Post-Declutter: How Does My Condo Look Now?


Three months ago, I turned 29 and announced I was going to live the most frugal year of my life. In an attempt to save more money, I started a yearlong shopping ban. To go along with this, I also decided to do a massive declutter/purge of my belongings and finally embrace minimalism.

Throughout the month of July, I opened every closet, drawer and box in my apartment, took everything out and decided what I wanted to keep/donate/toss. In the end, I removed a total of 377 items from my home – or 42% of my belongings. Since then, I’ve removed an additional 44 items, which brings the total up to 47% – and I’d like to hit 50% by the end of the year. I’m happy to report I haven’t missed or mourned the loss of any item, so far. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I thought I’d accidentally gotten rid of my copy of The Alchemist, which stressed me out because I’ve had it for years and reread it often. Fortunately, I found it at the bottom of the stack of books beside my bed (phew!). So, other than that, I haven’t missed anything.

I have, however, been curious about how this declutter/purge changed my life – if at all. So far, I’ve found that having fewer things means I have fewer decisions to make about what I do/use and where it goes when I’m done. But has it changed anything else? Have I adapted to this minimalist lifestyle? And three months later: is my condo still clutter-free!? Take a look.


When you first walk in, the front closet contains all the same stuff it did three months ago. I’ve noticed that having fewer pairs of shoes gives me fewer outfit options, which is actually a good thing. I wake up, look outside and can quickly decide what to wear, based on the weather. The only thing that’s changed about the closet is I hung a tote bag filled with the few other tote bags I kept, which I use for grocery shopping. (I was also wearing the TOMS that are missing from the shoe rack, when I took these pics.)


The bedroom closet also looks the same, except that I managed to remove a couple more items from it – things I kind of liked but couldn’t remember wearing at any point in the past 12 months. I’ve gone from using 16 hangers down to just 13 – 14 if we include the green hoodie that I was also wearing while taking these pics. Oh, and I moved the 1 box of sentimental items (yearbooks, etc.) into this closet.


The top of my dresser looks almost identical, except for the candle I brought in from another room. I do look at some of these items and wonder what purpose they serve. But some were gifts, some were handmade by friends and I love them all, so they’re here to stay.


My bookshelf is where I, surprisingly, managed to do more decluttering. I always thought books would be the hardest things to part with, but the more I looked at my shelf, the more I realized there were books I enjoyed but was just never going to read again. So, to the library they went. (There’s also a small stack beside my bed, at all times.)


It’s business as usual, at my desk. I sometimes have a book or two on it, if I’m doing research for a post. Otherwise, I’ve found that I need it to stay clutter-free, in order for me to get any work done. Having anything else here would takeaway my attention from what I should be focusing on: writing.


In August, I gave up my desk at my co-working space, which means I now do 100% of my work from home. In doing so, however, I had to bring my printer home. I know many people don’t use printers, but I need it at least once/week. So, it hangs out beside my desk now (which means my side table has a purpose).


I’ve added a few things to my cork board, but otherwise it still looks ok. The only thing that really serves a purpose here, though, is my calendar, which I use to mark all my workouts (green dots), appointments, birthdays and trips.


My friend A would be happy to see I purchased a new sea salt grinder. I also finally filled my pepper grinder. As well, when I was in Portland, I picked up a few food items at Trader Joe’s, including the pomegranate vinegar seen here (it’s amazing in salad dressings!). Otherwise, the kitchen looks the same.


Well, except for this. When I looked back at the pic from a few months ago and compared it to this one, I couldn’t figure out why I had accumulated so much stuff – until I realized it’s all coffee-related. Apparently my no-takeout-coffee rule has made my make-coffee-at-home habit a little more serious! The only things I’ve purchased here are a few bags of coffee beans, but then I brought out all my coffee-related appliances, so I can make something delicious every morning.


Then we have the formerly messy drawer that started this all. It’s a thing of beauty still, I tell ya – and not because I’d just put away all my clean dishware before taking this pic, or because the can opener is finally here. No, it’s because everything has a home, so I always put things where they belong.


Just for fun, I thought I’d show you guys the inside of my fridge. My friends always make fun of me for how empty it is, but this makes sense to me. I live alone and travel a lot, yes, but I also just only buy things when I need them (so I don’t waste food, which is important to me) and always keep the basics on hand (almond milk, yogurt, some fresh produce and eggs). Oh, and my freezer is always empty, minus the ice packs I use on my back + some frozen berries for smoothies.


