Freebie Friday: Tuft & Needle Mattress


Before I tell you about this week’s giveaway, I want to congratulate the two winners of last week’s giveaway: Erin and Susan. I notified you both via email, and your books will be in the mail this weekend!

After years of talking about it, I finally bought a new bed in September… and I’m serious when I say I think I’m in love with my new mattress. When I lay down, I feel both comfortable and supported. I genuinely look forward to crawling into bed at night, and I wake up in less pain than I used to. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that a new mattress can be a life changer.

Unfortunately, shopping for one isn’t always a great experience. I have nothing but good things to say about Sleep Country Canada, but I know you can’t find that level of customer service everywhere. If you live in the U.S., however, you may be familiar with one company that is trying to change the way people shop for mattresses: Tuft & Needle. If you haven’t heard of them before, here’s what you need to know.

The idea for Tuft & Needle was born when two software engineers in California were talking about the terrible experiences they’d had buying beds in the past. After deciding they wanted to try and change this, to create a more positive experience for other people, they did some research and discovered one other dirty truth: the crazy markups on prices that were being passed onto consumers.

What the two co-founders, John-Thomas and Daehee, ended up creating was one mattress suitable for all sleeping postures that could be sold at a fraction of the cost. You can read all about the mattress (and view how it’s crafted) on their website, but some of the most notable points are:

  • Tuft & Needle’s mattress is the #1 top-rated on Amazon
  • There are no gimmicks and no sales tactics (which I love)
  • Mattresses are made in the U.S., sold online and get shipped right to your door (to all 50 states, incl. Alaska and Hawaii!)
  • You get a 30-night trial and a 7-year warranty, with easy returns
  • For every 100 beds they sell, they donate 1 to an underprivileged child in the U.S. (and 95% of their returns are also donated)
  • And our friends Joanna and Johnny love theirs!

Daehee and I started chatting at the same time I bought my new bed, and I fell in love with their concept. Even though I didn’t need a mattress myself, Daehee said I could still do a giveaway for my readers in the U.S. Depending on the model and size you need, that’s a value of up to $600. So awesome!

To enter this giveaway, you can follow me on Twitter (2 entries), tweet about it (3 entries), like my Facebook page (2 entries) or leave a comment on this post that answers the question below (3 entries). You can also do all of these things for a total of 10 entries, or tweet about it daily to squeeze in a few more. (Remember to use Rafflecopter to make your entries count!)

The “Freebie Friday: Tuft & Needle Mattress” giveaway is only open to residents of the United States. (Sorry Canadian, friends! There’s something special coming for you soon.) This giveaway starts on Friday, November 14th at 12:00 a.m. PST and ends on Thursday, November 20th at 12:00 a.m. PST. The winner will be announced in a blog post on Friday, November 21st at 4:00am PST.

How old is your current mattress?

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  • Morning Cait!
    My mattress, also very much loved and from Sleep Country, is just over 6 years old. Already doing preliminary research for a new one.

    Have a great weekend!

  • I agree, mattress shopping is HARD. I bought a new mattress about 7 years ago now. I ended up going with one of those super plus pillow tops because I had visions of me sinking into bed every night and just floating away. It worked for a couple of months and then the softness became too soft. I paid a lot of money for it which is why I still have it, but both me and my boyfriend are hoping for a new one soon! I’ve never heard of Tuft & Needle until now, sounds like a great company!

  • umm, I’m not sure lol. I’m renting at the moment and the bed was supplied but I’ll be moving soon and need to do some shopping!

  • Morning Cait! I’m glad your new bed is giving you relief. I think my bed is nearing retirement. This would be a nice way to make the transition to a new mattress!

    I’ve never heard of Tuft & Needle. It sounds like an interesting company!

  • This is sad to admit, but I am not sure how old my mattress is. My fiance contributed it to the new apartment when we recently combined households and I do not know the history of the mattress. Knowing him, it could very possibly be a Craigslist purchase or inheritance from a friend. Oh Lord, thank you for shedding a light on my mattress issue that I apparently had been suppressing! ;) With the craziness of planning a wedding, a new mattress would be a pretty incredible addition to the household!

  • My mattress is just 2 years old, but it didn’t hold up as well as I’d have liked. It’s so difficult to gauge the quality at the store, and even during the trial period!

