TGIF: Taking Care of Business

Oh, hey friends! Remember me?  :)

The past two weeks have flown by, and ended up being busier than I thought they were going to be. My internal alarm clock is finally set to 5:45 a.m., so I’ve been getting up with the sun, tackling my to-do list each day and then falling asleep at 11:30 p.m. or so. Actually, that part hasn’t been so great – the lack of sleep and constant yawning – but the break from writing here was still helpful, so thank you for understanding that I needed it.

Now, even though temperatures in Greater Vancouver have been hovering around 27°C/80°F, and you can see by my pictures that I’ve been outside enjoying it, life hasn’t been all work/play.

In the past two weeks, I:

  • saw my doctor once (to get x-ray results – eek!)
  • went to 5 treatments
  • worked out 11 times (switching it up between going to the gym, walking and hiking)
  • started practicing yoga on a daily basis (oh yea, that’s a little workout too!)
  • went out for brunch once
  • went out for dinner twice (with Krystal and Daisy)
  • Skyped with Gail, Preet, Bridget, Jordann and 2 other friends
  • had coffee with Lesley-Anne Scorgie
  • wrote and submitted 2 freelance posts (or 4 if you include what I wrote for Other Voices)
  • had a meeting about another side project
  • found my interview with MoneySense on the back page of their June 2014 issue
  • did an interview with NerdWallet
  • wrote a long list of future blog post topics
  • finished reading Pound Foolish by Helaine Olen
  • started reading Accidental Creative by Todd Henry
  • organized my closet and put together a big bag of items to donate
  • booked my next appointment to donate blood (May 30th!)
  • planned dates for 5 trips (more on those later)
  • worked, of course
  • and still had time to relax and watch some guilty pleasures!

Doesn’t sound like much of a break, does it!? Hence that lack of sleep! But, truthfully, the two-week writing break helped me make some pretty big decisions in regards to what I want to do with this blog and my career. And somewhere in there, I swear I almost found what my definition of “balance” looks like.

Anyway, I’m back! My plan going forward is to write every Monday and Friday, and squeeze in a post on Wednesday when I can. There will definitely be a post next Wednesday, because I’m celebrating something BIG that day. Until then, I’m ready for the long weekend to begin!

The low of my two weeks was attempting to run and failing oh, so miserably because of the pain. But at least I tried!? Hmm, I think I’ll stick to walking and hiking for a while longer.

The high of my two weeks was all the calls I had with friends, co-workers and mentors, which resulted in an abundance of career advice. I cannot express how grateful I am for everyone’s time and wisdom.

A blog post I loved was How Much of Your Life Are You Selling Off? by David Cain. “Think about it this way: if you decide to live without your daily Starbucks, not only do your savings grow that much faster, but you need to save less overall, because your retirement fund no longer needs to include a thirty-years’ supply of Starbucks.” I’ve been thinking about my retirement savings plan a lot lately, so this post really stuck with me. Then last week, I tweeted that having coffee with David was one of my new life goals. He replied and said he could make it happen. YES!

The best money I spent was on cards, which I mailed to my mom and grandma for Mother’s Day.

My plans this weekend include going for a hike with Daisy tomorrow, then heading home to Victoria for a week! I can’t wait to see my family, catch up with a few friends, then head up to Tofino later next week.

How were your two weeks? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Welcome back Cait!

    That sounds like a pretty great two weeks!

    It’s 27 degrees? Seriously? We had snow last week. This week has been hovering around 0 give or take a couple degrees. It’s supposed to hit 17 today so everyone is pretty excited. But it’s gonna drop back to single digits on Sunday. Even though it still been cold my icebergs are melting. But it’s been fun to watch.

    My last two weeks have been mainly working, watching 3 movies in theatres (oops) and watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix. I also fit in the Tobey Keith concert (He had a brass trio called the knuckleheads. They made the show for me) and I attended a bachelorette party where I managed to flare up my back injury by dancing burlesque (oops).

    I’ve also developed an obsession with planning a cruise to Northern Europe. I just need to find someone to go with me. There are unbelievable deals on right now for this summer. I’m hoping they will have something similar next summer or the one after when I’ll have the money to pay in cash.

    This weekend I am spending one night with my Mom and two nights at my Dad’s cabin. I’m hoping it will be relaxing.

    • It’s been incredibly warm here. Should cool down this weekend though (unfortunately!).

      The Toby Keith concert sounds fun! As does daydreaming about going on a cruise… The owners of the clinic I go to for physio/massage just went on a two-week cruise to the Mediterranean. So jealous!

