The End of TGIF As We Know It (For Now)


My head has been all over the place this week. Nothing particularly bad happened to me personally (although I think all Canadians felt the horror of what took place on Parliament Hill on Wednesday). I think it’s just that I’ve been brainstorming and coming up with so many different ideas/projects/topics over the last few months, and now that I’m finally finally home from all my trips and have some free time, I’m lost on how to prioritize them all. Tonight and tomorrow, I’m going to do a massive mind dump and throw everything down on paper, so I can figure out which projects most align with my vision/values and go from there.

One thing I do know for certain is that this will be the last TGIF post (in this format) for the next 5 weeks. Next Friday, I’m going to post my updated October budget and goals, so we can start November off right – it will be Financial Literacy Month, after all! There are so many topics I want to cover in November, as 2014 winds down, and the holidays and a new year are just around the corner. But I also want to have some fun, which is why I’m going to host a giveaway every Friday throughout the month of November! There are four things I’m dying to giveaway (and no, it’s not useless clutter that’s been sitting around my place), so come back every week to put your name in the hat for each one!

The low of my week was a mix of dealing with some side effects from the flu shot (got one for the first time in 6+ years), and feeling some serious pain in my low back/right hip and not being able to get an appointment with my RMT until next week. My body just wasn’t happy, I guess!

The high of my week was my Mastermind meeting on Wednesday. I freaking love my group.

A blog post I loved was Are You Ready to Simplify Your Life? “Ultimately, simplifying your life comes down to choosing to think a little differently about things. It means not getting caught up in what someone else says is important, as stated above. It also means being able to do you, whatever that means.”

The best money I spent was $8 on dessert, after dinner with Sarah on Monday – even if I did have to eat it with my hands, lol.

My plans this weekend include having a daylong planning session with Sarah tomorrow, going for an early morning hike with my friend Tanya on Sunday, then Skyping with Gail and hanging out with David (finally!). I think I’m also going to make this curried vegetable + chickpea stew. Mmm…

How was your week, friends? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Hello there!
    Happy Friday – I am looking forward to your giveaways!

    Ahh – this week was something else! As you know, I ran my first (and probably last) half marathon on Sunday. I am SO glad I got it done though… I’m happy to cross it off the bucket list and never run that far again — the pain! I could barely walk the rest of Sunday and all day Monday but by Tuesday night I felt almost back to normal. I was amazed at how fast my body bounced back from such extreme pain.

    The rest of the week was normal other than doing nothing on Monday…got back to the gym Tues,Wed,Thurs and feeling good. Tonight I’m presenting an award on behalf of my employer at the graduation at my former high school so that should be fun, and tomorrow is my sister-in-law’s baby shower… so much excitement!

    Have a great weekend!! :)

    • Wow, that’s great recovery time, Dayle! I’m still so proud of you! That goal is definitely crossed off my bucket list – just not gonna happen, lol.

      Hope you had fun tonight! And at the shower tomorrow :)

  • I’m sorry to hear about your flu shot reaction and hip/back pain–no fun. I loved that post on Common Sense Millennial too, she really hit the nail on the head. Made me want to cut my hair off too!

    Good luck with the brain dump. I’ve been using Trello to organize my ideas, which works pretty well, but sometimes I have to write stuff down on actual factual paper and then type it up.

    • I liked Trello at first, but felt like my to-do list was just ever-growing. I really like to write stuff down, too, and physically cross it off.

    • It’s ok! I was sluggish this week, but feel so much better tonight. Your weekend sounds perfect. Enjoy!

  • I look forward to your giveaways!

    I have been reading your blog now for a couple of months and I have really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work!

  • Unhappy bodies are not a good thing, but I can see you’ve got lots of great stuff coming up. I got rid of half my wardrobe to make a “capsule” wardrobe. I have a couple of pieces to buy to round it out but so far, its really great. I have sotred my summer stuff so it doesnt clutter up the closet.

    I also made a crazy grocery trip and we dont have to go for a gorcery shop for sometime, except for fresh fruits and veggies. It’s been so nice not to have to worry about whats to eat.

    • You’re right, Veronica – lots of good stuff is in the works! It was just a slow week… but sometimes those are ok. :)

      Nice job on organizing/storing your wardrobe! I love doing big grocery shops too. Although, if my fridge and cupboards are filled with delicious food, I want to eat it all, haha.

  • I also had a bad reaction to a flu shot a few years ago. I felt very dizzy and wanted to vomit. I can’t wait to get back to my own bed this week-end. Despite the events of this week in Ottawa and Quebec, I was so glad to be back on Canadian soil.

