TGIF: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I’ll be honest and say I’ve never been a huge fan of this so-called holiday. I’m much more of a surprise-me-with-flowers-on-a-Tuesday kind of girl than a buy-me-expensive-stuff-because-Hallmark-says-you-have-to. But I can still appreciate all the love that’ll be in the air today.

So, with that being said, I did make my way over to Walmart earlier this week to buy some baking supplies for red velvet chocolate chip cookies. I subbed out semi-sweet chocolate chips for white chocolate chips and, not to toot my own horn, but they came out perfect! And then I gave all but 4 away, because I certainly don’t need to eat 24 cookies, haha.

Other than that, my week was pretty uneventful which, after the last few, is probably not a bad thing. I caught up on some sleep, caught up on some work, and now somehow it’s already Friday! While I don’t have a valentine this year, Chris is in town from New York and he invited me to high tea this afternoon. After chatting online for a couple of years now, it’ll be nice to finally meet face-to-face! And then I’ll come home, order pizza and watch a horror movie, because that’s what single people do on Valentine’s Day, right!?

The low of my week was just that I’m starting to feel extremely frustrated about the limited amount of physical activity I can do still, since my accident in July. I still can’t hike (or even walk on an incline on the treadmill) without limping the next day. I can’t swim 20 laps without feeling shooting pains in my low back (but I still do it, because I need to). I just want to run! For like 10 minutes! Pain-free. Wah. /rant

The high of my week was playing with my “niece” at Science World last weekend. She absolutely hated the body exhibit (and the TV with the freaky eyeball that follows you everywhere), but finally started having fun when we got to the area where we could play with drums, water, etc. I love seeing that kid smile.

A blog post I loved was How Anyone Can Become Addicted to Money. The article looks at how certain work situations can fuel an unhealthy relationship with money. Kind of interesting.

The best money I spent was $11.35 on the ingredients I needed for those cookies.

My plans this weekend include getting things together for the bridal shower next weekend, continuing to plan the bachelorette party and practicing my PechaKucha presentation. Oh, and it’s a long weekend! Because I work for a company based out of Toronto, I get Ontario holidays, so it’s a belated Family Day long weekend for this BC resident. Woo hoo!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Cait!

    mmmm! Those chocolate chip cookies sure look yummy – wish I could reach thru my computer screen here and gobble up one – or two – or three!!!! :-)

    I read over that blog post that you referenced about being addicted to money. Very interesting! I agree with it. For many of us guys (more so than for women, perhaps) I figure that money often represents a competitive yardstick that one uses in comparing oneself to others. Now I’m not like that since I’m more of a chocoholic addict! :-)

    Hope you have a fun time today and over the weekend. As for me, well I’ve arranged to get a guy to come by today to cut down a large maple tree in my back yard (which took a real beating during our Christmas ice storm here in TO). Should be great fun for my (soon-to-be) 94 y/o MIL to watch outside our back window!

    Enjoy your high tea this afternoon with Chris. I plan to go get a high coffee!

  • I agree, I never really understood the flower and chocolates on valentine’s day but I do like to have a little fun with it. I got the Just Wink app, which lets you send fun e-cards to your friends. All my friends got a valentine’s day card from me this morning for nothing. That’s what’s fun about valentine’s day to me. Have a great weekend!

  • First the trolls, now the Walmart haters? You’re a better woman than I am, I’d have eaten all the cookies (am um — could you possibly post the recipe). :o)

    I’ll skip the whole high/low thing and just say “ditto to both from last week”.

    I’m actually having a bit of heart failure for the whole “best money I spent all week thing”. I have a meeting with my financial advisor today and I’m maxing out my TFSA for the year and topping up my RRSP’s before the deadline. My savings account is taking a big hit. LOL I know I just “I want my EF all in one spot” but I realize after talking to my advisor that this is a better course of action with the money. I’m comfortable with what’s left in my savings and should I need it he is setting it up so I get at the new TFSA tout-suite. Thanks Cait – because if I hadn’t started reading your blog I wouldn’t have the comfort level I do.

