TGIF: We’re All Grown Up!


This trip home to Victoria has felt like… well, quite a trip – down memory lane, that is. I haven’t seen many friends, as I’ve been trying to soak up some quality time with family. Last night, Baby Bro (Ben) graduated from high school, which means the three of us (including Baby Sis, Alli) are no longer “kids”. It’s exciting to think we’re all past that stage of our lives, mostly because, as the eldest, I’ve always been anxious to see what my siblings would be like as adults. What will they do after university? Where will their careers take them? And will we stay this close, as we get older?

At the ceremony, I couldn’t help but think about my own back in 2003. On that very same stage, I delivered the valedictorian speech to my graduating class and felt so hopeful for the future. Of course, almost all of my goals and dreams have changed since then. So, if there’s one piece of advice I would give my brother or any other graduate today it would be to not worry about where you “should” be at certain age points. Life isn’t about hitting milestones by a specific age; it’s about surrounding yourself with people you love, finding work that challenges you, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and taking some risks. I can’t wait to see where Ben’s life leads him.

The proud big sister in me needs to share that he graduated with a 97% average, and he’ll be attending the University of Alberta on scholarship in the fall, where he plans to study petroleum engineering. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, he’s been out of school for a couple weeks already, which is why he has such an incredible tan. This pale girl has been extremely jealous but, after years of hiding in his room studying, the “kid” deserves some time in the sun!

There was no low of my week. 

The high of my week was, without a doubt, watching Ben cross the stage last night. It took all my willpower not to shout embarrassing family nicknames at him, though! hehe

A blog post I loved was We’re All Trading Our Lives for Something – Trade Up. “Our lives are, by definition, made up of finite resources. Each of us has a limited amount of minutes, dollars, and units of energy with which to live our lives. And every passing day presents an opportunity to trade our lives for something else…” (Click to keep reading!)

The best money I spent was $8.01 on a sandwich and two hot chocolates (one for a friend) after the ceremony last night. I was freaking starving! (Also, I haven’t spent much money this week.)

My plans this weekend include crashing my old office’s annual summer BBQ tonight, going for a hike tomorrow morning then having dinner with my best friend Emma, hanging out with the fam and celebrating Ben’s grad/Mom’s birthday/my birthday at one big dinner on Sunday!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • What a beautiful family photo, you are one good looking family! Glad you’ve had such a good visit back to Victoria so far. Also, WHERE in the world can you get a sandwich and 2 hot chocolates for that price?! Teach me your ways!!
    Have a great weekend :)

  • Congratulations to Ben and a Happy Birthday to you, Cait! Time sure flies by, eh? And it only goes faster as one grows older! :-)

    Hope you and your family are enjoying a great time together.

    My week’s been busy. I painted the dining room and laundry room in our house, mowed the next door neighbour’s lawn (I have a side deal for the summer – lol) and this morning the guys are coming by to repave our driveway. So a busy day ahead. Early tomorrow I go grocery shopping, stocking up for a Canada Day family bbq. Should be fun.

    Have a great weekend, net buddy!

    • Ahhh, so you are getting around to those painting projects! I’m sure your wife is happy about that ;)

      Thanks for the well wishes! Have a great weekend.

  • What a great picture! Congrats to your brother and birthday wishes to you and your mom.

    After I get through work today I have a four-day weekend to look forward too. Work’s been busy and I’ve been under a lot of stress so I’m happy to have the extra day off.

    I don’t have big weekend plans. It’s the NHL Draft this weekend and Free Agency Day on the 1st, between that and the Eskimos game on Saturday night I have a sports filled weekend.

    ps – way to go to your brother on the scholarship to U of A!! He’ll love Edmonton – it’s a great city and I really miss living there.

  • That’s wonderful that your brother earned a full ride scholarship! Your must be proud of him.
    I’ll be spending the week-end completing some writing assignments, firming up my July plans to visit family/friends in Montreal and hopefully enjoying the sunny weather!
    Have a great week-end and emjoy the family festivities Cait.

    • It’s not a full ride, but it’s enough that my parents won’t need to drain his education savings in first year, haha. Really proud of him!

      Enjoy your weekend!

  • What a beautiful group you guys are! Congrats to your brother! He’s going to love Edmonton! It’s an awesome city! Not that I’m biased or anything! LOL

    I work on Saturday but then have 3 days off which is awesome. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some house stuff and get to a Farmer’s Market on Sunday.

    • Enjoy your 3 days off! That reminds me: I want to go to the market in Victoria, before I head back to Vancouver on Monday. Is that weird? The produce is just so good!

  • Congratulations to your brother! The U of A was always trying to steal the top students from my advanced math classes, and gave me the impression it’s a great school to go to. I hope he likes it :)

    Happy birthday to you!

    And thank you for the motivation to side-hustle my bum off to get my credit card paid off before interest-free period. I needed that super nice kick!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Oh, you’re so welcome, Leigh! Have you paid it off then? I can’t quite remember when the interest-free period was up.

      • I have paid to off and I’m waiting for the balance to be reflected :) My end date was July 7th and my Friday was my last pay day prior to. Feels great to have accomplished something Huge!

  • “Life isn’t about hitting milestones by a specific age; it’s about surrounding yourself with people you love, finding work that challenges you, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and taking some risks”


  • Cute picture of you and your siblings! Congratulations to your brother on his graduation and scholarship. I’m celebrating the BF’s 31st birthday tomorrow, which reminds me, I should start thinking about making a cake :)

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