Freebie Friday: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Before I tell you about this week’s giveaway, I want to congratulate the winner of last week’s giveaway: Derek. I hope you enjoy your new Tuft & Needle mattress!

If you’re like me, you’ve already started your Christmas shopping and are getting ready for the holiday season. Before you call me crazy, remember that I always try to do my shopping in November, so I can actually enjoy the month of December. This year, I wanted to get everything done even sooner, because I’m travelling December 4-14th and won’t have much time to shop before Santa Claus comes to town. My list is pretty short, as the Flanders are doing Christmas a little differently this year (will tell you more about that later), but I’m already close to going over budget because of a few random gifts I’ve picked up here and there.

That’s always how the holiday season goes though, isn’t it? You set a budget, save up, and then you see something so perfect for someone that you just have to buy it. Or you’re invited to more dinner parties and want to bring each hostess a gift or some wine. And then you forget about your Secret Santa at work and have to buy yet another gift at the last minute. Truth be told, I love giving gifts. I often think about books I want people to read, or coffee I want them to try… and I’m always listening for cues of what people want but probably won’t buy for themselves. The only downside to being a thoughtful gift giver is that your budget can’t always keep up with your heart. That’s where this week’s giveaway comes in!

I’m giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card to help add a little cushion to one person’s holiday budget. You can spend the money on whatever you want, but my hope is it’ll be used to purchase a gift for someone special.

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The “Freebie Friday: $50 Amazon Gift Card” giveaway is open to readers worldwide. This giveaway starts on Friday, November 21st at 12:00 a.m. PST and ends on Thursday, November 27th at 12:00 a.m. PST. The winner will be announced in a blog post on Friday, November 28th at 4:00am PST.

How would an extra $50 help your holiday budget?

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  • $50 towards gifts would help me free up that money to pay a bit extra towards my credit card. Trying so hard to be debt free in 2015!

  • This would help with the holiday shopping so much, I finally feel like my money is in a bit of order (all thanks to you) and am saving for a down payment on a house.

  • Love Amazon–thanks for offering a gift card! All of our family members have gotten into the swing of creating Amazon wish lists, which makes holiday shopping quite easy. Plus, I’m happy to get them things I know they need and will enjoy. So, I’d use the gift card to buy Christmas presents for my in-laws and my parents & siblings.

  • I’ve been watching the price of Keurig’s on amazon for the last little bit because my brother wants one for Christmas. $50 off of one would be an awesome way to get a gift on the cheap because my gifting budget is slowly shrinking due to car repairs.

    Thanks for hosting so many awesome giveaways this month :)

  • $50 bucks would help cushion the blow! My office is doing a Secret Santa gift exchange (that I forgot about) and my friends decided to have a Holiday party with a gift exchange, as well.

  • Hi Cait!
    $50 gift card from Amazon would mean I could buy a Christmas gift for a very good friend of mine :) because I never buy anything online if the shipping costs more than the item.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Whenever I can, I do my Christmas shopping online. I can’t stand the crowds in shopping malls, especially as December 24th draws closer…

    I’ve been thinking about giving a Kindle to a family member, so that $50 Amazon gift card would be useful :)

  • I would put together a goodie box to send my nephew who took a job in Death Valley State park. It will be his first holiday without family. Thanks for the chance!

  • An extra $50 can always help the budget. My oldest is a senior in high school and I didn’t properly budget all the expenses involved in that this year so $50 would be most appreciative in going towards my sons’ Christmas gifts.

  • 50$ would go a long way in ensuring that my Holiday Budget stays on track! I probably have about 150$ left to spend on gifts! I too have the goal of being done by December!

  • My husband and I are focusing on paying off debt, and saving for a replacement car (one car is 13 years old, so we’re hopping to replace it when it dies with another “bondo buggy” as Dave Ramsey calls them when that happens!). We save $20 monthly to be able to buy gifts for family, usually baked goods or canned sauces that we can make in bulk; although we would love to buy everyone everything on their lists, we simply can’t afford it at this time.

