TGIF: Island Inspiration

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love coming home to Victoria. The minute I drive off the ferry (and get past the ferry traffic on the highway), I breathe a sigh of relief. The tree-lined streets are quiet enough that you can drive across the city in just 15 minutes. Running errands takes minutes, not hours. And most of my friends are here, so I can be walking along the beach or hiking up a mountain with a familiar face, almost as soon as I’m off work.

Now, Tonya made an interesting observation this week: bloggers everywhere seem to be in need of a break. I know I did for obvious reasons, but there does seem to be a trend in the personal finance blogosphere. Are we burnt out? Running out of things to say? Or is it something else? I know I’m in a place where I’m reevaluating my priorities which, at times, has left me lost for words. What do you write about, when you don’t know what’s most important to you? Well, apparently all I needed was a week of good conversations and beautiful surroundings, because I feel more inspired than I have in months.

Thank you, Vancouver Island.

The low of my week was… honestly, nothing. I had a great week!

The high of my week was hiking Bear Hill, which is a trail two of my girlfriends and I had never explored before. For those of you who are local, it’s right behind Elk Lake and offers the most stunning views of Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands. Oh, and we had a picnic at the top!

A blog post I loved was The Exact Amount to Maximize Happiness by J. Money. “Imagine if every dollar that leaves your wallet goes towards some form of happiness? That’s what “maximizing your money” is about. Spending just the right amount to reach your joy level without going overboard and having the ratio flip flop on you.” (I also loved being introduced to the newest member of his family, J. Nickel!)

The best money I spent was $6.25 to go to the gym by my parents’ house yesterday morning. (I went for three hikes on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but also wanted to do some weights this week.)

My plans this weekend include taking the afternoon off and heading up to Tofino! (And I’m sharing how to go there on a budget on Other Voices this weekend.) We’re only there until Sunday afternoon, so I’m going to unplug until then. Talk to you guys on Monday!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • I loved that article by J. Money as well! Glad you had a relaxing time in Victoria. I really need a short getaway. Yesterday I got in a huge blow up with my producer. Things were boiling up and it happens about once a year. Literally at the end of my rope with working with him and have been working my butt off (hence the article you mentioned-thank you) on trying to find new projects and clients or full time job. Love the pics…looks so relaxing!

  • Have a great time in Tofino, Cait. The son of one of my brothers-in-law operates an air service out of Tofino and. from the pics that we’ve seen that he’s shared with the extended family, I have to say that Tofino is a very beautiful place to visit.

    My week was good, routine outdoor house chores, weather improving daily here in TO. Have a great weekend!

  • Bear Hill! I’m going to look that up and give it a try over the next week. I’ve been getting kind of board of my usual spots. Is it comparable to Mount Doug? It was nice seeing you….and have a wonderful time in Tofino!

    • Definitely comparable to Mount Doug, but the trail is a little more rocky – and steep at parts. Great bumping into you too!

  • Yes, it has been slow around the blogosphere lately. Lots of my fave PF bloggers taking breaks: you, Tonya, GMD, KK@Student Debt Survivor There must be something in the water (or air or something). Glad you are all back now!

    • I think I’ve asked this before, but what dates will you be out here? Are you coming to Vancouver?

      • We’re looking at flying into Kelowna on August 15th-ish and staying in B.C. for about a week (probably a wee bit longer). There are plans to visit some family in Vancouver, I just don’t know exactly when. I’ll keep you posted though!

  • It could be a natural burn out of bloggers, or it could just be that weather is getting nicer (Edmonton excluded) and people are spending more time outside and away from their computers. Sometimes life really does get in the way. Myself personally, I’ve been going non-stop. When I’m not at work or dealing with the sale of my home (which hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked), I’m busy at home unpacking and trying to get stuff put away (still), planning a wedding, cooking, or reading the occasional book. I found spending time on the internet really cut into my doing stuff at home and reading time, so I’ve made a conscious effort to cut back on the internet in order to try and balance out the rest of my life. I would still like to write, it’s just a matter of trying to figure out where to fit it in.

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