TGIF: Rare Books + The Fault in Our Stars


It’s been one of those perfect weeks in Toronto where you remember why you love the city. You walk around new corners and discover neighbourhoods you’ve never explored before. Random roads and intersections are shut down briefly, only to come back to life as street parties with rides and games. The patios were buzzing, and food always came out fast and hot. With the humidity, the sidewalks were filled with people walking slowly, while eating ice cream cones and laughing with friends. And my TTC rides were all stall-free, which was just a bonus.

I took more than a few time-outs for myself this week: to walk around the U of T campus and take in the beautiful buildings; to explore the Thompson Fisher Rare Book Library and read about each book in its current exhibit; and I’m making a special trip to the Lillian H. Smith Library tomorrow to try and see first edition copies of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny (it’s a Flanders’ family thing).

Something about this trip made me feel more nostalgic than I have in a long time… Maybe it’s because I had such a great week with the team, and it made me realize how much I miss them. I know I can say the same about the few friends I saw/will see this weekend. Or maybe it’s just that this city always fills me with a renewed sense of energy, inspiration, and belief in the crazy opportunities I hope are out there. Whatever the reason, I’m already counting down until my next trip… I can’t wait to come back.

The low of my week was averaging less than 5 hours of sleep/night my first few nights here. But I more than made up for that on Wednesday night, when I crawled into bed for 11 hours and slept for nearly 10.

The high of my week was finally meeting Gail in-person on Tuesday. We went for dim sum, talked shop and laughed a lot. It was awesome.

A blog post I loved was In Defense of the Serious Bucket List. I’ve been daydreaming a lot lately – mostly about places I want to travel – and have been thinking of writing down a list of all the places I’d like to go. David’s post reminded me that it’s not stupid for me to do so – so long as it’s a genuine bucket list. “It reminds you to invest your life consciously, navigating with a long-term vision rather than whatever seems to make sense this particular month or year or decade.”

The best money I spent was $19.99 to see The Fault in Our Stars last night. Even though I’d read the book and knew the storyline, I still shed a few tears.

My plans this weekend include hopefully seeing my old roomie tonight, going for brunch with my friend Melissa tomorrow, going to that library, having dinner with Sara tomorrow night and flying home early Sunday morning. I land in Vancouver at 9am local time, so I can unpack and enjoy a day there too!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • My week was pretty AWESOME! Got my hair cut…bye bye 7 inches of hair! Pictures were fun!

    Oh and my birthday yesterday. I totally got spoiled!

  • It’s been a decent week. I’m out of town for work, but looking forward to spending the weekend in Nashville. Ahhhh, Nashville. After a hectic month, I feel like I’m finally getting back on track with Cashville Skyline and other personal projects. Toronto sounds absolutely lovely in the summer. I need to get up there again sometime soon.

  • Glad to hear you’ve been having a fun time in T.O.! Gail is just as heart-warming and hilarious in person as on t.v. (I met her at a picnic before).

    • Definitely read the book first! They did a great job adapting it for film, but I’m happy I read it first – mostly because I don’t think I’d read any book, after seeing the movie.

  • Is that a picture of the library? That looks amazing. I’d love to go back to Toronto agan someday. I saw Fault in our Stars this past week also and it was hard not to cry even if you have read the book – and did I just read that right? $19.99 for movie tickets? lol

    • Unfortunately, yes. We went and found out the only showtime was in their VIP theatre, which is $5 more. But you’re there and you want to see it so… what do you do, eh?

  • Hi Cait. I’m glad you’re having such a great time in Toronto.

    My week was ok. I had a bit of a cold and my back was acting up again. But I’m super excited it’s Friday. It should be a pretty quiet weekend. Night in with the bf tonight, girl’s night at my apartment tomorrow, and my Mom and step-dad are coming in to the city to catch a movie on Sunday. I was hoping to keep my spending down this weekend but Mom’s rather last minute decision to come in will mean I’ll end up spending much more than I intended (lunch, movie ticket and supper).

  • Wow! I didn’t realize we had such an awesome library in TO. Being the book junkie I am, I’m definitely checking that out! The week has been great, I’m regaining some positives in life that I’m happy about. Weekend will be a lot of reading, cycling and then baking a chocolate cake/cooking a special meal for my dad.

    • Sounds like a really nice weekend, Michelle. And definitely check out the library sometime! The only issue is it’s only open M-F 9-5. I asked if I could go into the office a little late, so I could take some time in there.

  • Hi Cait! Happy to see that you’ve been enjoying your stay here in TO. My week’s been a tad eventful, with some pluses and some minuses but, all in all, not too bad. I’m looking forward to this Sunday when our daughter and her hubby host their annual Father’s Day bbq for all the dads in the extended families – looking forward to my yummy steak! :-)

    Do you spoil your dad on Father’s Day?

    • Sounds like you guys will have fun tomorrow!

      You know, we’re not *huge* on any of the “big” celebrations (birthdays, holidays, etc.). I think part of that comes from the fact that my dad’s always been home for 4 weeks, gone for 4 weeks, so he’s not usually there for them. We still always have a nice dinner with the whole family, but it’s mostly just about getting everyone together. Whether or not that falls on the actual “day” itself is another story, haha.

      For example, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day, Mom’s birthday + my birthday at the end of June. But I still sent him a funny card in the mail.

  • After a couple absolutely miserable wet, stormy days, we had some amazing ones (basically a touch of summer in winter) that made me feel just this way about Auckland :)

    That bucket list post is a doozy – thanks for the link.

    Don’t like the guy cast as Augustus but will probably see it anyway.

    • I wasn’t a huge fan of his when I first saw the trailer, but he played the role well! Do go see it soon. :)

    • Aww. Hope you get to do something just for you this weekend! Even if it’s just a timeout with a book and a bubble bath :)

  • Sounds like you had a blast in Toronto! I only spent a day there, but it was nice. I have also been getting 5-6 hours of sleep per night during the week and it is rough! I hope you got some rest this weekend. That’s awesome you met Gail in person! This weekend I’ve been working, resting, and playing!

  • I finally saw TFIOS last night (it’s not officially out in the UK til Friday) and oh my gosh I think it was the best book to movie adaption I’ve ever seen! x

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