TGIF: Hello from Toronto!


Hello again, friends! Sorry for the radio silence this week. I tried to write a post for Wednesday, but travel and jet lag left me unable to form words for a few days. (Seriously, I’m so glad I didn’t publish what I wrote on Tuesday night… it would’ve been embarrassing.) But I’m here now! And, after we look at my budgets next week, I have some great posts lined up for September.

Even though I’m in Toronto right now, and I love being here, I have to admit: I had an amazing time in Edmonton. For starters, can we talk about the food? Who knew Edmonton would have so many amazing restaurants!? Some of my favourite meals were: brunch at Urban Diner, lunch at Blue Plate Diner, dinners at Tres Carnales (the best Mexican food I’ve ever had) and Rostizado, and dessert and tea at Duchess. Have I ever told you guys that I’m obsessed with key lime pie? Well, the best key lime pie award goes to Duchess.

Besides just dining out, we spent a lot of time walking around and exploring the city. We stayed downtown, so we walked all over that area. We also walked along Whyte Ave. and checked out some of the street performers at Fringe Fest. We went for a good 5-6K walk along River Valley, one afternoon. And, of course, we explored the U of A campus a bit. I don’t think I could ever live in Edmonton, but I will happily visit Baby Bro, Mikhaila, Cassie and other friends there anytime!

It took us 12.5 hours to drive from Edmonton to Vancouver on Monday, then I flew Vancouver -> Calgary -> Toronto on Tuesday; a little backwards, right? Meh! I landed in Toronto late Tuesday afternoon and it’s been go go go ever since, which is how my trips out here usually are. For that reason, I love staying with Roomie. She’s a little slice of home for me, and also gives me a home base when I’m here. I also love being in the office with everyone. On Wednesday, I had my two-year performance review and all I could think after was… has it really been two years!? Where has the time gone? has changed so much, since 2012. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2014/15 holds for us!

The high of my week was getting a raise at work! I don’t think it’ll kick in until October 1st, but I’m so excited to see how it changes my savings goals / targets. (No lifestyle inflation with this one – it’s all going in the bank!)

A blog post I loved was Enough With the Emergency Fund, Sort Of, which Sandi Martin wrote for Boomer & Echo. I’ve been thinking a lot about my own EF lately, and what purpose it’ll serve in the next couple of years. More on that later, but give this post a read.

The best money I spent was $26 on dinner out with Jess last night. We caught up on life, then chatted more about our meet-up next week. If you want to come talk money with us, we’d love to see you! Grab a ticket (you don’t have to print it, we just need numbers) and just bring yourself and an open mind.

And I actually don’t really have many plans this weekend. I honestly just want to relax, read a bit and catch up on shows…

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Both my DH and I have a hectic travel schedule coming up starting mid-Sept through the end of October so we’ll be enjoying the long week-end once DH returns from a business trip tomorrow evening. My mom is heading back to Montreal tomorrow as well so I’ll miss her presence. Congrats on the raise and the plan to bank it :)

  • Ahhh sounds like all the good food evens out the crazy travel schedule ;)

    Really looking forward to the meet up in Toronto next week – I’ll be there! Have a great weekend, Cait.

  • The long drive from anywhere in Alberta to Vancouver makes a compelling case for flying. 12.5 hours through the Rockies to the coast, or one-hour in the air? I remember when WestJet used to fly regularly from Calgary to Vancouver for $99. That was a no-brainer!

    Thanks for featuring Sandi’s emergency fund post here. Hope you get some time to relax this long weekend.

    • Yea, flying this time wasn’t an option, as we were moving my brother out for school (had a car full of stuff). But it is an interesting argument. Unfortunately, like you said, flight prices have been crazy lately. I think Krystal said she was looking at return flights back in June and they were $4-500? I can fly to Toronto and back for that.

  • So glad you enjoyed Edmonton! There are tons of fabulous restaurants here makes eating out really easy.

    My weekend plans involve working, cleaning and on Sunday making jam!

    Enjoy Toronto!

    • The one thing I didn’t do was go to any good coffee shops – next time! Have a great weekend, Nadia :)

  • Hi Cait – I’ve been keeping up with the blog but hadn’t the energy to post a comment (my job had been rather cahotic). And this first post in a bit will be long (sorry).

    The high of my week? Well I was offerred, and accepted, a new job.

    The low of my week? Well, I was offerred, and accepted, a new job. I was unprepared for the mixed emotions I felt turning in my notice. Or the reaction I got from people at work. I’m excited for the new opporturnity but I’m scared too. Going to a new job can be well daunting.

    Best blog post? I went back and read your post on your “shopping moratorium”. Initially the money will be slightly less than I make now but there room is there for much more. I’m maxed out where I’m at and this chance is too good to turn down. Second best was Sandi’s on Emergecny Funds. When did the new budget I realized – I’m cutting back on what I put into my emergency fund – YIKES. I took a second look and realized my EF is healthy enough and that will be alright. And then said a grateful prayer I’ve been able to sock that money away.

    Best money? I’m going out for “a celebration dim sum” with a friend on the weekend.

    • Congrats on the new job, Marg! I know they’re always a little scary at first, but the offer came / you accepted it for a reason. And cool to know you read/enjoyed the same post! It actually looks like it was a fairly popular one in the community this week (not surprisingly so).

      Enjoy your dim sum this weekend! Your news is definitely worth celebrating. :)

  • Congratulations on the raise!! I’ll miss the T.O meet up by a few days, I’m in Toronto this weekend for a bachelorette party!! Have a relaxing weekend!!

  • Love the corgi picture!!!!

    Wow that is one heck of a long drive from Edmonton to Vancouver!

    Congrats on receiving a raise! :)

    My weekend consist of a dim sum date with a group of friends I haven’t seen for the last year and a wedding $$$ to go to.

    Other than that… I guess I will stay indoors due to the rainy weather we’ll be getting here in Vancouver. Summer is over T_T

    • That’s Mikhaila’s puppy! He is sooo cute! You can stalk him here:

      You’re the second person to mention going for dim sum this weekend. Enjoy! And I’m jealous of the rainy weather… it’s going to be super hot (which I hate) in Toronto. Bleh!

  • You hit some GREAT restaurants in Edmonton!! Both Edmonton and Calgary have some great places — the food scene is really growing in both cities (and so is my waistline)

    Sad I missed you in AB this time but we’ll probably have another chance in the near future!

    • I definitely skimmed through parts. Part of me wants to like Danielle LaPorte (not worship her, but possibly be inspired by her even once) but she just feels so… phoney. I can’t deal.

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