Seriously, TGIF!

How sad is it that I don’t even have a picture for this post, because I was too busy working this week to take any? Ok, well I’m sad about it… I like my TGIF pictures!

This week was so busy that I couldn’t even find the time to write my February budget and goals post. The budget is done! The goals are in place! I just couldn’t squeeze in 45 minutes to write up an explanation for it. Instead, I finished what ended up being a 75-hour workweek – something I have since decided I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. When I wasn’t working, I was sleeping… oh, and trying to plan a bridal shower, finishing up the slides for my PechaKucha (tickets go on sale tomorrow!) and coordinating a trip to Toronto.

By Tuesday afternoon, I realized it had been days since I’d had any human interaction, and I was starting to go a little crazy. Even though I didn’t feel as though I could spare any time, I texted a friend and asked if she was free for coffee. Fortunately, she was – and our two hours of talking and laughing was enough to recharge my batteries, so to speak. Wednesday was another 17-hour day between my job + the contract work I started last week… but I worked and worked until I finished it. And now I’m done!

Man, did freedom taste good on Thursday. (Seriously, I finally had time to meet a friend who was in town from Toronto for dinner, and it was so good!) I am really happy I accepted that contract work when I did, because the extra money will help me accomplish some goals over the next few months… but I think that was a one-time deal. Working those kind of hours cannot be healthy. And if I keep taking on more things like that, there’s a good chance I’ll be single for the rest of my life, lol.

The low of my week was just having an almost-meltdown on Tuesday. All good now.

The high of my week was being asked if I wanted to rework some of my old blog posts for The Huffington Post Canada! And having my first post go live! It’s not a new post, and likely none of them will be… this is just a great opportunity to share some of my content with a new audience.

A blog post I loved was project I am loving is The Stranger Project. My friend Colin launched it on January 1st and it’s been getting some serious press – for good reason. Before I go to bed every night, I always check Instagram to read about the convo he had with that day’s stranger. Check it out.

The best money I spent was $19.95 at Chill Winston last night. The mac and cheese + dessert were delicious! Although, I still kind of regret not ordering the $26 cheese plate…

My plans this weekend include catching up on sleep, catching up on all of your blogs (I’m sorry I’ve been a terrible blog friend!), and hanging out with friends and their kids (my “niece” and “nephew”) who will be visiting from Victoria! I am so, so, so excited to see them. <3

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Hi Cait! Happy to see that you survived your hectic week. We all get those from time to time, don’t we? So long as you don’t let it get away from you (and gradually become a workaholic) then I feel these occasional work spurts tend to toughen one up and you know that you can “deliver the goods” when extreme conditions demand it.

    This week has been pretty stressful for me too but not in the way that I would have foreseen. Fortunately I’ve coped and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. It relates to family health issues (not mine this time fortunately) but happily things are improving and the hopefully everything is finally getting back to normal.

    Other than that, I can only say that I am totally bummed out with Toronto winter because it’s quickly reaching the point where I don’t know where to shovel the freaking snow (our snow banks are so high)! :-)

    Oh well, Valentines Day is quickly approaching so that tends to make this month bearable, along with my MIL (who lives with us) turning 94. (I should live that long!)

    Have a great weekend with your friends.

    • Sorry to hear about the family health issues, Rob. And the weather… I know everyone at our Toronto office is sick and tired of the cold! It looks like the weather might warm up a touch next week!?

  • Cait, I hope this doesn’t sound strange, but I would love if you could do a meet up in Toronto! I know you want to enjoy your time, but I’m sure a lot of us would like to meet you and pick your brains in person. :)

  • Hi Cait – glad to hear you made it to the weekend. Enjoy – you certainly earned it.

    My low of the week – things are pretty stressful around work and I don’t know when it will settle down or how it will look when it does.

    The high of my week – I’m grateful I still have a job.

    I haven’t followed too many blogs but I’ll have to check out that project.

    Best money I spent? The transfer I just made to my savings account put me over the lower end of my savings goal. If I’m being honest I’m actually at the entire goal. I carry a $1K “slush” fund in my chequing account that I consider ground zero (I never go below it) so if I include that money I’m there. But I really want to see the whole number in my savings account without that additional safety net. (I’m weird – I know). :o)

    My plans this weekend – I think there’s this special sports thing that starts this weekend. I’m not completely sure though – I haven’t seen much of it on the news. (In addition to being weird I’m also a smart-alec).