  • My mattress is so old! I think it is at least 12 years old. I’ve been wanting to buy a new one and had actually been researching Tuft and Needle so this would be perfect!

  • Hello Cait! This couldn’t come at a better time…Current mattress is(I hate to admit this)
    14 years shopping for a new car..just hate it! It’s NEVER the enjoyable experience I think it should be.

  • My current mattress is only 3 years old, but the boxspring it’s on is broken, so it’s a bit of a painful experience. By the middle of the night, I always end up in the middle of the bed because of the slope. :/

  • I love this! I’ve been looking for a new bed for a while too! Mine is quite old now and causing sleep problems for me.

  • Mine is old. My mom bought it when I was in high school, probably around age 16 or so. I turn 30 next week so yeah, it’s old! It got a break while I went to college for 4 years, but other than that, I’ve always used it.

  • I want a new bed soooo badly! We have a cheapy IKEA bed that is 5 years old. It feels so college-like. I want an adult bed. I honestly feel like I don’t get a great night sleep because of it, but I don’t want to spend money on a bed right now!

  • Our mattress is 8 years old. The boyfriend bought it new when he purchased his place. This sounds like a fantastic company! Hopefully they’ll be available in Canada when the time comes for us to buy a new mattress.

  • Our mattress is 7 1/2 years old. We’ve started to look (you know, just checking to see how much money we have to save first), and this one looks phenomenal!

  • Mine is about 3.5 years now…I never thought about how long they were supposed to last before! This one looks really comfy.

  • Sadly, I have no idea how old our current mattress is – it’s been with us for almost a year, but we bought it used! (which I know squicks a lot of people out, but the guy was a friend and he told us he’d had the mattress for only a year, it looked clean, yadda yadda yadda.) I’ve been curious about Tufts & Needles for a while – they get such great reviews!

  • Ugh mattress shopping. How is a person supposed to figure out in 20 minutes in a store whether something will be comfortable for 8 hours at a time months on end? My mattress is only 3 years old but I’ll be shocked if it lasts 8. We already have divots.

  • We bought our current mattress almost 2 years ago from Sleep Country. We had moved 6 months before and finally had room for a king sized bed. After much debate (balancing the preferences of 2 is hard!) we picked our mattress. We were thrilled when we could get the demo model for 1/2 the price. At first I thought “yuck a used bed” but it was almost new and saved us so much $ it was worth it.

  • My current mattress is 12+ years old. It came with my husband. I’ve never had a new mattress – only hand-me-downs from family! I have already spent some time on the Tuft & Needle website and look forward to having one of their mattresses some day!

  • My mattress is 8 years old and my partner and I have been talking about getting a new one for the last year. I swear, I complain about the condition of the mattress daily. I know that getting a good night’s sleep is so important for your health and well-being and I desperately need a new mattress in order to feel refreshed!

  • My mattress in our master is probably around 5 years old. Decided it was time to get a ‘grown up’ mattress that wasn’t either a) a hand me down or b) a futon. Love it!

  • My current mattress is actually pretty new, but I need new one for my guest room! Picking a mattress is hard and expensive! I love Tuft and Needle’s philosophy!

  • We’ve had our mattress for 10 years, but it had a 30 year Warranty. Of course, the company that makes the mattress is now out of business…so whatever that’s worth. I sometimes wonder if my back could benefit from a new mattress.

  • We spent quite a bit on a fancy mattress a few years back, but after sleeping on it I’ve always wondered if we wouldn’t have done better with something completely different. Would love to try out Tuft and Needle!

  • My current mattress is about 10 years old. It’s been a GREAT mattress, but it’s starting to show its age!

  • i don’t have a mattress! Slept on a pleather futon for about 3 years. I am now on an air mattress (borrowed from my parents).

  • We’ve had our mattress for 2 years but it came to us from another couple, who owned it for at least 7 before that.

  • What an awesome concept! Mattresses are so dang expensive. I’ll be purchasing a Tuft & Needle next time.

  • my mattress is going on 10 years old…first big out of college purchase and still as comfortable as it was when i first got it! though i think this is about the time i need to start shopping around for a new one. would love to try out a tuft & needle mattress!

  • My mattress is over 15 years old. I even cracked the boxspring. Hope your new mattress is treating you well!

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