TGIF: To Kingston and Home I Go


I can’t believe this trip to Toronto is already coming to an end; it feels like I just got here! On the work side of things, even though I was here for 12 days, it actually felt like the most unproductive trip I’ve had since I started, but that’s because our move to downtown has been nothing short of a complete gong show! Until yesterday at 4:30pm, we were still without internet and air conditioning. With TIFF happening, commuting to the new office and back home has been taking twice as long as usual. And the heat and humidity… just, eww.

Fortunately, my crazy week was split up by a fun night with a big group of friends and strangers. On Wednesday, Jess and I hosted a meet-up at Tangerine Cafe, and we were blown away by the turnout. I didn’t count, but I’d guess there were 30 of us in the room!? The idea behind these meet-ups was simply to take some of the conversations we have online offline, and everyone who attended helped us do just that. Dayle baked cookies for the group (thank you again, Dayle!), people brought questions, everyone put their hands up, chatted and were so helpful in answering each other’s questions too. You guys basically just took what I love most about blogging – the community – and showed me that it’s possible to build it up offline.

Thank you again for not only coming to the meet-up, but also for being open, honest and supportive of one another. You made a huge dream of mine come true on Wednesday, and I’m still on a bit of a high from it. Based on your feedback, I’d say we should definitely do that again the next time I’m in Toronto!

The high of my week was the entire long weekend. The meet-up is a close second, of course, but I took a huge leap of faith this weekend and it was so worth it.

A blog post I loved was 7 Reasons We Buy More Stuff Than We Need. I can definitely relate to #2 (think it’ll make us happy), and I wrote about #3 (being more susceptible to ads than we think) earlier this month. Anyway, you might like, or relate to, some of the other points!

The best money I spent was $56.44 on a dress to wear to the two weddings I’m attending this month (it was on the list!). And I bought one that matches sandals I wore when I was a bridesmaid last summer, which means I don’t need to buy shoes. #doublewin #underbudget #moremoneyintosavings

My plans this weekend include driving to Kingston tonight, attending my boss’ wedding tomorrow, then driving back and flying to Vancouver Sunday night. I’m so excited to sleep in my own bed for 5 nights!

How was your week, friends? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Sounds like things are going well! I looooove Kingston, we used to vacation there as a kid. (Basically, I’m better traveled in Canada than the U.S.). Have an amazing time!

    • It’s been a great trip! I don’t have much to complain about these days. And I love that you’ve been to Kingston. I’ve been twice before, but never stayed in the city. Should be a fun weekend! Hope yours is good too, hun.

  • The meet up was a blast, thanks again to you and Jess for hosting!

    I was in Kingston last weekend visiting family and it was lovely. If you’re down by the water in front of old city hall, there’s a statue in the park of wrestlers – my dad did it when he was a teenager! Keep an eye out for it :)

    • Thank YOU for coming, Charlotte! It was so nice to meet you, finally. And I’ll definitely keep my eye out for that!

  • Sounds like you had an awesome week! I’m glad the meet-up was such a success – not that there was any doubt that it would be! Can’t wait to hear about that leap of faith.

  • It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Switching to Tangerine has been something I’ve been mulling over for a while now, and the reviews that it is getting are really persuading me. Have a great time at the weddings!

    • I actually just switched my payroll over, so I can do all my daily banking with them now. But I’ve been really unhappy with the credit union I was with before, so the decision to switch was easy, haha.

  • That’s awesome it was such a huge turnout! I live in a big city and don’t think we could get that many people! Nice job on the dress find too. I’m still maximizing the usage of a simple and inexpensive black dress I bought last year at Kohl’s!

  • Glad you had a great trip!

    My weekend plans include making Hamburger soup today and possibly a cake. And then I work all weekend but that’s normal and good for the bank account!

  • I had planned on going to the meet-up until my hubby got sick on Wednesday and we left work early :( Glad to hear it was a success and I will try to get to the next one. Have a great weekend! Kingston is beautiful :)

  • Glad to hear the meetup was a great success! If you ever hear of an Ottawa meetup, let me know. ;-) Do you normally travel for your job, Cait, or is most of your travel personal?

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