    I’ll probably try and catch some of the games. Though – I don’t think anything will come close to 4 years ago.

    Have a great weekend!

    • You’re not weird! Unless I’m weird too, haha. I want to see $10K sitting in one account – not spread out over a handful. So congrats on moving some money over. :)

  • Glad to see you survived your week. You might want to stop doing that – last week was a jam-packed week for you as well. Take time for yourself.

    I’m super happy for you that you’re now posting on Huffington Post Canada. That’s huge! You’re taking the (PF) world by storm :)

    • Thanks, Alicia! And I knew the two weeks I was doing that contract work would be hectic. Just happy it’s over. :)

  • CONGRATS on huff post canada! that’s so great!

    i’m officially borrowing this post idea from you; i did it once before and i just think it’s super great to reflect on the good parts of the week and acknowledge the bad so you can move on!

    i know working that much is rough (not from personal experience, but because the husband works A LOT) but just remember it’s not forever. and, like you said, it’s going to put you in a better position financially for all the fun you have coming up in the next couple months!

  • Happy Friday!

    You’ve been a busy girl! It will be nice to take some time to decompress this weekend!!

    My week was great!

    High was definitely the Jason Aldean and FGL concert last night! :) I also got a friend of mine to work out with me a couple times… she is battling depression and I think it really gave her a lift, I’m hoping she will continue as part of her recovery.

    Low I guess was starting work at 5am on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It is tough but my bank account will be thanking me on pay day.

    This weekend is going to be fairly low-key. I am going to bake some stuff, hit the gym, probably cook a couple dinners, and watch some Breaking Bad. Oh! And new friend offered to help me paint my bathroom! So we’re going to do that. I am so very thankful because it is extremely ugly (lime green) and I am not exactly handy!

    Have a great weekend!


    • It’s been a great weekend, so far! Last night, I ordered a small pizza and just vegggged. Oh, and then I went to bed at 9pm and slept for almost 11 hours, haha.

      The highs of your week sound nice. Great you were able to get your friend out. :)

      Good luck painting this weekend! I just bought two prints for my bathroom today. They’re the first things I’ve hung on any of my walls!

  • Wow, girl you need a break! I hope you get some rest this weekend. Congrats on the HuffPost gig. That’s so rad! I also dig the Stranger Project. I have a similar, but different idea that I might pursue….I was just thinking about it this past month, so it’s interesting to see people doing similar things, pushing boundaries.

  • hi! WELCOME back friend! glad ur week turned out ok…even if you had a melt-down..seems those tend to happen when you try to do too much…. all the extra $$$ wont help if ur insane..just saying..:0)
    have some catching up to do on my own budget…blah…
    having 6 11 year olds over for my youngest “baby” birthday
    fun fun fun

  • It seems we have more or less similar views on the subject of extra work. Although I love an occasional challenge (like that time I stayed behind in the office until 1 am and earned an extra £150), I am one of those people who thinks that working too much is not good for you ;) This is one of the reasons I rarely accept any projects on the side (unless it’s handing over my old Burberry bag to a friend of a friend in exchange for £100, hehe), I guess I value my free time and sleep too much. I don’t care how much money there is to make on the side, if I know it’s going to be hard work (and chances are I won’t enjoy it) I won’t even go there :P My full time job keeps me busy enough. I would only work extra hours doing something I am truly passionate about (still trying to figure out what it is) :P Have a wonderful weekend, friend! xo

    • I’ve always had the same mentality, but have really been wanting/needing some extra cash lately. I knew it would only be a week or so worth of extra work, so I accepted… but it’s unlikely I’ll do so again anytime soon. Anyway, this weekend is all mine to enjoy. Hope you’re enjoying yours! xx

  • Congratulations on the Huffington Post article! That’s awesome. I’m traveling in Canada this weekend for work. Amazingly, it’s not that much colder here than Nashville. It looks like it’s been a really cold winter for everyone! I had my first guest post for Art of Being Cheap this week and I’m looking forward to doing more for other bloggers.

  • Congratulations on finishing your project!!! I’m sure that’s a load off! I feel the same way about my social life right now. It feels so nonexistent. I had volleyball games set up tomorrow but my calf is still really bothering me so I had to cancel. :(

  • I’m totally saving that restaurant for future reference! BF and I are coming over in June for Michael Buble and that place looks right up our alley. Yum.

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