TGIF: It’s Good to Be Home


I’ve been saying it all week, but I’ll say it again: it feels so good to be home. There’s just something about crawling into your own bed at night, and listening to the sounds of your neighbourhood as you fall asleep; waking up in your own home, walking into the kitchen first thing and making a huge French press full of coffee (from Portland’s Stumptown, no less!); grocery shopping, cooking and eating food that hasn’t been prepped, cooked (deep-fried) or served by somebody else. And I’m scared to tell you how much I spent on fresh fruit this week, because it was impossible to find in New Orleans… but it’s all been delicious!

Besides the homemade food and coffee, it’s been nice to get back into a more regular routine. So far, I’ve worked out every single day this week, which has, in turn, has helped me sleep better at night. I cleaned my condo from top to bottom, decluttered and gathered up 23 more items to toss/donate this weekend. (I’m now at 417 of my 452 item goal.) I did all those things I normally hate doing, like calling doctors to make appointments and sending in benefits claims. Then I vegged out, caught up on a few shows and started reading a new book. Oh, and have I mentioned it’s been raining!? And that it was cold enough I actually turned on my fireplace two nights? This weather is exactly what I wanted to come home to.

Overall, I feel like this week has been extremely retrospective for me. While many of my friends who attended FinCon in New Orleans last week are still on an inspirational high, with a long list of goals for their blogs, I came home and had to just decompress from it all. (You might’ve gathered that from Tuesday’s post.) I have a list of new blog post ideas – some that could take me way into 2015, which is exciting – but sometimes it’s ok to just relax and not worry about’s next. It’ll all happen, eventually.

The low of my week was finding out that a very good friend of mine’s mom has the big C word. Fortunately, it looks like they caught it early… but I’m sending all my love and healthy thoughts to her. <3

The high of my week was walking all over New Orleans with Claire from ReadyForZero on Sunday morning/afternoon. After being stuck inside for the better part of two days, it was nice to explore the city with no agenda, split a muffuletta from Central Grocery (not realizing that’s where they were invented until after!) and share stories along the way. Miss you already, giiirl!

A blog post I loved was The Buy Nothing Year: How Two Roommates Saved More Than $55,000 by my former editor at LearnVest, Laura Shin. If you thought my yearlong takeout coffee/shopping ban would be challenging, this story makes it seem like a breeze and validates everything I’ve experienced so far. (Also, they’re Canadian! How had I not heard of them before!?)

The best money I spent was $8 for an iced coffee + an order of beignets at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. I ate all 3 and have zero regrets about it.

My plans this weekend include catching up on shows, reading, writing… and hopefully going for a walk or hike with my friend Kasey, if the rain holds off! Have I mentioned it’s good to be home?

How was your week, friends? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Hello there — I read that Buy Nothing Year article… how interesting! I also checked out their website/blog. It’s a really cool idea, but I don’t think I could do that! You’re right, it makes your shopping ban seem like a walk in the park!

    I hear you about the routine! After a vacation I look forward to going back to work for the same reasons. Even though I don’t love my 5am alarm… I love the structure of my regular life of eating at the same time, sleeping, working out, etc… grocery shopping and making healthy food… routines are SO hard to stick to when you’re out of your element.

    This week was just OK. I started getting a cold on Tuesday, so after 3 days it seems to be on its way out today. It was just one of those annoying colds where I don’t feel sick enough to not do anything, I just can’t breathe or sleep well. Eww! Glad it’s on its way out! One of my oldest friends had her baby on Wednesday night as well… a little girl so that is VERY exciting! Can’t wait to meet her :):)

    This weekend the only things I have planned are a 16K run on Saturday and going to the Jays last game on the season on Sunday.

    Hope you have a great Friday!

    • Dayle you beat me to it!
      I read that article before and the one image I can never forget is: “my coworkers and I were going out to an event during the evening and they had dinner beforehand, and it was winter. I had pasta in a Tupperware on a bench outside, and they were all in this nice warm restaurant drinking wine”. What the!? I guess to each their own but that crossed some imaginary line I never knew I had, I’m all about being frugal but at what cost.

  • I completely agree that it’s good to be home! The trip to New Orleans really made me appreciate how great it is to have a routine and home comforts. I’ve also been eating nothing but fruit and salads this week because I definitely didn’t have much of that in New Orleans.

    • First thing I picked up at the store: kale, peppers, avocado, bananas, raspberries, lemon. (Not to all be eaten together, lol.) I’ve since gone back for blueberries and carrots. So good.

  • I’ve had a very overwhelming week. It started on a low note when I had a huge emotional breakdown Monday morning. It has gotten somewhat better throughout the week. But my mind won’t be completely settled until next week sometime.

    My plans this weekend are to work, pack, move, clean and unpack. There’s not really enough hours in the day. I just got back from vacation and I feel like I need another week off.

    • Hope you feel better, Trista. There are definitely not enough hours in a day, but you can only do your best with what time you have.

  • That article was awesome! You’re so lucky that you got some Stumptown coffee! I loved it when I lived in Seattle for a bit, too bad it costs an arm and a leg to get it to Canada.

  • That first sleep in your own bed after a vacation is the best!

    My plans for this weekend are to sleep in as I’ve been doing the early shift (5-5:30am start time=4-4:30am wakeup) and some house cleaning as I’ve been ignoring it this week.

  • I hear you on needing to decompress from New Orleans! It was a busy trip and yes, spending two days in totally frigid air conditioning would make you want to be outside for a while. I’m glad to be back and I’m swearing myself off restaurant food for a while, too much deep fried with loads of butter equals not happy Michelle. LOL! Although the muffuletta and beignets were soooo yummy.
    Glad you made it back safely, sorry to hear about your friends mom.
    My weekend will be the same, catching up on laundry, shows, reading and getting the first week of my new courses out of the way.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

    • Oh yea – restaurant food is just not happening for me either, haha. I don’t need it! (Although I did treat myself to sushi, because I’d been craving it for like two weeks. But it was just a spicy California roll – nothing deep-fried!)

      Enjoy your weekend at home. :)

  • You have no idea!!! Wandering through the streets with you was the best way to cap off an awesome weekend. We trekked that city :)

    And of course… sandwiches for the win!!!!

  • You know I actually miss those rainy days in Vancouver when it’s cool enough to put on the fireplace and hang out in a blanket all day. Here it’s either muggy or unpleasantly freezing. Can’t wait to visit again in December. And those beignets were definitely the best thing I bought in New Orleans too.

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