TGIF: I’ll Be Home… in April

new west quay

Well, I’m mostly packed and ready to go…

Tomorrow is my first of 23 days away from home. I’m catching the 11am ferry to Victoria, where I’ll spend 4 nights visiting family and friends. From there, I’m flying (through Toronto) to the Dominican, where I’ll spend a week in the sun, sand and surf with a few of my co-workers. On the way back, I’m going to Toronto for a week. Then I’m flying back to Victoria on April 3rd, where I’ll spend 3 more nights (and host a bachelorette party), before finally catching a ferry home on April 6th.

I had planned to get more writing done, before I left, but I spent a good chunk of my spare time this week just prepping for this trip. Packing for 3+ weeks is no joke – especially when you need clothing for 3 different climates: the wet coast, tropical paradise and the polar vortex, lol. I will need to get a handful of posts written this weekend, though, as I’d prefer not to spend any time in front of my laptop while I’m in the Dominican (other than to write next week’s TGIF post, so I can share a pic of Cabarete!).

For the next few weeks, most of my posts will be answers to some of the questions you asked me last month. I may not be able to reply to comments while I’m away, but I’m looking forward to your feedback on them. When I get back, I know that my focus here will be a little different… but in a good way. I’ve been feeling “stuck” for the past month or so, and this week I finally realized why. So, change is coming, friends.

Until next week!

The low of my week was seeing one of my co-workers post a pic from her first day in the Dominican yesterday. Three of them went for 2 weeks, whereas I’m only going for 1, and I’m suffering from major FOMO.

The high of my week is a tie. First, I spent last Saturday morning at a public speaking workshop at the YWCA with a group of other mentors and high school mentees. It was so incredible to see the girls come out of their shells, and then admit they were proud of themselves for doing so. And then I also received the cheque from all that contract work I did in February and put 100% of it in my Emergency Fund!

A blog post I loved was How to Handle the Bad Days. My favourite line: “Remember: if you weren’t capable, you certainly wouldn’t have gotten this far.” Nicole Belanger is one of my new favourite bloggers.

The best money I spent was $55 on a new pair of TOMS. Mine were literally falling apart as I walked.

My plans this weekend include hanging out with a friend and packing tonight, catching a ferry to Victoria tomorrow morning, visiting family and friends, and sneaking in a visit with a former classmate from Royal Roads who is in Victoria for work!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Hi Cait!!

    And I thought I was busy. Ha ha.

    This has been week three of craziness for me. As you’ve noticed I haven’t been around much lately. Between working five shifts at one job three to four at my second job and school two nights plus readings, papers and exams I’m about ready to collapse. I’ve also managed to mess up my back due to ergonomics and you can mix that with all the snow we’ve been having. So aside from all the work I also had a job interview this week and a full day of training. I must admit I can’t wait for spring, school will be over and the snow will finally be gone.

    I saw that you picked up on my happy news in my comment on your last other voices post. I started a relationship about three weeks ago. Unfortunately my schedule only really allows us to get together once a week… twice if we are very lucky. He works overnight shift work so getting together is quite difficult. Once school is over I will be changing my days off at job number two to his days off. I’m already counting the money I’d save when we eventually live together. Ha ha. As you know living alone is very expensive.

    Enjoy your time in the sun and your time with friends and family. :)

    • Three weeks in and you’re already talking about moving in together? He must be quite the guy!

      Hopefully the snow clears up for you soon over there! I know I’m not prepared to see any in Toronto, later this month… but the winter jacket is in my suitcase, just in case.

      • It’s mainly him that’s been talking about moving in. But the savings that would come with it is what I’m focusing on. Ha ha. It likely won’t happen for awhile yet. It’s just fun to count the money. Although the relationship is new I’ve known him for almost four years. So in some ways it’s moved kind of quickly. We have already started to have money talks. I know a fair bit about his financial status and what he’s planning to do to develop his career. He knows a bit about my struggle and my aversion to being in debt.

