TGIF: Home Sweet Home + The Next Meet-up!


What an awesome first week away. I’ve been at home in Victoria since Saturday morning, where the weather has shifted from the scorching heat that burned the back of my neck on Sunday to the cool rain that had me curled up under a blanket for two days. I’ve seen friends and family, gone on some great walks/hikes and even had my star tattoos coloured in by my “niece”. (We went with pink, purple and yellow, this time.) Seriously, it’s been amazing.

When I first started making trips home, I used to try and squeeze in as many visits with people as humanly possible. Depending on how many days I was here, my schedule usually allowed for me to spend 2-3 hours with each person I saw; that meant I got to see a lot of people, but I always felt bad about the time restriction. Over the past couple years, I’ve slowly evolved my trips from being jam-packed to busy, then to just busy enough. But this trip was totally different…

I didn’t make a single plan, before hopping on the ferry Saturday morning. Instead, I just wanted to hangout at home and say “yes” to things as they came up – and it’s worked out perfectly. I’ve still managed to see almost everyone I usually do, but I also took the time to take a couple long naps and just get some downtime. It goes back to this idea of trying to live in the present more and more; I’m just listening to myself and doing what I need/want to do (including soaking up my time with people, not feeling rushed during it).

While I wasn’t necessarily busy making any plans here, I did make a few plans for some of my upcoming trips – specifically, regarding my trip to Toronto. This week, I booked the venue for our meet-up downtown! And, the most exciting part, I also asked someone to co-host it with me! Jessica from Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses and I are going to host a meet-up at Tangerine Cafe on September 3rd at 6pm. It’s going to be similar to what I did in Vancouver (totally casual), but with more room for more people. Hope to see you there!

The high of my week was probably being gifted a jar of homemade blackberry jam by Leah at Golden Girl Finance. I had an amazing week with everyone, but I looove me some blackberry jam. <3

A blog post I loved was Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt. I don’t want to spoil it, but this might be the most positive post I’ve read all summer. Go go go read it now now now!

The best money I spent was $6.25 to go to the gym on Wednesday morning. Travelling means not having access to the free gym in my building, but I’m still making health and fitness a priority.

My plans this weekend include seeing a couple friends, but mostly spending time with my family. It’s the last weekend that Baby Bro will live in Victoria, so we’re going to have some good ol’ Flanders family fun.

How was your week, friends? What are you up to this weekend?

  • That post was great. I think I read it after Catherine shared it, and I loved it so much. I’d love to have the newest Jones’ item, but I mean – it doesn’t make sense. At some point though, I am redoing my basement at my rental (hopefully when I move back in!)

    Yay for Jess co-hosting at that meet-up. I wish I lived in a bigger city. Even if I was in Halifax I could meet up with Catherine, and occasionally Jordann :)

  • When I would go visit Detroit I used to rush around trying to meet everyone, and I really feel like I neglected being with my parents who are aging, so last year I changed that whole rush thing and really enjoyed my time more. It’s great you are being more present. This weekend? Not sure…but probably watching The Killing for sure. On to season 2!…and it’s still pouring rain. lol!

  • Whenever I return to Montreal, there a few people that are on my must visit list and if I have time I try to meet with others who are important but understand that my family comes first. They know that if I don’t catch them on one visit, that it’ll be on a subsequent opportunity. It’s a much less stressful way of operating.

  • My week was so-so mostly because I picked up my boyfriend’s cold. Summer colds are the worst. Thankfully it hasn’t been too bad but running a fever when it’s 30C out sucks.

    Alright. Whine time over.

  • I was recently home for a week, and for once, I didn’t rush around to try and hang out with everyone. It really made me appreciate the time with my family and how lovely Massachusetts is in the summer. I’m going back for another wedding in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait!

  • Fun! Also, I didn’t know you had star tattoos. Where are they on your body? I’ve been thinking about a tattoo– currently don’t have any. I want one to honor my sobriety, even though the tattoo community says making it permanent will make you relapse. What a bunch of horse hooey.

    • Texted you about mine. And you should absolutely get one, if you want it! I don’t ever see a relapse in your future.

  • I wish I lived in Canada! These meet-up’s sound fun :)

    My week was rough; back to work after a week off and I took a big tumble down a set of stairs. Ouch! I’m glad it’s FRIDAY!

    Thanks for the link to that VERY positive blog post, it was just thing I needed to read for a money/attitude adjustment!

    • Oh no! Hope you feel better soon. And I loved that post. It helped me more on the shopping ban front. I don’t need “things” – I have people. :)

  • Have a great time at the Toronto meet up :)

    I had a great week this week. Finally ran every day since Monday :) Quite proud of myself for that. I am also happy that the weather cooled down a bit, I miss burrowing into my sheets and feel comfortable.

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