Moving into the bathroom – I thought I was happy with how many toiletries I’d tossed in July, but last month I realized I’d barely touched that bag of stuff since. I managed to find 10+ more items to get rid of, then fit everything into the bag so I could toss that basket. The only thing new here is the big bottle of hand soap. (It’s much cheaper to refill your soap dispensers than to keep buying new ones! But I can’t deny I miss the scents of the soaps from Bath & Body Works.)


Here’s my TV + Apple TV that I only turn on when I want to watch Netflix.


And that’s that. My home!

If you’re wondering if it always looks this clean and organized, the answer is yes. Growing up, I don’t think my parents ever had to ask me to clean my room. They had to ask me to do the dishes, but my room was always clean and tidy. I was the kid who organized her books by size, then colour, then the author’s last name. My desk at school was the same, which meant I never needed the 15-minute slot teachers gave us to clean them (so I usually helped my best friend clean hers).

If you came over for tea right now, you might see some clothes thrown over the back of my loveseat, a few papers/bills/my wallet/keys on a corner of the kitchen counter, or post-it notes all over my desk after I’ve been brainstorming. Otherwise, this is what I live in every day. So, the declutter and purge aren’t entirely to thank… but it sure is nice to have fewer things around my place and, therefore, fewer decisions to make about what to use and where it should all go.

I know many of you started decluttering your homes, as well, this summer. How does your place look right now? Are you done purging? Still in the process? Doing one room at a time? Give me an update!

  • What a great exercise. I can definitely relate to the concept that having less stuff = fewer decisions and less stress. I really need to organize and clean out our basement. The main floor and upstairs of the house are very organized and some might say sparse (we like it that way!), but the basement hides all of our storage. Many a rubbermaid tote resides down there. Hopefully this winter I can motivate myself to do what you’ve done and open every drawer and box…

  • I love your condo!
    Thanks for sharing these pics… it’s is so nice, and clean, and bright… delightful!

    For me, I’ve got rid of a ton of stuff, still in progress though. As you know, I will probably be moving in the spring and so I’m going to chip away at it between now and then so I can move the minimum amount of things. I am looking forward to the fresh start!

    • Thanks, Dayle! It’s definitely the nicest place I’ve ever rented before. And I know you made some progress earlier, but am sure you’ll make even more in the next few months. Good luck!

  • Woah! Wonderful update – I wish my decluttering was going so well (maybe that could be my winter project…hmm…). It’s always awesome to hear about how your year is going. It’s pretty inspiring to see! :D

  • I admire your commitment to minimalism, although I don’t think it’s for me, it is a reminder that what I have is enough, and your blogs have made me more likely to consider my purchases more carefully. We have also moved more often than most people, and that is a great way to prevent the accumulation of extra items. The one area I have a shopping ban on is for clothing, I will not buy any more clothes unless they fill a need – and I have stuck with that for about 3 months now – only buying some undies, and replaced my three year old winter boots. For me, that’s an accomplishment, I have to dress well for my job, and I have tended to use that as an excuse to shop…

    • I moved many times in 2012 and 2013, as well, and can certainly acknowledge how doing so made me a) become less and less attached to my belongings and b) not want to accumulate more. Congrats on the progress with your clothes shopping ban! Is that something you want to continue with for a specific period of time?

  • Great update! Such a fun read to see the comparison photos.

    I love your office space. Such a great view. Very inspiring, I bet, for a writer.

  • I checked out your blog after I heard you being interviewed on CBC. I admire your philosophy and dedication to your plan.
    I downsized after divorce to a small bungalow and was overwhelmed by 23 years of stuff. I am still dealing with the remnants of a family life with 2 children.
    I am on the call list for the clotheline program so twice a year I go through my stuff and pack up what I have put aside for donation. It is very cleansing! I contually look around my house for things that i don’t use. This weekend I am doing the pre-winter tidy of the front hall closet!!
    I love the view from your condo.

    • It’s great that you go through and purge your clothes twice a year, Ruth! I think most people would probably like to do that, in theory, but being on the call list makes it a priority. Good idea.

      • Before we moved in a ‘rightsizing’ for retirement the local DAV (Disabled American Veterans) would call once a month to see if we had any donations for the following Saturday. I ALWAYS said “YES!!!”, even if I hadn’t something gathered to donate yet or not. I would get off the phone with them and start a sack or box…by the time they arrived I had managed to find something I was willing to release. Great way to declutter.

