TGIF: Going Green + The Launch of Tangerine

tangerine launch

On Sunday morning, I woke up in a King-sized hotel bed in downtown Victoria. Despite the fact that friends and I had spent the night partying there – and out – for my girlfriends’ bachelorette, my internal clock woke me up just in time to watch the sunrise over the harbour. (Life without hangovers is pretty awesome, by the way.) I brewed a cup of bitter hotel room coffee in the overused single cup coffee maker, and took it with me to the deck, so both the caffeine and fresh air could energize me. If last week’s TGIF post didn’t press it home already, I love the smell of salt in the air… and I wanted to soak up every last minute of it, because that morning was the last of all my days away. A few hours later, I was on the ferry home to Port Moody, and life has been go, go, go ever since.

For starters, I have had a ton of work to catch up on. Do you know how much work gets done during a workcation in the Dominican Republic? I’ll let your imagination run wild. And in Toronto, my days are usually so meeting-heavy that I can only squeeze in a few productive hours each day. Needless to say, my work days were long this week… but I’m actually all caught up!

On top of work, I had to catch up on real life. I had appointments with both my doctor and physiotherapist. Then I had to schedule more appointments – lots of them – for physio, cold laser therapy and massage therapy. Oh, I also made an appointment to donate blood again next Thursday! (Do you know you can’t donate for 6+ months after travelling to some cities/countries? Thankfully, Cabarate wasn’t one of them.)

To stay sane, I’ve been trying to do a better job of listening to my body. After three weeks of eating takeout, I happily packed fruit and a salad for lunch every day (other than on Wednesday, when I forgot it in the fridge at home and had to order this). I’ve also been juicing like crazy, avoiding dairy and cutting way back on sugar (but more on that next week). And I’ve napped almost every day after work.

All in all, it’s been a busy but productive week. This afternoon, I need to finish up and send off my first second piece for The Globe and Mail. After that, I’m going to play around on Tangerine’s new site and start thinking about my savings goals for this year. You saw they launched on Tuesday, right? What do you think?

The low of my week was tossing and turning every single night. I need a new bed ASAP.

The high of my week was being interviewed by MoneySense Magazine for the “How I Did It” feature that will go on the last page of their June issue (which should be on shelves in May!).

A blog post I loved was Women’s Book Clubs Shouldn’t Be Wine Clubs. I’d considered joining a book club when I moved to Greater Vancouver, but found most of the descriptions for them on Meetup made them sound like nothing more than an excuse to drink with the girls. Is it time for me to start one of my own? Anyone up for espresso + intellectual conversation on a Sunday morning? Let’s do it.

The best money I spent was $111.95 on a Fitbit Flex. Yes, that was an unplanned expense. Yes, it was paid for with cash. And yes, I’m completely obsessed.

My plans this weekend include going for brunch with Krystal tomorrow, then having another girlfriend and her kids over for a swim in the afternoon. On Sunday morning, I’m going for a walk in the Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge Dyking District with a friend and her dog, and then I plan on doing nothing but vegging out, reading and watching the season premiere of Mad Men!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Congrats on making it through your three weeks of travel. You must be so happy to be back in your routine – I know I always am when I get home from a long trip.

    Also congrats on the MoneySense Mag feature – I’ll have to break my “no magazines” rule for this one.

  • Oh exciting about so many things. I always find those last page features in MoneySense so interesting! So can’t wait to see a story I relate to :)

    I’ve been enjoying my new Tangerine scarf (well, my cat has been so far), and I’m enjoying the new site. It’s so similar but it’s taken a little getting used to with a few of the changes.

    I don’t have much scheduled for this weekend. I did get a hair cut yesterday, and oh my gosh does my hair look and feel soooo much better. Sometimes frugality cannot withstand the need for thinning out my ridiculously thick hair!

    • Fresh haircuts feel so good! But you could also just send me some of your thick hair, haha. Mine is so fine, I could always use a little extra.

  • Oh my gawwwwsh! I got a Fitbit Flex two weeks ago, obsessed! And way to catch back up so quick. It’s always tough to adjust back to life again after being gone. Your weekend sounds phenomenal! I am going to be working mine away, which I am happy with, because I’ve been off work for a bit with a sprained ankle (my Fitbit steps have suffered) so I am happy for the income.

    • Aww, well enjoy working then! Or, at least, enjoy the money. :)

      And what’s your favourite thing about the Fitbit so far?

  • You’ve been gone forever! I hate hangovers too and they can happen very quickly to me so I’ve always been a very light drinker. I have a built-in avoidance for feeling crappy. lol! I’m doing the less sugar thing to and man is it hard to stay in myfitnesspal’s totals. The only sugar free pass I’m giving myself is fruit. I would never give up fruit just to cut back on sugar, but I’m more aware of things that sugar is hidden in. Hope you get back into your routine soon! I’m playing beach volleyball this weekend. Huge surprise, huh? :)

    • Oh, I would NEVER give up fruit. No way, no how, haha. I’m also not stressing about the fact that a little sugar might be in this or that… but I’m not ADDING it to anything. Baby steps, haha.

  • I gave up heavy drinking about a year ago and I definitely don’t miss the hangovers, especially after big holidays like NYE. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on. Congrats on the MoneySense Magazine interview! I’m probably going to hang around the neighborhood this weekend and hit up a pretty rad bike-centric free music festival. How cool is that?

  • You’re just knocking it right out of the park with the major publications, aren’t you? Congratulation on the Money Sense interview. I look forward to reading it :)

  • Hiya!
    Week was good!! Wrapped up my course and exam so I’m pretty happy about that… weather was nice, got some outdoor runs in. Finally had a weekend off and did the Yonge Street 10K. My time was 1:01:26 slightly slower than last year (59:52) but bf and I and one of my girlfriends ran together and I was so proud of both of them, having never done a race or even a run that long before, they both killed it. Then yesterday I got a fancy new iphone so I’m excited to finally kiss Blackberry good bye for good! Face Time?!? so fun!

    Congrats on the interview with MS! I actually got my friend to order that mag for me months ago via her Rogers bill (much cheaper) but it never did come in… I’ll have to follow up on that soon in time to read your piece :)

    Have a great week, Cait!

    • Sounds like you had a great weekend, Dayle! And great time for all 3 of you to run together!

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