    We both agreed that we would not give each other bought presents for Christmas, birthdays, or our anniversary, unless they are hand crafted or we budget ourselves $10/each for gifts. A $50 gift card would allow me to surprise him with an item he’s been dying to get, something I would love to be able to do for the most important man in my life!

  • Who couldn’t use an extra $50 at Christmas time! We’re hosting Christmas eve so this would fit nicely into extra groceries! :)

  • Wow Caity so generous this year :) I am trying so hard to stick to a budget, but as usual it is harder then I thought this year! 3 out of 7 family members have birthdays in December as well which always makes it hard! Happy Holidays and I am so looking forward to posts about NYC :)

  • Jealous of you Derek, congrats!
    I’m actually set on my holiday shopping, isn’t that great? In fact, I’m half done with shopping… for Christmas 2015! I’m crazy, I know. But the $50 would definitely go to dog food and an extra toy for my fluff nugget. She’s always my special someone!

  • I’m trying to do a lot of my shopping online this year, or at local craft shows. This will help with the online part for sure. I also use to gain some extra Christmas money.

  • What a fun giveaway! I would put the money towards extra presents for my nieces and nephews. I always give books, as I loved the adventure and imagination stories provided when I was younger. Books quickly become expensive, especially with the growing list of little people in my life!

  • I actually have an amazon list for stocking stuffers I was planning on purchasing. One item being the “Lone Survivor” book for my husband (Mark Walhberg starred in the Movie of the same name). And also “Not that kind of Girl” for a girlfriend. :) Happy Friday!

  • I am on a major budget train right now. Infusing an extra $5 always helps, let alone $50! I’m in the process of trying to figure out what cute DIY things I can make for people for the holidays! The $50 from Amazon would allow me to do a few gifts that are not as homemade. :)

  • Honestly, I would spend the $50 on myself/my husband. We have 3 kids and 7 nieces and nephews. Often there is not much left for either of us at the end (which is fine as we really don’t need anything).

  • Hi Cait (love the spelling of your name BTW), this $50 would help me as I am on what can be described as the tightest budget that I’ve ever been on. The past few years I have racked up a LOT of medical debt and commuting costs and though my gift giving list is small, this would help me purchase some books for the loved ones in my life.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • $50 would acutally go a long way this year as my family has instituted a max $15 spending limit on everyone’s presents. I am looking to make som yummy homemade gifts that can be enjoyed throughout the long winter months!

  • It would cover the purchases that are currently sitting in my shopping cart – Christmas gifts for my nieces!

  • I’m a teacher so some of the money may go towards some Christmas books for my students! As well my best friend and cousin are both having babies this year! To get something a bit extra for them that would help them out would be great. I understand exactly what you mean about Christmas. I really had to rein myself in this year with giving gifts. I love getting something for someone that they would love and not expect. But my family is supportive of my goals to pay off my student and consumer debt my thirtieth birthday in 2016…as long as I can get them a little something! It just feels so good! :)

  • An extra $50 would free up some money to allow me to take my 3 sons and let them use the money to pass on the Christmas cheer to a family in our community who is less fortunate than us during the holiday season. I love to teach them that the spirit of Christmas is GIVING.

  • I love your idea of shopping in November! Or at least I would if I knew what in the world I was getting for people. The gift card would be so helpful. Right now, we’re busy saving up for a Disneyland trip, so I’m trying to be more frugal for Christmas this year.

  • A $50 Amazon card would mean my husband might actually get a gift this year :) Usually with a tight budget all the Christmas money goes to the kids!

  • We are travelling from Alberta to Ontario this year for Christmas, this gift card would be invaluable to our budget!

    We have 2 kids and this would help make christmas special.

    Love your blog!


  • An extra $50 would help greatly with my Christmas budget! I would use the gift card towards tangible gifts and then use the $50 I saved to take my family out for dinner as they usually treat me.

  • This giftcard would enable me to buy something I need, but have been putting off because of the holidays and tons of end-of-year birthdays…a cat carrier! My cat could really use a check-up, but I won’t bring her in for one until she has a carrier we both like.

