ham and Cheese Scone

We got our rental car (I drove in Manhattan! and through Times Square!) and left the city around 12:30pm, en route to our next destination: Philadelphia.

Crossing State Lines and Entering Pennsylvania
Leaving New Jersey and Entering Pennsylvania

Overall, it was a pretty quiet weekend in NYC. I’m sad I didn’t get to do more, and that I didn’t get to see a few friends (miss you, Claire!). But I’d never been to a broadway show before, so at least I crossed that off my list. We’ll be back in the city for a few hours on Saturday before we fly home. Maybe I’ll be able to sneak in a visit to my favourite coffee shop before we leave…

On Friday, I’ll tell you all about our road trip to Philly + our time there. This morning, we’re driving down to DC and making a pit stop to visit my dearest friend J$!

How’s your week going? :)

  • Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy New York like you wanted to. Hopefully you can do something when you return on Saturday. The food looks amazing!! I hope you’re feeling better and can enjoy the rest of your East coast adventure.

    • I’m just grateful I’ve already had two great trips to NYC in the past year. I’m still sad I missed out on being there in the good weather (keep going in the winter) but at least I’ve been there before. :)

  • Ooh, that’s a terrible occasion to get a cold! Hope you get better soon and can enjoy your trip 100%!
    I LOVE the lions in front of the Library, but I can never remember their names. One is Fortitude, the other one I don’t remember…

    • Hi Daniel,

      They were named by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. He named them Patience and Fortitude, two characteristics he thought every New Yorker should have.

  • Sorry to hear you were sick there! I went a couple years ago and did manage to get most of the weekend in before getting really sick on the last day. I think there are just lots of germs in NY. lol! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • Oh, I would 100% agree with that. I caught it in Boston, though, but the heat + smells in NYC felt like it made it worse. Wah! Slowly getting better. I’m up and at it, just seriously stuffed up.

  • What was the name of the Italian Restaurant near Broadway/Times Square? Would you say it was family friendly?

  • Feel better soon, Miss Cait!!

    Love the Sushi California shoutout! Have you had the holla jalepeno roll?

    Your trip posts are motivating me to get more money in my travel fund :)

    • Thanks, Jacquie! I haven’t tried it, no… but sounds like I should, the next time I go!? :)

  • Looks like your trip is still going well except for the illness setback. It is hard to keep a good woman down! Now you have an excuse to go back to New York again. Thanks for the pic of the lion in front of the library. I love Bryant Park too.
    That is the same Italian restaurant my 3 sisters and I ate at for our eldest 60th birthday trip five years ago. It was awesome and so close to the theatre. We saw Billy Eliot which was my first Broadway play too. It is an experience. Loved that show.
    I look forward to the Philly pictures as I would love to go there as well. If you have strength run up those steps like Rocky! Take care

    • Aww thanks, Ruth! We didn’t make it to the Rocky steps (opposite side of where we were staying and we were really only there for a day) but we saw the Liberty Bell, the Mint, etc. And we ate so much good food! It probably had the best food of any city we’ve been to so far.

  • I LOVED NYC – so I’m sad for you for not being able to enjoy it more. When I went, I saw an off-Broadway production of “Harvey” starring Jim Parsons (Sheldon on Big Bang Theory). There was lots of other recognizable actors as well (from Friends, Mad Man and more recently Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). It was SO COOL to see famous people in real life, much like you guys seeing Brandy :)

    • It’s ok – I really shouldn’t complain, as I was just there in February and December. Jim Parsons is doing another show now, too. Seems like he’s really into live theatre productions. :)

  • Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy NYC. I was there for four days over the May long weekend with my two girlfriends and their daughters. I am a huge theatre nut. We saw four broadway shows while we were there, plus I went to another on my own while they went shopping.

      • The four of us saw Gigi, Finding Neverland, It Shoulda Been You and It’s Only a Play. I saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch on my own. Finding Neverland was my favourite. All tickets were 40 to 50 percent off because we purchased from the TKTS booth in Times Square.

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