        Now that we are in our new location we don’t have anyone who calls, but we just have a spot in the house ‘Declutter Corner’ where items are placed all during the week. Now, every Tuesday w/o exception we drive to the local mission to donate. They sell items a few times a year in a giant yard sale to run their programs. Every Monday I remind my family that we’ll be making a run to the mission tomorrow and ask if they have anything they’re ready to give. Almost weekly everyone in my house has something or many somethings they are willing to pass along.

        It has made a great slow down on the items that come into the house as well. We now stop and think a lot harder before we buy.

  • Hold on just a minute….is that a Plutus Award seen in the July Picture of your bookshelf……that is GONE in the most recent one? I hope that it went into a trophy case with spot lights shining on it. :)

  • Awesome job decluttering! I’m starting a similar process with my house since I’m moving in January. I started with the bedroom and plan to tackle the bathroom this weekend. Your place looks great, and love that view. :)

    • Jordann, I just read your blog about fall decluttering!! I was going to comment, but maybe I could just copy and paste the ramblings I just wrote on here! LOL

  • I must admit I was anxious to see the pics of your apartment. I have always been fascinated by other peoples homes and the way they live. I watch HGTV on a regular basis. I must say, I am a little bit jealous. You have that whole apartment to yourself! It is certainly inspiring to see though. I have been trying to declutter the last little while but it hasn’t been easy with work, a husband and two kids, one of which wants to keep EVERYTHING! But I would really like to get our house organized before Christmas. I am hoping that with the little extra time I will soon have in the mornings I can get it done. My hours at work (Canada Post) are being cut back on the 27th of this month and I’m trying to figure out just what to do with that extra time. I will be losing 7 hours a week in total. The kids are off to school just after 8:00am and come the 27th I won’t have to be to work until 11:00. Which gives me about three hours before I go to work because my commute time is approximately 20-30 seconds. Yes, the post office where I work is in my basement. So any suggestions for spending that time wisely over the coming months would be most appreciative. :) OK, so, this post was supposed to be about decluttering. I think I just decluttered my brain of A LOT of words. Sorry for my rambling. Hope everyone out there has a wonderful day!

    • Well, decluttering sounds like time well spent to me, Shelly! Kids are tough because they don’t like to give up anything. They feel a serious attachment to their “things”, likely because it’s all they have (they don’t own the house, or anything outside of their bedroom). Maybe focus on all the other rooms and let them see how much you’ve accomplished/are happy to part with, and see if that helps motivate them?

      • Our son was very attached to his things when he was young. So when he was out of the house I would go through his room and toy box. Anything I hadn’t seen him wear or play with in a couple months would get put in a bag and then stored in our closet. We did not mention that we removed some items from his room. If he asked for something we would get it out of the bag but that almost never happened. After a week we would drop the bag off at our local Salvation Army.

  • Ever since I started looking into the Tiny House Movement a few months ago, I’ve been inspired to purge my apartment. It’s no where near yours, of course, but I have made some progress. I still have a long way to go, but I’m happy that I’m slowly making progress. I really do need to put myself on a shopping ban but it’s hard, as I’m sure you can agree!

    I live in 820 sq ft and I always said that if I start to feel like I need more space, I need to start throwing things away. That is more than enough room for me & my 2 cats!

    • The shopping ban has had its moments, but I’m still really happy I’m on it, right now. Identifying a few things I was allowed to purchase at the beginning helped. Maybe that could help you?

      And 820 sq ft would be huge! I’m in about 650 and it’s more than enough… but I don’t have pets. :P

  • its a VERY slow process & yes, it’s one room at a time dealing most with things I control myself.. Like my office area where I pay bills, file & deal with my kids school stuff I want to keep. On to my scrapbook/card making room where I will honestly struggle because I LOVE all crafty things & I might use it in the future even though I haven’t touched since it was who-knows-how-long-ago I bought it.
    I will tackle my closet & then my sitting area where my collection of books are… I’m doing it a month at a time because I can’t spend the time I think I need to in one + work & I give myself a month to finish that one area before I move to next…I’ve kinda fallen off the job 2x’s… So I’ve had to move into October.. But I’ll get there..just got to keep the focus.
    Your pictures are a new incentive for me to tackle onward & upward… I long for the clean looking openess of rooms! It looks calm… Nice…
    Helping my good friend move over a period of 2 weeks also has been an inspiring motivation to purge!!! Gosh if I ever move I don’t want to take 2 weeks to do it! THAT was rough & it wasn’t even my stuff!!