  • I would pass on my $50 Amazon card to my brother as a gift – he ALWAYS spoils me rotten every year (big brother taking care of little sister) and I haven’t been able to spoil him back because of limited funds….this ones for you, bro!

  • Hook me up, girl. I just got a Kindle and I want to load it up with books (that means I need an card not .ca k)

    I don’t need to buy presents for other people, just for me =p

  • The extra $50 would help me with those ‘OH GOD LAST MINUTE, GOGOGO AMAZON’ purchases. Even though I’ve budgeted, there’s always someone you forget.

  • This would be so helpful. I’m trying to do thoughtful gifts, but stay pretty narrowly on budget. This would definitely allow me to check off one or two needs from my family’s wish list!

  • Hi Cait! The extra 50 dollars would help out with some of the presents I am buying for a fundraiser! A volunteer organization that donates toys to children on Christmas had over 2000 dollars worth of toys stolen and a group of people at work are trying to fund raise to replace the toys in time for Christmas!

  • An Amazon gift card would take a lot of stress out of my Christmas shopping! My shopping list is small, but I am planning on buying the “Oh, She Glows” cookbook for my cousin in the US (we have a Secret Santa exchange every year). I would use the gift card for this and maybe a little somethin’ for myself!

  • I want to purchase a laptop from amazon for my sister. She is currently underemployed and looking for a job and having her own computer would be of help to her. I plan to purchase the laptop with monies that I make from working a second job but I could use the gift card to help reduce the cost overall. Thanks!

  • My boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment together two years ago. Every Christmas, we’ve been borrowing hand-me-down Christmas decorations from our parents to save on decor costs. I’d use the gift card to buy decorations that mean something personal to us!

  • I usually knit something special for each of my kids for Christmas. This year I’m a full time student and I’m realizing that I’m just not going to have time to finish everything. A $50 gift card would allow me to buy a gift and relieve that pressure.

  • That gift-card could be used to help me offset the cost of a new desperately needed bookshelf of my apartment.

  • An extra $50 would go toward my budget for my parents’ gift, whatever that ends up being! They have always been there for me financially and otherwise and I like to be able to give back to them.

  • Fun! For the past 10 years my sister and I have bought my mom our favourite book that we have read over the past year for Christmas, a gift card would be perfect for this years book :)

  • I would use it to buy the books on my list of gifts to buy. I line in a small city and amazon is a life line!

  • To be honest, I’ve already completed my Christmas shopping (other than any last minute gifts for gift exchanges at work). I would like to use this to cover those potential expenses and if they don’t pop up, I’d probably save it for another gift giving occasion, like a birthday.

  • Thank you do much for offering this. $50 would easily go towards spoiling the sisters (my husband has 2 and I have 1). One wants an immersion blender, so I have already been watching prices on Amazon.

  • An extra $50 would help me for multiple reasons. (1) I am moving across the country December 6th and so funds for Christmas will be limited (I had allocated my gift budget to helping with moving costs), (2) I have family that live in BC and Ontario, so will need to send gifts which also costs money, and (3) an extra $50 never hurts the budget :)

  • I would use the $50 to treat some I know who is having a hard time this year. A good book or movie would be a great distraction.

  • I still have a few people on my list and amazon has everything. I still need to take finish the rest of the year in school and I would love to save my money for tuition and books so it would great to finish my shopping at amazon.

  • I’d use the gift card to buy books for myself and friends (they’re so much cheaper on Amazon). Some special edition covers and popular reads make for great presents :)

  • An extra $50 would help cover the shipping for a Christmas/birthday/you survived going back to school and graduated gift for my best friend who currently lives in New Zealand.

  • The gift card would help me get a sound bar for my husband! It’s our first Christmas as a married couple and I want to make sure he gets what he wants.

  • As my boyfriend and I will only buys presents for our family,I will use this gift card to buy myself a few nice presents to enjoy from home.First of all financial literacy books ! On my wish list of the new books to aquired is Farnoosh Torabi: When she makes more that you presented last week, and Lesley-Ann Scorgie : Rich by thirty. I will probably use to balance to buy the PS3-Blue Ray remote for the convenience of having only one remote to enjoy Netflix.

