TGIF: It’s Going to Be a Wet One

Looking outside right now, it’s hard to imagine that just last weekend I was close to getting a sunburn while out on a morning walk. Greater Vancouver knows better than to let the sun come out for too long! So the long weekend will be a soggy one, but I’m secretly (or not so secretly) ok with that.

Truth be told, I love the rain. I think you have to, in order to survive on the West Coast. It’s not fun to go out in, unless you have the right gear – rain boots and a proper rain jacket are essential. But my favourite thing about the rain is that it gives you an excuse to stay indoors, relax and only notice it in the background.

If I had a desk (which is close to becoming a necessity), I’d put it in front of my living room window and spend the whole weekend writing while listening to the rain. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

The low of my week was catching some kind of cold/sinus bug and having to cancel my blood donation appointment. As of last night, I’m starting to feel a bit better, but it was a pretty lazy week because of that. (The worst part was not being able to taste anything I was eating. Don’t you hate that!?)

The high of my week was having a photographer come to my place to take a pic for that MoneySense interview! My floor is still covered in confetti. (I think it’s for their June issue, which should be out in May.)

A blog post I loved was Most Problems Never Have to Be Solved. David is someone I would love to have coffee with. Darn him for being in the prairies.

The best money I spent was $40.40 on 5 bags (5 BAGS!) of fresh produce that’ll last for two weeks. Langley Farm Market in Pitt Meadows is the best discovery I’ve made since moving to Greater Vancouver.

My plans this weekend include going for brunch this morning with a reader turned email friend (yay!), getting some writing done, finishing the book Me Before You and starting Pound Foolish, and hanging out with Ashly (double yay!). Oh, and I still need some sandals for the wedding, which is next weekend! Eek!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • I don’t mind rainy days that much, either… if it’s on a day where I was already planning to stay indoors and read/write/watch Netflix all day ;) But if it rains on a day when I have plans or need to run errands I get unnecessarily annoyed, haha.

    • Yea, I hear that. That actually doesn’t happen very often to me, probably because most plans start with the words, “if the weather’s decent…” (You always need a Plan B here!)

    • Ha! I just remembered it was Easter. Since I’m not going home, I totally forgot. Enjoy :)

  • I love listening to the rain. I think it would be a great idea to put a desk in front of the window. I still need to set up my office. It’s still an empty room.

    I have a four day weekend so I went out to my hometown for the first time since Christmas. It’s going to be a nice break. The weather was beautiful the last two days. Lots of sunshine but temperatures between -3 and 5. Tomorrow we are getting 5-10cm of snow and freezing rain. I’m not really looking forward to that. Hopefully it will be cleared up by my drive back to the city on Monday.

    • Are you kidding me!? Man, you guys need a break. Time to start doing sun dances, Trista, haha. Anyway, enjoy your long weekend at home!

  • I hope your sinus/cold issue goes away. I hate pressure in my head – some days I just beg for my head to explode because it seems easier ;) (I’m prone to hyperbole, don’t you know)

    I actually have a four day weekend (everywhere I worked before didn’t give Easter Monday off). So I am splitting my time between my place and my home town. Relaxing today, and then driving up tomorrow morning until Monday. I haven’t been back since Christmas which was a very rushed trip, so it will be nice to see my family.

    I love your produce deal! I can’t wait until the local market starts getting back into full swing. Nothing better than buying produce directly from the source.

    • I do NOT get Easter Monday off, so I’m a tad jealous. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family!

      Oh, and it’s not a seasonal farmer’s market or anything like that… even though that’s what the name implies. They have cheap produce year-round! I’m in heaven.

  • I think I would happily trade rain for the constant snow/flooding we’ve been having here in NB this Spring. Sounds very relaxing! I’m looking forward to this long weekend, I’m planning on getting some writing done and visiting with the family. That’s an A+ weekend in my opinion.

  • I grew up in Maple Ridge and lived there until I moved to Yellowknife two years ago. It doesn’t rain much here and I miss it!

    There isn’t something like the Langley Farm Market here. Every Tuesday in the summer there is a Farmers Market set up but I haven’t been to it yet. Produce in general here never seems in that great of condition so I definitely miss being able to go and get lots of fresh produce!

    • Make it a goal to hit up the farmer’s market this summer. :)

      PS I love the pic of you under the Aurora Borealis on your blog!

  • My weekend will be more of the same as my week. Chained to my desk doing client taxes. Can’t wait for tax season to be over.

  • Hi Cait! Happy Easter!

    I’m way late with my comment on this post, but I hope you had a nice long weekend. I had all 4 days off but came in for 4 hours of OT today.

    I had a really busy but awesome weekend. Friday had Easter Dinner with bf’s parents (first time meeting them) … then we went for a 6K run to burn it off after.

    Saturday we went and visited my brother and SIL and we got there on bf’s motorcycle. My first time ever being on one. He is selling it very soon but wanted me to see what it’s like first.

    Sunday we did a good workout and run, then made cheesecake, and went to my Grandma’s for my family’s Easter dinner. That was his first time meeting my extended family.

    Then this morning I went running again, did 9K in a really good time, caught up on a ton of housework in a hurry, and then headed in to work.

    Seriously had the best weekend even though it was super busy!

    Have a great week :)

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