TGIF: We’re Off to Portland


How are my five days at home already over!? I’m not complaining about going on vacation again this weekend, but holy jeez – that time slipped by fast. After attending my boss’ wedding last weekend (which was so unbelievably beautiful), Sunday was basically a full day of travel for me. We drove from Kingston to Toronto (3 hours), then I had an hour or so to relax at Roomie’s before I flew home to Vancouver (5 hours). Unfortunately, the flight was delayed and I didn’t get home until almost 1:30 on Monday morning. I don’t usually experience jet lag coming back this way, but I feel like I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep ever since.

But now the weekend is here! And it’s going to be oh so fun. My friend Kasey and I are taking the afternoon off, so we can start our road trip to Portland a little early. Thanks to everyone who has offered us amazing restaurant suggestions, we’ve basically mapped out our entire weekend around where we want to eat. Tonight, we’re going to grab Thai from Pok Pok, followed by ice cream at Salt & Straw. We’re staying at a hotel downtown, so we’ll grab brunch and coffee down there tomorrow morning, before we start to explore… and yes, I’ll be on the lookout for Flanders Street! I’m also attending Kathleen’s wedding, this weekend, which the weather gods seem to have prepared for.

If there’s anything else we must do or see, please tell us now! xo

The high of my week was having dinner (more like a sushi feast!) and brainstorming with Sarah on Monday night. It’s also the only thing I did this week, other than go to a few appointments, lol.

A blog post I loved was How to Pick Your Life Partner. I don’t usually read posts like this, but all these weddings have filled me with the love bug. Part 1 was kind of funny and Part 2 was both honest and sweet. All my married and soon-to-be married friends should at least give Part 2 a read. You won’t regret it.

The best money I spent was $30 on an appointment with my massage therapist. After four weeks of sitting in cars, planes, etc. my body was in bad shape. It was a painful appointment, but so worth it.

My plans this weekend include driving to Portland today, exploring and eating my way through it all weekend, attending Kathleen’s wedding on Sunday then driving home Monday afternoon. Then I’ll be unpacking/repacking and heading to New Orleans on Wednesday for FinCon. Will I see you there!?

How was your week, friends? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Hey Cait!
    Have a great time in Portland…that sounds so fun!
    I loved that post you linked up…I book marked it to show bf (at a later date – haha I don’t want to scare him off!)
    This weekend we have a friend’s b-day party tonight. Bf is planning something fun (a surprise!) which will be either Saturday or Sunday. On the opposite day I need to do a 15K run and I’d like to get a mani/pedi. Not a bad little weekend!

    • Definitely bookmark that one. Even if you never show it to him, there’s room good reminders/questions in there for you. :)

      Sounds like you’re going to have a nice weekend. Good luck w/ your 15K run!

    • Thanks! That’s the one I found last week in Toronto. Lots of compliments, so I think it was a good find. :)

  • Have fun here in PDX! Belmont Street Fair is happening tomorrow (11a-7p, from SE 33rd to 39th Ave). SE Belmont St. is parallel to and 1 mile north of SE Division (where Pok Pok is). You could stop by Blue Star Donuts on SE Hawthorne (between SE Belmont and SE Division). I’ve mentioned their donuts here twice :-) I love them! Enjoy your stay in this cool town of ours :-)

    • Also, there’s always a line outside of Pok Pok. I don’t think they accept reservations, but you might wanna check; Or, you could have dinner early (before 6pm to avoid the long wait); Or, enjoy the wait (it’s part of being in Portland after all) :-)

      • I was there a month ago and they do accept reservations and if you want to avoid the line, best make one! If you end up in the line, its not so bad. They have a bar/little restaurant across the street where you can eat tasty horsderves and they will even let you know when your table is ready!

    • The site says you can only make reservations if your party has 5 or more people. But no biggie! We didn’t make it there last night, but are going to try tonight. Thanks!

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