TGIF: When in New York

Happy Friday, friends! Even though we chatted about our budgets earlier this week, it’s been over a month since I wrote my last TGIF post and it just feels like we haven’t caught up in a while. So, hi. :)

How was your week? I spent the first three days of mine trying to tie up tons of loose ends, before packing and leaving for this 10-day trip. I wrote/mailed all my Christmas cards, cleaned my place from top-to-bottom, donated another bag of items/books and went to a couple appointments. I’m likely only going to be in Vancouver for 6-7 days this month, which is weird to think about… but it feels good knowing I’ll at least be going home to clean sheets and a blank to-do list.

I left for the airport on Wednesday at 8pm PST, flew overnight to Toronto, and finally landed in NYC on Thursday at 11am EST (8am PST). It’s been go go go since I got here, because that’s what you do when you’re in NYC… but now it’s 1:30am EST and my body is finally shutting down. (Seriously, I almost fell asleep sitting up on the couch.) Before I close my eyes, let’s do a proper TGIF update.

The low of my week was sitting next to a kicking baby on the red eye from Vancouver to Toronto on Wednesday night. Lesson learned: Pay the $60 to upgrade to a cushy premium seat (with pillows and a blanket), when taking a red eye flight. It would’ve been worth every penny.

The high of my week was walking up to Shannon’s door right as she opened it to greet me. We then dropped my bags and promptly headed out to Ost for a mocha, because… when in New York!

A blog post I loved was The Problem with Online Friendship by Jeff Goins. “It’s easier to write off online relationships than offline ones. And this scares me. Because I have a few of these web-based friendships. And I want them to count. I want this connection to matter — as much as it can.”

The best money I spent was $20 on dinner at Caracas Arepa Bar + a chocolate peanut butter milkshake from Big Gay Ice Cream for dessert last night. Mmm mmm.

My plans this weekend include working from a coffee shop in the East Village today, meeting a reader at the Union Square Holiday Market after work and going to a party in Brooklyn tonight. Tomorrow, I’m going to volunteer at the soup kitchen with Shannon, go out for brunch after and have dinner with Money Maus (remember her!?). I don’t have plans on Sunday/Monday yet, but I want to go to the Met, walk through Central Park, see the Christmas light displays, go to some more coffee shops… and basically never sleep. I love this city!

How was your week, friends? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Sounds like you’ve having an awesome time in NYC! I love walking through central park after going to the Met–such a perfect spot. I’m with you on leaving a clean house when you travel. Mr. FW makes fun of me for making the bed and putting away the dishes before we leave, but I hate coming home to a mess! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

    • Yea, the Met/Central Park will hopefully happen on Sunday! I can’t wait. And I didn’t get a chance to put the dishes away before I left, but what’s in the dishwasher will be clean. :)

  • Week is been extremely busy and for the next 2 week ends I will be busy with work inthe cafe, but if finance and work will permit I am going to take a little week end out for New Year Eve!!!

  • Looking forward to the meet-up! Looks like you’ve already tried some of the best food places the city has to offer — LOVE Caracas!

    • Mmm, it was so good! As was the soup we had. So nice meeting you and hanging out, Emily! Thanks for showing me some new spots :)

  • Ah, I miss New York, love it there! You’re going to have an awesome time and you have some fun things planned. I swear I need a job full of travelling like yours. Believe it or not, I enjoy it. LOL!
    Lots planned for this weekend, writing, writing, interviewing my dad, job hunting which takes up an unbelievable amount of time.
    Have an awesome time in NYC!

    • Good luck with all your writing! Are you just writing for the blog, or working on something else?

    • Thanks! And yes, I’m so excited to finally meet. We’ve been texting for years, so it’ll be nice to finally get some face time in. :)

  • Ahhhhhh so much fun!!!! I miss living in NYC!!! If only I know y’all back then too, jeez….

    Have fun, my online friend who is STILL MY REAL LIFE FRIEND Cuz we have hung out in person even if for only a little ;)

    • Oh man, we’d have so much fun in this city together, friend! Hopefully we can hangout more in 2015… maybe in your neck of the woods!? We will see! Have a great weekend :)

  • You’ll like this: Best money spent this week, approx $7 on real Canadian maple syrup!!!

    I hope you are enjoying the crap out of NYC. Envy.

  • Yet another bleak week here in my city (the weather is pretty ugly .. no snow, no sun either). I am envious though that you get to see NY. I so miss the city … oh well, maybe in 3-4 years will visit again :)

  • My week was good. Car broke down Thursday night but my mechanic managed to fix it Friday and thanks to my EF I had the money to fix it. This weekend I most visited family

  • I love New York City in December and I’m totally jealous of your trip. Working from a coffee shop in the East Village sounds absolutely lovely. It’s been cold in Nashville this week, but I’m bracing myself for spending the holidays near Boston! :)

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