TGIF: Travelling is Not Glamorous

Travelling is not glamorous. There are red eye flights where you’re stuck sitting next to babies who kick you every 20 minutes. Layovers. Short layovers where you’re running from one plane to the next. Long layovers where you eat or drink too much. So many layovers. There are cab drivers who scream at you and then share TMI about their personal lives. Clear mornings that turn into rainy afternoons, which you’re not prepared for in canvas shoes. Cold, wet feet. Red noses and cheeks. All the shivers. Wet clothes that start to smell and have to be packed that way. Then there are cabs that charge 2.8x the normal fare during peak hours. Cold, wet feet again, because you didn’t learn your lesson the first time. Flight cancellations. Flight delays. Credit system failures at airports, which make you regret spending your last $5 bill on a mocha versus food. Further flight delays. And there are even days where you don’t eat your first meal until 9 o’clock at night.

But there are also early morning coffee dates, afternoon coffee dates, evening coffee dates and late dinners. There is no schedule, no itinerary and no routine – just an unknown world to explore at your leisure. New streets. New sidewalks.  New restaurants. New bookstores, libraries and museums. New textures, building materials and designs. The comfort of seeing and making memories with old friends, and the excitement of building friendships with people you’ve never met before. There’s the sense that endless opportunities are ahead of you, and around each turn you take. So many sunrises and sunsets to watch over foreign skylines. There are quiet cab drivers who get you to your final destination safe and sound. Short flights where you somehow manage to grab an extra 45 minutes of sleep; the perfect amount of time to recharge your batteries and carry on. And my goodness, does it ever feel good to see your luggage on that freaking carousel.

No, travelling is not glamorous. But I love it, anyway.

The low of my week wasn’t the fact that I was stuck at LaGuardia from 9:45am-4:30pm on Tuesday. It was the call from Baby Sis saying she’d been in a car accident. Hearing her voice gave me a flashback to when I called Mom after mine. Now I’m even more anxious to get home. <3

The highs of my week were all the writing/brainstorming sessions Shannon and I had together in NYC. I was so inspired in that city, and Shannon really pushed me to write outside of my comfort zone. I’m going to keep doing our exercises, and try to put our ideas to life on the blog next year.

A blog post I loved was The Belief That Career Success Can Make Us Happy is the Central Illusion of Our Time. Or maybe that’s just the quote. Either way, it stuck with me. I also really enjoyed How Not to Kill Your Creative Soul, and can think of at least a few ladies who should give it a read.

I honestly can’t tell you what the best money I spent was… let’s say every penny I spent in NYC.

My plans this weekend include going to the holiday party tonight, having breakfast with Dayle tomorrow, then heading over to Roomie’s for the rest of the weekend, so we can hangout before I fly back to Vancouver on Sunday afternoon.

How was your week, friends? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Happy Friday!
    This week was good/busy!
    Had my exam Wednesday, went to see the Hunger Games movie last night with a friend, was really busy at work.
    This weekend we have a Christmas party tonight…breakfast with you tomorrow :):) …and celebrating one year with bf on Saturday night! And I will be seeing my baby nephew on Sunday, so I can’t even wait for that. It’s gonna be a great weekend!
    See ya tomorrow.

    • I forgot to ask how the Hunger Games movie was! Any good? Should I see it?

      It was so nice to see you this morning! Thank you again for everything, Dayle. :)

  • Happy week end, my week was busy and some days quiet expensive ut luckily I have 2 days for relax and dedicate to myself and last minute xmas gifts shopping… this incoming week will be busy with social events for season greetings:P HAve a blessed week end and a great week!!!

  • TGIF, Cait! I know what you mean by travelling being no fun at times, having done my share of it over the years. Our daughter as well travels a lot. Soon she’s headed to beautiful blustery “Winterpeg” (lol) on business, then with her family to sunny Aruba in January on vacation, followed immediately afterwards on to London and Dublin (again on business). So you and her could certainly share some travel good/bad experiences.

    My past week has been kinda difficult – snow shoveling all day yesterday here in TO, along with news last Monday from my bro telling me that his wife had to go in for emergency open heart surgery (which fortunately went well but a long road to recovery ahead for her). All this serving to point out how short life is and that we should appreciate every day of it, no matter how good or bad our daily trivial concerns might be. And so it goes, my friend.

    Hope your sis is ok after her recent car accident and I hope too that you are steadily improving health wise after yours from the past. Have a great weekend!

    • Aruba, London and Dublin all sound lovely! Tell her I’m available to swap lives anytime, if she doesn’t want to go on those trips.

      Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law’s emergency surgery, although I’m glad to hear it went well. My sister is ok. She definitely got whiplash and will need some physio, etc. but it could’ve been worse. As for me, I have good days and bad days. I’m getting an MRI next week, to figure out what’s wrong with my hip. It’s the last test I can get, at this point… so we’ll see!

  • Sounds like you’re having a great time! Well, aside for the call from your sis, hope she’s okay. Car accidents are not fun, or the physio you have to go through after. Hating doing it when I was in an accident a few years back but it helps big time.
    Thanks for sharing How Not to Kill Your Creative Soul. I feel like that’s happening to me right now, both career wise and blog wise. I’ve got to get the creative juices flowing again….doesn’t help I’m sick again. LOL! Twice in a few months, I think someone is trying to tell me something.
    Hope you get home safely! My weekends going to be playing catch up from this cold I’ve had all week.

  • Love your travel commentary–so perfect and so enjoyable to read. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderfully busy week!

    Also, I hope that your sister is doing OK, that’s so scary.

  • Week was good. Stayed home and took care of my 9 week old baby. This weekend I am working and visiting family :)

  • Reading your post reminds me that I’m glad not to be traveling by airplane this holiday season! I never mind travel other times of the year, but during the holidays big crowds of all those who rarely travel plus the weather makes is less pleasant.

    I hope your sister is okay!

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