    I’m on holidays next week so I’m looking forward to peace, quiet and watch a whole lot of the Olympics.

    • I’m replying to my own message because I can’t edit it. Just saw the link for the cookie recipe. Oops. It’s been a rotten week. I need the cookies. Or wine. Or wine and the cookies.

  • Hi Cait!

    Those cookies look delicious. I miss baking. I’m not much for Valentine’s either. But I don’t dislike the day. I’m sad my internet is out because it’s getting in the way of my big Valentine’s plan which was watching House of Cards season two on Netflix.

    Low of my week: My internet going out AGAIN!

    High of my week: A promising first date this past Tuesday. I’m excited and nervous about where it might lead which is a good sign because I usually don’t feel that was so soon.

    The best money I spent: The $3.90 on the Caramel Apple Spice drink I had at Starbucks on Tuesday

    Plans for the weekend: Cleaning house, working and hoping Rogers can fix my internet when the trouble call happens.

  • Hey Cait.

    Bummer that you’re still sore. I see that you went to Physio and had a massage. Have you ever seen a Chiropractor? It might be that your lower back is out of alignment. If you’re worried about being cracked find a chiro who does Cox therapy (it’s where your put on a table that moves and your lower back/hips and neck can be moved – no cracking). If you want more info feel free to contact me.

    • My physiotherapist is a kinesiologist, so he does crack my back whenever I’m out of alignment. Thanks!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Cait! I said this the last time you showed baking, but I feel like there should be a reader’s contest where we get baked goods sent to us ;)

    Plans for the weekend includes House of Card Season 2, a bit of batch cooking, and relaxing! Maybe go to coffee with a friend.

    • I second Alicia’s motion – all in favour????

      Or would that be All-in-flavour since it involves a treat. :o)

  • man those cookies looked AWESOME!! AND changing them to white chocolate looks good…i might have to do that..hubby can’t do chocolate…Im sorry your so frustrated by your movements being hampered by the accident…I understand the need to run…but YOU will get back to running…RIGHT??? it just takes time????
    I hope so…plans for the weekend are kinda slow and not much going on which is AN AWESOME thing…I don’t like to run around doing this and that all the time.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I wish that more people knew the true story of Valentine’s Day.

    ST.Valentine was a priest by in the 1500’s that married roman soldiers in secret when it was illegal to get married, because it distracted them when they fought in the wars. He was made a saint on February 14th… this is not a hallmark made holiday (there really are not any)

    High of my week was finding the good budget app for my phone, love it!

    Low was having trouble concentrating at work because my son is having trouble at school.

    Hope everyone has a good valentine’s day!

    As a married person we are taking the kids to the lego movie! Vey romantic!


  • Hapypy Valentine’s Day, Cait!

    I had a good week, glad you did too. Filed the taxes as you know…they finally posted that I will get my refund this Friday :D Otherwise it was a pretty normal week, work, gym, and had my book club on Wednesday night.

    Had a good Friday/Valentine’s Day with new friend…went to the gym in the morning with a girlfriend, then went for a run with him. The rest of the day was watching Breaking Bad, going to Costco, and making dinner …and he may or may not have gotten me flowers despite my indifference toward the “day” :) I had baked him some cookies – ginger snaps and chocolate chip.

    For the rest of the weekend… busy busy, having some girlfriends over today, taking my Grandparents out for lunch tomorrow, and I’m also working 1/2 days Sunday and Monday.

    Have a great weekend hun!

    • I’m so jealous you’ve already filed your taxes! I’m still (impatiently) waiting for my T4… haha.

  • These chocolate chip cookies look incredible and I’m sure they tasted heavenly! I am sorry to hear about your frustration not being able to hike or work out as much as you want to. I hope you start feeling better soon as you grow stronger! Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day (I would if I had those cookies to keep me company, lol)! xo

  • Those look delish! I finally caught up on your blog. I read from beginning to current and I just wanted to say, “WOW & Congrats!” You are doing/have done wonderfully. Thanks for the inspiration :)

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