        But when it comes to living together I don’t see the point in waiting too long. I’ve only lived with someone once and it was at the six month mark. I’m very glad we didn’t wait longer because I didn’t realize who he truly was until then. The relationship might have lasted years longer and I don’t think my self worth would have survived. Back then I also very dependent on his contributions to the household bills. I was deeply in debt and not making enough to cover 100% of the bills even without the debt. Now I’m proud to say that I have the ability to live on my own and I can afford the lifestyle I’ve chosen. If my bf moves in and it doesn’t work out. We can split and I will be ok on my own financially.

  • Sounds like you are super busy Cait! I’m so jealous of your trips. You’ll have to post lots of beach pictures so that I can live through you :)

  • Happy Friday!
    ou will have a great 3+ weeks of travel and fun!

    My week: Monday was a vacation day that I spent in Niagara Falls with a girlfriend. Tuesday was so nice and spring-like I got to run 7K outside and then new friend stopped by for dinner. Wednesday we got a big snow storm which caused my Book Club to be cancelled, and then yesterday I had a dinner and Breaking Bad night with new friend. Good week all around! This weekend I’m hitting the gym with a friend tonight, working some OT tomorrow morning, and then having a girl’s night on Saturday night.

    Safe travels!

    • Ok, East Coast weather is whack. You ran 7K outside on Tuesday, then saw 20cm of snow fall on Wednesday – nooo thank you! Anyway, sounds like you have a nice weekend planned. Enjoy :)

  • “change is coming, friends.”

    My, my, my but that can mean so many different things, my mysterious Cait and – no – I won’t even try to guess (nor tease) you as to what you might be referring to. :-)

    So, enjoy all your planned trips coming up.

    Our past week’s “Polar Vortex” snow storm, here in TO, has now passed and today is quite sunny with the weather slowly warming up so please bring back some of that Dominican warm weather when next you breeze through here, k?

    This past week was spent having my wife’s older sis come to visit us for a few days so that was nice. Last weekend one of my front teeth kinda cracked (in the filling) while I was eating and so, this being March Break week with many peeps awol, I’m only seeing the dentist this Saturday to get it fixed. Never a dull moment when you’re trying to smile and look pretty …

    Enjoy your trip and take lots of pics!

    • Good to hear the sun is out now! I’m still packing my winter jacket, just in case… but would love to not have to wear it, while I’m there.

      About the tooth – ouch! Great you’re getting that fixed up tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!

  • I am excited for you to get some sun and warmth! I have a friend’s wedding to attend tomorrow that is in town. It’s great because I don’t have to break the bank to get there since it’s 10 minutes away! Working on a fundraiser for my local YWCA, so I have a meeting for that on Sunday. I am glad it’s Friday :) Safe travels!

  • You can’t leave us hanging like that “changing is coming”… and combined with your twitter comments about knowing something is on the horizon… The anticipation is killing me. I might be a little too invested in your life, haha :)

    Have an amazing vacation! I’ve had trips like that where I’ve had to pack for a couple different climates, or levels of formality, and it makes for a very full suitcase.

    This weekend has a lot of loose ends getting wrapped up. I’ve committed myself to a lot of external activities outside of the 9-5… which means I have a busy weekend ahead to get myself prepared. But then after next week it should be all good. Volunteer opportunity will be complete for this year, helping a friend prep for a big deal will be complete, AND I will get my tax refund back next week. So what a sigh of relief will come with all that. I’m already wanting to write my monthly financial update and it’s only the 14th!

    • Haha, it’s nothing too exciting… I’ve just been feeling kind of blah/stagnant lately, and I don’t like it.

      Sounds like a busy weekend! But great news re: the tax refund coming soon. I’m looking forward to your monthly update now too. :)

  • Man. I’m SOO jealous of your trip to the Dominican. Between all of the rain we’ve been getting, and then the breaks of sunshine (which for me means yardwork.. woohoo..) I need a vacation. I won’t get one until the fall! You’ll be a pro at packing for 3 climates in 3 weeks so I very much expect a post on it when you return! Haha. Have fun!!!!

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