TGIF: When in Doubt, Cook

chicken pot pie

Last week, I was go, go, go in Victoria. Since coming home on Saturday night, I have to admit, I’ve been pretty lazy. Aside from working during the day, going to physio twice and the gym once, I have spent most of the past week on my couch, watching Homeland (again) and… that’s about it!

On Wednesday afternoon, I realized how little I’d accomplished; not that I had any pressing deadlines this week, but I felt as though I’d “wasted” a bunch of my spare time. Do you guys ever feel that way!? Anyway, I don’t know if I just needed to cross a project off my to-do list or what, but I ended up going to the grocery store, picking up some food and spending the entire night batch cooking. The result: two homemade quiches and a dozen handheld chicken pot pies.

I know you’re not supposed to say that your own cooking tastes good, but I have to admit… I think I’ve mastered homemade quiches (according to my tastebuds, anyway). Also, the chicken pot pies are delicious, but could’ve used more seasoning (or at least some garlic). Now that the fridge is stocked, I can go back to lazing away on the couch, right? Just kidding. I want to write a couple week’s worth of blog posts this weekend, if possible, so I can enjoy my time away…

The low of my week was thinking my lower back and right hip were starting to feel better, then running on a treadmill for a few minutes, realizing I was wrong and irritating them again. TG for physio and ice packs.

The high of my week was Skyping with Shannon from ReadyForZero on Monday night. <3

A blog post I loved wasn’t really a blog post… it was a list of 10 TED Talks Every Woman Should See. I’d already seen a few (Liz Gilbert’s, Brene Brown’s and Sheryl Sandberg’s) but have slowly been going through the rest this week. Watch some this weekend, in honour of International Women’s Day!

The best money I spent was $25.71 on a new French press from Starbucks, which I had to buy after the glass in my old one shattered. So, maybe that was the worst money I spent, haha.

My plans this weekend include going to a public speaking workshop with my mentee, having lunch downtown with a friend, then getting some writing done. I’m really excited about next week’s posts!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Could you give us the recipe for your quiches? I made your spicy peanut stir fry and I LOVE it! Plan to make a second batch tonight for dinner.

    • I will plan to do that this month, yes! Thanks for asking, Emily. And happy to hear the spicy peanut sauce worked out for you. :)

  • Thanks for the link to the TED talks, I will definitely be watching them this weekend. I might even re-watch the ones I have seen (the ones you listed).

    I am going to try to stockpile some posts as well. I had done really well last week to be prepared for my trip this week – had posts for Monday and Tuesday, but then forgot to post on Wednesday. I like being a few posts ahead so that I can take some pressure off, and (hopefully) write better posts that aren’t so last minute and rushed. That being said, some of my last-minute posts are my most popular… it’s interesting what strikes a chord.

    I love the idea of those handheld chicken pot pies… I might try those. Especially since I have boiled chicken (leftover from roast chicken) tucked in the freezer. Also, my fiancé doesn’t like chicken pot pie, so those will be perfect for me rather than a huge casserole dish. :)

    • I’ve always found the same – that last-minute posts are the best. But some of what I’m writing about for these next couple of weeks is stuff I’ve been thinking about for months… and it’s time to finally get the words down, so to speak.

      Try the pot pies! They are delish.

  • What a coincidence, your week’s high was the same as mine :). I’m so glad we got to catch up but next time can you find a way to teleport me some of those chicken pot pies?? …and some cookies too, just sayin’. :)

    • Would if I could, friend! We’ll find some good food in New Orleans… if I don’t come visit you again, before. ;)

  • Mmm Quiche :)

    Just relaxing this weekend, last Monday we got back from a week in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and on Wednesday we’re going to Cancun for a week!

    After that the party’s over and we’ll get stuck into work for the rest of the year :) Hopefully it’s less snowy by the end of the month!

    • I’m hoping the same thing, Sammie! I have zero interest in packing my winter jacket, haha. Enjoy your time in Cancun :)

  • Those quiches do look great :) And I totally agree with you: It’s always a great idea to cook when you can. I always try to batch cook in such a way that I always have something in the fridge or freezer to avoid the temptation of doing the easy thing.

    • That’s exactly right, Mario! More food in the fridge = fewer reasons to eat takeout.

  • Homeland is so addictive! DH and I watched the first season on Netflix in about a week, and now I’m in the really long hold list for Season 2 from the library. We’re jonesing something fierce!

    Looking forward to your quiche recipe. I don’t think I’ve ever made quiche, but my son adores eggs in all forms so this would be great to try!

    My week was long-DH was away on business leaving me with the two kiddos. I had lots if help thankfully (so grateful to my parents and aunt who all live close by) but my little guy (2.5 yrs) really missed his Daddy so was more emotional and challenging than usual. We have a quiet weekend planned-DH are spending the day together on Sat doing boy things (Jeep related) so my wee girl (8 wks) and I are on our own. I just learned of a new cheese lady at the farmer’s market who makes a new crazy grilled cheese sandwich creation every Saturday, so we might make a field trip to the market just to get out if the house :)

  • The pot pies look so yummy! What a great idea, I’ve never seen it done that way before.
    I’m also working my way through those 10 TED talks this weekend, catching up on my RSS feeds…started at 278 and down to 227…YIKES! Doing some writing and prepping my tax info for my accountant.
    Enjoy your vacations! :)

  • I get nervous when I have to cook for other people. I appreciate good food but I’m also not a very picky eater, so to me my cooking is fine. But what if what I think is fine is actually super bland or, worse, not actually good at all to other people? IT STRESSES ME OUT.

    Practice makes perfect, I guess!

    • I’m the same – always feel anxious about other people eating what I cook. Does it taste ok!? Are they just saying that to be nice? I know that baked goods always taste good (or else I don’t share them), but regular food is a different ball game.

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