    • It wasn’t tooooo bad, but I definitely had the low-grade fever. Felt lethargic/hot/sweaty all week. No fun. And yes, it was an intense week up here… but glad you’ll be back in your own bed soon. That’s the best.

  • I completely understand your need to refocus. I’ll be doing that while I’m away from the office (well physically, not practically). I’ve taken a couple fantastic planning workshops because although I’ve been doing this for a long time, sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. Some great projects are in the works. I’m also very clear on my ideal client and once I because I became focus, it happened. Good luck with your giveaways, but please don’t add me to the hat. I’m on my own minimization plan as we have moved from a 1,700 sf house with a garage, to a 1,200 sf one without a garage. Have a wonderful weekend Cait!

    • I feel like I could use a couple good workshops in my life. Now I just need to find them, haha. Glad to hear you’ve gotten some inspiration/motive to refocus from yours. :)

  • It’s been an odd week for me. Luckily my shifts at the side job were spread out, I’ve had the flu and it’s zapped all of my energy. Last night I finished the purge that was supposed to happen when I moved. I didn’t count the pieces but I’ve got about a trunk load of stuff to donate.

    I’ve also been a little nervous at work the last couple of days. We’ve had heightened security but I know we would still be very unprepared if we had a similar attack to the one in Ottawa. Although I do think the likelihood of an attack here is slim, my office area is the easiest to get to if someone was to enter the building with malicious intent.

    • I didn’t realize you worked in an office that had security, Trista. I can only imagine senses would be on high alert after Wednesday’s attack. Hope you can relax this weekend.

      • I work a 20 second walk down the hall from the provincial legislature. The premier’s office is on a different floor though. But since I’m on the main floor it’s more likely that an attack would happen on my floor than the one containing the premier’s office.

  • The flu shot is such a gamble. There are times where I have no symptoms at all and other times where I feel like I voluntarily gave myself the flu. Let’s see what happens this year!

    Stews are my go-to in cold weather and that curry one sounds fabulous. Will need to try it this weekend, thanks!

    • Yea, I don’t regret getting the shot… but I could’ve done without the low-grade fever, haha. Oh well. And yes, do try the recipe! I just bought all the ingredients tonight, so I can throw it in the crockpot tomorrow.

  • My week has been on an uphill trajectory since we’ve managed to more or less sort out our wedding venue snafu, so I’m less stressed. I also took on a special project at work, so I’m looking forward to adding something new to the mix! This weekend I’m hoping to go through my craft supply storage and donate the items I’m not likely to use to the reuse center in town, which will help clean things up a little more at home.

    Looking forward to your giveaways next month!

  • The only side effect from my flu shot was the sore arm I had for 2 days. I can live with that.

    Best money I spent this week was the $73 on new running shoes for work. My old ones were done and even though I put really good insoles into them they were hurting my feet. Considering I’m on my feet for 7.5 hours a day (8 hours – my 30 minute break) it was well worth it!

    Weekend plans involve having dinner at my house with my bestie Sunday night!

    • New running shoes are a MUST. I’m glad you invested in a pair, Nadia! It’s 100% worth the price (and I’d say you got a deal). Enjoy your dinner!

  • Hi Cait!

    Sorry to see that your bod has been going through some rough times lately. Every year my wife and her mom get their flu shots. Some years they feel under the weather for a bit afterwards, some years not. As for me, I’ve never had a yearly flu shot and (touch wood) so far I’ve never come down with the flu. So I figure that this year, I’ll again give it a pass.

    As for my week, well like yourself I’ve been tracking my investments going down a tad but lately things appear to have recovered somewhat and are again on the rise. Having (finally) finished my indoor house painting project, late last week and all this week I and a neighbour buddy of mine have been working steadily on another painting project – this time at our church, painting various meeting rooms, offices, and the large front entrance and lobby area. This work should go on for little while longer and then that’s it for me this year, pretending to be a “professional painter”! :-)

    Hope you feel much better soon my friend and enjoy a pleasant weekend.

    • Yes yes yes! My investments are back up, too. In fact, I’ve regained everything I lost last week (over $1,100 – yikes) and am now slightly ahead of where I was 2 weeks ago… for now!

      I honestly have no idea why I got the flu shot this year. One thing I didn’t realize, though, was that my mom is more susceptible to catching it because she’s diabetic. And, for that reason, the shot is apparently free for everyone in our immediate family. So, shoot me up, lol. I’m feeling much better today, thanks.

      Good to hear you’re almost done painting. All those rooms in a church must be more than your home was though! But it’ll feel great to be done, eh? Think you can sit still over the winter?

      • Sit still this winter? Naw! Just like all thru last winter I’ll be in both a “snow shoveling mode” as well as a “decluttering mode”. No rest for the wicked (despite having painted a church!) :-)

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