    • It took two weeks to move her!? Holy jeez, that’s a lot of stuff! Minus furniture, I’m guessing all my stuff will fit in 1 elevator now. I guess my next move – whenever it’ll be – will be a lot easier now! Anyway, good luck finding the motivation to continue decluttering!

  • Great job! This looks sooooooooo good!
    I agree 100% with needing my work space to be clutter-free! Unfortunately, my “home office” has sort of become a storage room over the summer, so I am not getting nearly as much blogging/writing stuff done as I’d like – because I’m usually on the laptop in the living room in front of the tv.
    I really want to get rid of a lot of this clutter, but I seem to have a bit more hoarding tendencies than I’d like to admit. Every now and then I get the urge to purge – so I’m going to have to take advantage of it!

    • Definitely grab hold of that urge to purge, next time you feel it! There were a few nights where I really had to push through this process in the summer, and they weren’t very fun, haha. So take advantage of any motivation you get. :)

  • Wow! Impressive, your post makes me want to head directly through my apartment and clean things out! You should really be proud!

  • Wow! Not only is the minimal look beautiful, but the view from your window is astounding! It reminds me of where we live, in Western North Carolina. :) Good work on the de-cluttering – very inspiring!

  • Love your condo. Seems like a great size. DH and I are discussing downsizing. One question-is that all of your clothes? Surely you have more somewhere else. LOL

  • Your condo is so nice, and well-styled :) I’m so impressed. My place is still cluttered. I never got over my initial push to empty out 5 bags or so. I think I know what I’m doing tonight.

    My fridge looks semi-similar to yours though. But I need to get groceries.

  • Wow. Looks great!
    I emptied out half of my closet and consigned it online, but there are still some ebay clothes I have yet to list :/
    Otherwise, we’re mostly moving MORE stuff into our living space because we expect baby to arrive any day now and baby gear takes up a lot of room. We are *trying* to move stuff OUT of our living space for every baby gear item we take out of storage. But it’s not a complete 1:1 exchange.

    • It’s good you’re trying to be conscious about it, though! And “any day now” – how exciting! :D

  • I love your space Cait! I also happen to love mine as well since it contains well chosen pieces and has a lot of free room for energy to flow in each room. I can’t stand too much furniture in a space.

    • I’m with you on that, Kassandra. I need room to move around, and some empty space (like my dining room) for my sanity.

  • Looks great! My fridge looks just like that, but one tip – I fill juice jugs or pop bottles (if I have any left over from a party or something as I don’t buy pop for myself) with water and keep them in the fridge. A fuller fridge uses less energy and doesn’t wear out as fast as an empty one. Just a thought!

    • Ahh, good tip. I never buy juice or pop though – that small bottle of ginger ale was a rarity, as I wasn’t feeling great last week and got it for my throat. But sometimes I fill a jug with water and throw it in there, so it’s a bit colder than what comes out of the tap.

  • New here—not a PF blogger by any means, but starting to come around to the mindset—and a fellow neat freak (nothing makes me happier than a clean flat surface). Your pictures are really inspiring. Just seeing them made me feel calmer. Like others above, I also have a husband and two kids to think about, but I can at least start on my own stuff. I’ve got clothes and jewelery from the freaking 80s saved up “just in case” it comes back in style. Well it’s come AND gone since then and I never wore the stuff. OK the motivation is here, now i just need to find the time…

    • Yes, you can definitely start with your own stuff, Ana! The way you described your old jewelry, and how you thought you might wear it “one day”, was how I felt about a few clothing items I was holding onto. One day, I finally realized that I didn’t want to wear old things in the future – I wanted new things! So, out the door they went (and nothing new has come in yet).

      And don’t find the time – make the time. :)

  • ” I do look at some of these items and wonder what purpose they serve. But some were gifts, some were handmade by friends and I love them all, so they’re here to stay.”

    I’d say that the purpose they serve is enjoyment and or pleasure. Not everything has to have a practical purpose and that’s okay!

    My place is slowly but surely getting cleaner. I’ve put the declutter on hold and am going for clean. My kitchen got the big clean yesterday so it’s ready to go for Thanksgiving dinner (which we’re hosting).