      Enjoy your long weekend :)

  • Busy lady! But it sounds like you had lots of great stuff tucked in that week stint. I’m so intrigued about the career advice you’ve gotten, because that is something very much on my mind lately as well. I know it likely won’t apply to me, but I’m nosey and find that stuff so interesting :)

    The past two weeks really straightened out a lot of my job/work issues, and now it should hopefully be smooth sailing here on out. My parents are coming to visit for the weekend, and hopefully I will have some time to relax. I completely forgot that Monday was a holiday until yesterday, so that was a nice surprise!

    • I’m so happy to hear that work/pay stuff has been sorted out. But I also know you’ve applied for a couple other jobs, and I think it’s great you’re keeping your options open! Hope you get to relax this weekend :)

  • Yeah, welcome back! I’m not sure when it happens, but somewhere along the way to adulthood summer stops being this relaxing time out from the rest of the year and turns into the fullest 4-5 months there is. For me it’s the toughest time of year to find balance, though that is absolutely my priority this summer! It’s great to hear that you’re well on your way….if you have any tips I’d love to hear them!

    • Yea, I’ve been thinking I could probably turn it into a blog post… will try to do that soon!

  • Welcome back! You were missed! :) I love your interviews for NerdWallet and MoneySense! So cool. It sounds like you have been busy with lots of opportunities on the horizon. I am excited to see what is coming next for you.

    The past two weeks have been crazy for me, in a good way. Lots of work and some exciting opportunities. Just trying to manage and continue taking care of myself. Have a great weekend!

    • Managing your time/workload is important, but taking care of yourself is always #1. I want to hear more about these exciting opportunities. :)

  • Props to the daily yoga, such a great habit =)

    Love the post about “how much of your life are you selling off?” even though I have no plans to give up my vices ;)

    • Well, I won’t be doing any of the poses you post pics of anytime soon, haha… but I’m trying to do these online classes for 20-40 minutes before bed, and it’s been great for releasing stress.

    • Thanks, Emily! I always feel uncertain about them – just wonder who reads – so it’s nice to know that you enjoy them. :)

  • Hello stranger! Glad to see that you’ve been keeping out of trouble! (j/k) :-)

    My oh my but you’ve been a busy lady, eh? Bored is not in your vocabulary obviously. I’ll be looking forward to see what big celebration that you will be having next Wednesday. I know you like to keep us all in suspense! :-)

    As for moi, well the past two weeks have been productive, even if not as hectic as yours. I was able to get my lawn (and my neighbour’s) cut twice. My neighbour has hired me to mow her lawn for the summer – easy peasy beer money! The other day I finished painting my garage floor (the start of this summer’s house painting projects). Today I’m having my driveway repaved (which actually is a 2 visit operation where they dig up the old pavement, lay down crushed stone to settle, then 6 weeks later, come back to do the final repaving). So, all in all, I’ve been not sitting around knitting with all the other retired old farts! :-)

    • Haha, bored is not in my vocabulary – you are right about that. And I don’t think you’ll be too surprised on Wednesday! But we’ll see :)

      It sounds like you got the ball rolling on your summer projects! What others are you hoping to tackle?

      • No, you’re right about Wednesday! ;-)

        Well I plan to paint all the rest of the interior of our house this summer but it will all depend on health issues as to how far I get. This past winter I somehow messed up the rotator cuff on my right shoulder (from excessive snow shovelling, what else, eh?) such that my right shoulder gives me some pain at times. Bummer!

        • Major bummer. Injuries are the worst.

          And see – I’m not as mysterious as you’d think! haha

          • I’d like to think that all women are mysterious, Cait, each in their own ways. That’s what makes them attractive to us guys. At least that’s what my wife, who’s a blonde like you, tells me (and she’s right!) :-)

    • Well, don’t get too excited! They’re all in BC and Alberta – so I’m not going to any tropical destinations. ;)

  • Great to see you back :). And yay on reading Accidental Creative! I can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are – such a great book!! Now I need to borrow your daily yoga determination…

    • Oh, I’m loving the book so far! And I’m going to msg you about these online yoga classes I take – makes it really easy to practice daily. :)

  • Welcome back! :) Wow 27 degrees? Looks like spring has finally arrived.

    How’d you like Helaine Olen’s book? I just finished it too and found it ok-ish. Helaine had some good points, but I found she didn’t really offer up much of a solution except to say “we need to talk more about finances” to the general public.

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