TGIF: Hola from Cabarete!

As I’m typing this, the clock tells me it’s 3:01 a.m. in the Dominican, but I’m still on PST so am only just starting to wind down. You’d think I would be exhausted, considering I spent 14 hours travelling here via 3 flights (Victoria – Vancouver, Vancouver – Toronto and Toronto – Puerto Plata). Fortunately, I’m someone who can sleep on planes – and I slept through most of my flights!

When I walked off my last plane, it felt as though I’d stepped into a sauna. The average temperature here this week is 31°C, and the humidity makes it feel like closer to 39-40°C. Depending on where you travel to, there’s a chance the humidity will make you feel hot and sticky, but not here. We spent the afternoon laying by the pool and I barely felt hot enough to go for a swim. (Instead, I napped more, lol.)

We did end up jumping in the pool for a bit, then went out for dinner, and hit up a bunch of clubs on the beach just a short walk from our resort. We made some new friends, sipped some cold drinks and danced until our feet hurt. And now I’m wiped! But my alarm is set for 8:30 a.m. (which will feel like 5:30 a.m. for me), because we’re going horseback riding tomorrow morning.

I seriously forgot how amazing vacations felt. (Even my back feels a bit better in the heat.)

The low of my week was losing sleep on both Sunday and Monday night. I think my brain was just buzzing with thoughts of my never-ending to-do list, but everything I wanted to get done is done!

You would think the high of my week would be being in Cabarete (and it will be starting today), but it was actually being invited to become a regular Education Contributor at The Globe and Mail. You know I signed those papers and sent them back right away! I can’t wait to start writing there.

A blog post I loved was How to Succeed Professionally by Helping Others over at The Atlantic. I was also inspired by Seth Godin’s Happy Wowday.

The best money I spent will be whatever I spend this weekend!

My plans this weekend include going horseback riding today, hosting a party at our place tonight, then going bodysurfing and doing a little yoga…

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Congrats on the Globe and Mail gig! That’s awesome.

    I’m jealous of your vacation. I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not. But one of my girlfriends from high school is trying to set up a trip for us to the Dominican next winter. It would be really great to travel with these girls. We’ve been friends for 15+ years now. We don’t see each other as much as we like but we definitely get together a couple of times a year. Even though I don’t like the heat I can’t see saying no to them.

    My plans this weekend are to catch up on my course readings, hang out with my good friend (no idea what we are going to do) and I’ve got a house-warming party tomorrow night.

    I’m trying really hard to stick to my budget as I’ve been going over since December. So I’m hoping the only money spent is on a bottle of wine for the happy home-owners.

  • You know what’s funny? I read your title as Holla’ rather than “O-la”. I think I need to work on my Spanish!

    Also, amazing job with that writing gig! You’re a superstar!!! (I think I need an exclamation intervention). It is very well-deserved and a very exciting addition your writing portfolio! HuffPost Canada, GVO, TGAM… what’s next – The Wall Street Journal? :)

    Enjoy your vacation! I’m pretty envious of that awesome locale. I need a good vacation! Soon…

  • Enjoy your vacation Cait….you have definitely earned it. It sounds like you’ve a pretty perfect schedule while you’re there too!

    And congrats on new Globe gig, again, you’ve definitely earned it…I’m really looking forward to reading all you have to say!

    • Thanks, Colleen! I’ll only be writing once every 6-8 weeks, I think… but I’m so excited to have that opportunity. :)

    • Thanks, Morgaine! And you’re going to have an amazing time. Have you figured out where you’re staying!?

  • Do you mean Dominican Republic? The DR is definitely in my next-to-visit list. After going to Jamaica, I really want to go there next as I know it’s a country with lots of all-inclusive hotels that are well-priced. Plus, living in NYC, where there is a large Dominican population, I have had plenty of tasty Dominican food at restaurants here so I know I’d enjoy.

    Have a nice relaxing trip and enjoy the waves!

    • Thanks, Tara! We’re not at an all-inclusive – just at a resort where there is a small restaurant by the pool, but otherwise we grocery shop or go out for all our meals. It’s still super cheap! Cheaper than most all-inclusives, for sure. Definitely worth being at the top of your next-to-visit list :)

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