    • I’m still just a renter, too. But yes, I’ve been reading your latest posts… wish I could transport my condo over to you, E!

  • Cait, like the others’ comments, I’m very impressed with your de-cluttering accomplishments. Last winter we started to do that as well, for the reasons that you probably have but also with the future in mind. Based on past experience, helping other (now passed) family members, I and my wife decided that someday (when we head off to blogger heaven – lol) we don’t want to burden our kids with the (exhausting) chore of having to dispose of all our life-long clutter. That task we want to streamline for them as much as possible now while we still can. We feel that every parent owes that much to their kids.

    I noticed that you use a cork board to pin up stuff. I too use a small one in my den area. However, one other thing that we found useful was to hang a small office white board on our kitchen wall which we use often to: write notes to each other, list food items to buy on our next shopping trip, important contact phone numbers, etc (whatever comes to mind). Using a dry erasable felt marker and eraser we then can use the same note area over and over. Just a suggestion.

    • Wow, I think that’s a very smart plan, Rob – and considerate – to not want your kids to have to go through too many belongings one day. The process of documenting and creating an inventory of everything I owned made me realize I really do need to get a will, etc. soon. Even though I don’t have much, I would want to make sure my family knew what to do + where all my money was and what they should do with it. Oh, and the white board is a good idea. Thanks!

  • Cait – I just moved and downsized and did a MAJOR purge. And while it’s been emotionally draining on one hand to part with things — having less “stuff” and a more manageable lifestyle is nice and creates more peace of mind. I want to keep the “less is more” mojo going!

    • WOO! See if you can remove a couple items each month, going forward, Suzanne – that’s helped me stay motivated to live in a clean space. :)

  • Looks great, Cait! I love how clean and minimalist your condo is. It’s nice to see somebody commit to something and still be committed to it months later.

    Now that I am home from my trip, I can’t wait to de-clutter. My closet is one of the biggest culprits of some decision fatigue that I’ve been facing (seriously every morning it feels like battle royale trying to decide what to wear and nothing seems to go with everything else) so I have to start there.

    • Is it weird/twisted that I feel like this would be a fun challenge to take on? haha. Maybe you could create a bunch of outfits, which would then show you where the “stragglers” were in your wardrobe?


    And your condo is as decluttered as anything I’ve ever seen… compared to this I’d be embarassed to take photos of my own!

  • I’ve been doing a weekly declutter of my physical stuff and I’ve hit a point where I’m not yet willing to part with more of it. I’m giving myself a break from that and I’ve switched to decluttering my digital files.

    • That’s a good idea, Christine! There’s not much more I could get rid of, at this point, either.

  • My friends and family always make comments on how empty my fridge and cupboards are too. I make a similar argument. I live alone and stocking up on things often means I end up wasting it. I do, however, stock my cleaners and personal care items. I always have numerous bottles of my favourite body wash. I always buy it when it’s half price and I never want to be stuck paying the full price.

    I didn’t get to do a big purge when I moved this time because of time constraints but I did get rid of 1 TV, 1 TV stand, 1 Buffet, 1 dining set, 1 bag of clothes, 1 bag of pillows, 1 plastic storage cart and a half box of books. I do plan on donating a few boxes once I get a free afternoon. Also I have these five, beautiful wicker baskets I used to keep on my closet shelves that no longer fit. I’m going to have to get rid of them but it hurts. Ha ha.

  • Oooh that is a dream! The surfaces are so clean and clutter-free! <3

    I'm very neat and tidy and a bit of a minimalist too, but living with roomies makes it really tough to stay decluttered since everyone has so much stuff. :( I'm going to dream of the day it's just me and my equally minimalist hubby and we can have a place that's this tidy!

  • I’ve just tuned into the decluttering here (mostly follow on Twitter) but this is brilliant! We’re working on our own purging; tackling one small section at a time. I don’t know when all this crap crept in, but I’m going to aim to make it nearly as clutter free as you’ve managed so far! :)

    What happens to paper correspondence though? Cards, postcards, letters?

    • Honestly, I don’t get much of it. I have a small box in a drawer that holds some cards, etc. But that’s about it.

  • I’m so impressed! I’m working on decluttering this month and it’s going well, but so far my place does not look nearly that good! We have a new baby though and that makes it harder because people are still giving us lots of gifts. Plus babies require a ton of stuff!