  • I’m on a severely strict budget which means no gifts at all. Period.

    I would love to use the Gift Certificate to buy Hillsong CD’s for my sister Diane. We both care for our parents (Mom has Alzheimers & Dad has diabetes/vascular issues) and my sister moves heaven and earth to help. She puts over 150 miles a day on her car and she loves Hillsong.

    Thanks Cait!!

  • Hi everyone,
    A fifty dollar card would be a great boost. I love shopping on amazon. I have started Christmas shopping but was just reviewing my list and have a few more presents to get and I have a wishlist of ideas that $50 would help buy! Love your blog.

  • I’d love to win this. Husband is starting a photography business (all while working and going to school full time since he got out of the military) and this would help with some of the equipment he needs.

    I am not on social media so I can only enter here. Thanks for the great giveaway, happy holidays!

  • I would pass that gift card right along in presents for my sister’s and sister-in-law’s families who I am still waiting on their lists. OR find a baby gift for a friend having her second child at the beginning of next year…

  • I’m currently looking for work and a $50 Amazon gift card would definitely help out my Christmas budget! :)

  • The giftcard would defiantly go towards Christmas gifts so my family has a smile on their face on Christmas! I absolutely love to see others reactions to opening my gifts to them. The giftcard would DEFINATELY help me achieve my goal of making everyone I get a gift have a splendid reaction of joy and happiness:)

  • I would allow me to buy a gift(s) that I otherwise would not be buying. I have a holiday budget of $0, and have so far only “bought” one gift with a gift card I had.

  • I’m a college student and I am paying tuition out of my pocket for next semester. My first payment is due shortly. I have set a goal to save $600 by jan. 16th. This $50 giftcard would be a tremendous help due to the hoilday season with buying my family and friends gifts, while still maintaining my budget.


  • I would use the card to order books to give as gifts – I think that in the age of e-reading, and inscribed book makes a nice, personal gift.

  • My parents have always been very generous with us as kids. They continue to be to this day, especially with their time and help with my kids. I would use this extra money in order return their generosity.

  • $50 would go a long way toward buying presents! I was planning on shopping on Amazon and shipping everything to my family back home. I can’t make it there for the holidays, but I’d still like to get them something. Amazon is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that!

  • It would help because my boyfriend and my family does secret santa for christmas which is simple- but all of his siblings have little kids and we want to spend some extra $$ on them this year!!

  • I am unable to go home for the holidays, and the gift card would help with the present I’d like to send to my parents…

  • I would use the $50 to buy my mom some hardcover books for Christmas. She collects them even though she has a kindle (which I do not understand at all!).

  • With 4 kids to buy for, $50 would help to buy them a little something special. Or I could buy myself a gift for once. :)

  • I have a new nephew to buy for this year (plus I am moving right after Christmas!) so my budget is very tight this year. Thanks!

  • $50 will go towards gifts for my nieces and nephew in Ontario! We live in Alberta and find online shopping/shipping is the best way to go for family out east. Thanks!

  • My Christmas budget is already covered and so I would love to use an extra $50 to purchase some toys for Toy Mountain or some warm winter items for the local Women’s Shelter.

  • Oh it would help us out so much! Money has been so tight as with so many families. I would love to use this to get my grandson a garbage truck for Christmas! He is so in love with them! I think he would really enjoy that!

  • My wife and I were revising our holiday budget last nigh and we were over budget by about $40, with little room to cut out. This would help us stay on track!

  • It would help with buying my grandsons a new Bruder truck, which are so expensive, but well worth the money!

  • I would love to use an extra gift card for Christmas, it would help out a lot for the grandkids presents under the tree!

  • $50 would go directly to my high interest credit card … my Christmas budget is already done and I do not intend to spend any more than budgeted! I’m learning :)

  • My daughter’s birthday is coming up and she wants a trampoline!!! This $50 would definitely go towards her gift.

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