June 2014 Budget & Goals

June 2014 Budget & Goals

When I flipped over my calendar last weekend, I was amazed at how much I already had planned for this month. June is going to be busy, fun and incredibly productive! What are my plans? It’s all in the budget.

Despite the fact that I’m travelling for close to half the month, there’s still room in this budget for my new savings goals to be met! I’m also expecting a big cheque for reimbursement of five months’ of physio and massage therapy, which will go directly into my Emergency Fund, so that number in the sidebar should go up faster than we thought. In fact, I’m hoping to see it hit the $5,600 mark this month!

Onto travel – my favourite! This weekend, I’m flying to Toronto for work and am staying for 7 nights. My flight and accommodation are covered, but I need to budget for TTC tokens, food, food, more food, and a trip to the movie theatre so a few co-workers and I can see The Fault in Our Stars together. (We all read the book on our trip to the Dominican.) I’m also going home to Victoria at the end of the month, to watch Baby Bro cross the stage at his high school graduation! I’ll stay there through the Canada Day long weekend.

Because I’m travelling this month, I took a small bite out of my grocery budget. I’m also challenging myself to dine out way less this month (other than when I’m in Toronto, which I’ve budgeted for separately). I do have one brunch and one dinner in the books, during the time I’m in Vancouver, but I want to try and spend more time exploring the outdoors with friends than dining out.

My fixed/semi-fixed expenses all look normal – housing, transportation, health care, donations, etc. And other than that, I had to budget a little more for gifts, because of Baby Bro’s graduation and Mom’s birthday.

In total, I plan to put 20% of my income in long-term savings, spend 37.5% on housing, 8.5% on food, 11% on transportation, 9% on travel, 3% on health care, 3.5% on myself, 6% on gifts for others and donate 1.5% to charity. It should be a good month!

Goals for this month:

  • Map out summer travel dates/monthly budgets
  • Transfer public pension to RRSP (I’ll be talking about this next week!)
  • Read 2 books (I’ve already started and am almost finished 1!)
  • Workout 4x/week
  • Do a 30-day plank challenge

What do you have planned this month?

  • Oooooh! I am excited for your plank challenge. This is by far the most challenging aspect of my workout. My arms have gotten stronger, my legs more muscular but when it comes to planks I feel like jelly. I know it’s a good ab workout and I get so discouraged when I can’t hold it for longer than 10 seconds without putting my knees down. Why must abs be so elusive for women?! :)

    • It’s like you described my body exactly, lol. I know having a desk job doesn’t help… anyway, planks haven’t been easy so far, so the month should be interesting, haha.

  • Enjoy your time when you arrive back here in TO, Cait. The weather has been great lately. Looks like a busy month ahead for you.

    As for me, a busy month planned as well – yard work, painting projects have begun and our anniversary. The month should fly by quickly.

    • I hope the good weather lasts – at least while I’m there!

      Got anything planned for your anniversary? :)

      • Well it’s our 45th – we married when we were both 5 – so I have to plan for something good! :-)

  • I’m so glad you talked about your plank challenge! That reminded that I’d joined a challenge too that was supposed to start June 1! Whoops! Guess I have a bit of make-up work to do :)

  • You certainly get around! I hope you enjoy your two trips.

    This month I will be watching my spending a lot more. Hoping that a more careful eye will keep me on budget. My pay will be changing in the coming weeks as I am moving to my new position on June 16th or 24th. I finally got my retro pay from my last raise. I put it right in to my savings account for my trip.

    Activities this month will hopefully revolve around some BBQs and time at the cabin.

    • I can’t lie, the first four words in your comment made me LOL.

      Great to hear your retro pay came in and helped you save more for your trip! Also, I just have to say I love that you called it a “cabin”. We call them cabins in BC too, but Ontario refers to them as “cottages” and everyone thinks I’m weird when I don’t, lol.

  • My big goal for this month is to be one step closer to getting one credit card paid off. If all goes to plan it’ll be paid of in July! I’m getting excited for that!

    I’m also trying to post more regularly…you’ve been a big inspiration! I’ve got my budget done and I’m raring to go to be debt free.

    Non-financial goals are to drink water more consistently. It’s something that I constantly struggle with.

    • Good luck on the debt repayment! Wiping out credit cards is the best feeling… those tricky little pieces of plastic can be so annoying.

      And I’m the opposite with water. My tip: keep a big tall glass at your desk, in your kitchen and anywhere else you spend a lot of time. If there’s always one close by, you’ll constantly be reminded to drink and refill!

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