    • Yes, they do – and give you much less time to clean/tidy! I do recognize that it’s easy for me to stay organized as one person.

  • I love your home! It’s gorgeous :) Once again I’m inspired to continue pursuing my idea of minimalism — living with less, and definitely chasing clutter out the door, but more importantly placing my happiness in experiences and relationships, not things. And I can always appreciate a nice, clean, neatly ordered space. Seeing things smartly organized just makes my heart happy!

    • Thanks, lady! I can’t really imagine living in a messy space. One of my exes (whom I lived with) used to have sooo much clutter that it gave me actual anxiety, lol. Organized FTW!

    • Haha, it is empty… and yet I still have everything I need! (Well, when I get back from a trip, anyway. Ha.)

  • this is very inspiring. I am decluttering starting tomorrow. Wish me luck as I have two little girls under age of 5…. :(

    • Good luck! Some other readers shared ideas in the comments above re: what to do about kids’ things. (Hint: Don’t ask – just do.)

  • I would freak out if I lost my copy of The Alchemist, too! That book is amazing! Good thing you didn’t accidentally get rid of it :)

  • Love this! A great inspiration for me, as I’ve been slacking on my de-cluttering. I have a four-month-old, which makes things a little trickier, but I’ve almost never bought her anything, since my parents are plenty good at that.

  • Great post! Came across this from “The Minimalist Mom” FB post. I’m still purging, been at it for years and I’ve made the MOST progress this year thankfully. After seeing this, it’s motivated to finally sell the remaining larger items I’ve been holding onto. Your closet is amazingly bare! I love it though. Look forward to seeing more blog posts!

  • I had laminate floors put in last week, which I love. In the process of moving the furniture I got rid of a coffee table, three oak dining chairs & a lamp. Actually I set them in the garage for a sale to be held early summer. Now I’m trying to decide which I should get rid of in my craft room a tall chimney cabinet or a Hoosier cupboard. The chimney cabinet I could probably put in the sale. The Hoosier would have to be sold by a different method since it would sell for more than a garage sale price. Any ideas on how to sell the Hoosier?

    Something I think about before buying items now- how will I get rid of an item when I’m ready?

  • I just found your blog and throughly enjoy it! I’m jealous of your ability to declutter because I do not currently have a home to declutter per se, but certainly have a lot of things! I just graduated from university and moved back in with my parents, but all my things are packed up in boxes and stored in my old room… I have it all hoarded up in there because I do not know what I may or may not need when I move out on my own again. It mildly drives me crazy to see all my stuff condensed in one area , but really puts it into perspective of how much I really do own. Growing up, my mother aways said “there is a difference between wants and needs”, something I know I will be passing on to my own children Someday!

    Cheers :)

  • Congratulations on the consistent tidiness! It looks like you’ve found a pattern that really works for you.

    In the process of cleaning out a garage fridge, I learned that empty fridges and freezers are a real problem; the mechanism needs a certain amount of thermal mass inside to keep an even temperature. This didn’t really fit with my minimalism goals, I didn’t want the machinery to wear out faster or waste electricity. I fixed the freezer by snagging a couple of large soda bottles, and filling them 2/3 full of water. The water is far more dense than the average package of food that goes in a freezer, so it didn’t take a lot. The fridge got about half of a $3 package of locally bottled water (I wanted something reasonably sterile in there, and didn’t feel like boiling and cooling.)

  • I like your place and the work you accomplished in it. Your post inspired me to go through my drawers and get rid of more useless stuff. I’ve been decluttering for the last 5 months and am loving this process.

  • this honestly looks like an unattainable dream to me, and I’m so glad I’ve found your blog to get some inspiration!
    I did manage to do quite a bit of decluttering when I was moving back in March from the home where I grew up for 22 years, into a much smaller place. I threw out/donated lots and lots of clothes, childhood trophies and medals (from my dance career), books, bla bla bla. It’s September now, and despite the huge amount of stuff that was thrown out back then, I still have several bags of untouched crap that I didn’t even unpack (and evidently didn’t use) since then. Stuff like soaps, perfumes, creams. Stuff that seems important, but evidently it’s not.
    With parents who used to live in the USSR (and not as rich people), I was raised to hold on to my belongings and not waste anything. Now how do I make myself throw out -or use- all this stuff that is just cluttering my room?!

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