TGIF: Work, Work, Work, Sleep, Work

Holy moly, if I thought I was tired last week, I should’ve looked into a crystal ball and prepared myself for a repeat! As I’m typing this, it’s just after midnight and I’m finishing up a 17-hour workday. Seriously. Sure, I took a few breaks to grab food, go for walk, stretch, etc. but I spent the majority of the last 17 hours in front of my laptop, and my eyes are finally telling me they’re done.

I guess I should add that, no, my employer did not make me work for 17 hours! Last week, I agreed to do some contract work for my last employer (the B.C. Ministry of Education), so these long days are totally self-inflicted. However, the project I’m helping them with is for the B.C. Real Estate Association, which is pretty interesting. And, of course, the extra income is why I agreed to do the work. (I have a lot to pay for these next few months, remember?)

Anyway, it looks as though I’ll be working through most of my weekend too. But I shouldn’t complain, since I did spend most of last weekend curled up on the couch watching Sherlock. (Whose seen it!?) And, if nothing else, I do get to look up and see these views every day.

The low of my week was nothing. No complaints.

The high of my week was having dinner with Daisy on Tuesday night. We went to this authentic (and oh, so cheap) Mexican restaurant in New Westminster, and spent a solid three hours talking and laughing about everything and nothing.

A blog post I loved was The Difference Between Being Good With Money and Bad With Money by David Cain. My favourite paragraph was this: “Essentially, the realization I had is that money is permanent. You have it until you trade it for something, and then that trade is permanent — you are thereafter permanently without that money. It’s gone and belongs to someone else now. Therefore it’s important to consider the permanence of whatever benefit you traded it for.” Go read the rest now!

The best money I spent was the $600 I put into my Emergency Fund. Woo hoo!

My plans this weekend include doing some contract work, and piecing together my presentation for PechaKucha New West. Which reminds me: What are my friends in Greater Vancouver doing the evening of Friday, February 21st? Coming to the River Market to see me + 9 other speakers present? It’s a great community event for New West and is always a fun night. Tickets go on sale next Saturday, February 8th at 9am and, at just $7.50, they always sell out. I’d love to see some friendly faces there!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • I had heard of Sherlock, and then my fiancé watched Star Trek where Benedict Cumberbatch (that sounds like such a made-up name!) played Khan, so we had to watch it. We watched the first two seasons in a long weekend. Also, surprisingly, he naturally has orange-hair – I saw a buzzfeed article about the “hottest gingers” and he was on there. I was thrown for a loop because I’m so used to him with dark hair, but it makes his eyes/skin tone make so much more sense. Google it, seriously :)

    My weekend will be hunkered down at home. I have a bunch of proofing/editing to do for a friend, as well as writing a few posts. Remember when I said I’d write 8 posts last weekend? Yeah, I made it through 3.5, so I’m back to the cycle again. I have lots of ideas banked, I just need to flesh them out into posts.

    • OMG! It totally makes sense that he’s a ginger! Not to say I thought he was weird looking, but you’re right – his eyes/skin tone have always seemed “off”. I love it!

      And, again, I’ll wish you good luck with all the writing this weekend may hold for you… hehe. I have a few posts I’m working on right now too, but can’t seem to find the time or motivation to finish them up!

  • Hey there, Happy Friday!

    Your week sounds crazy! I like being busy but when it cuts into my sleep I get cranky… so kudos to you :) …I love that you’re fitting in extra contract work to reach your goals, very inspiring!

    My week was good… a couple dinners with some good company, went to a concert Wednesday, and my usualy gym, school work, etc.

    This weekend – tonight I’m cooking pork tenderloin for dinner… tomorrow I’m watching a whole lot of Breaking Bad (we’re supposed to get a dumping of snow) …and Sunday I’m working a 1/2 day for OT, and then going to a Superbowl Party. Should be a fun weekend!

    Enjoy your weekend, Cait! Wish I lived closer, I definitely come to see you present on the 21st… good luck!


    • Hehe, I can get cranky too… but I’m trying to stay positive and just focus on how much the extra money will help me. :)

      Sounds like you had a great week, Dayle! And a fun weekend ahead of you, minus a bit of work. Enjoy!

  • I would love to come hear you speak but it’s a bit of a drive (I’m in Winnipeg). I don’t suppose they’re live streaming the event or would think about it?

    My week? Well it was better than last week. I spent more money than I planned because I didn’t cook last weekend which meant a couple of lunches out which weren’t budgeted for. So this weekend it’s chicken a la king & noodles , home made cream of tomato soup, and a batch of fried rice. I may even throw in a baked omelet I make (think crustless quiche).

    Oh and Gong Hey Fat Choy to anyone celebrating the lunar new year this weekend. I’m not Chinese (my ex-h is), but I still quasi-celebrate the holiday.

    • Hmm, I think it might get posted after the fact! I’ll be sure to post a link, if it does.

      I love batch cooking! Everything sounds delicious. Enjoy, Marg!

  • Busy time for you these days, eh Cait? Well I can relate, thinking back over the years to when in IT I used to put in many long hours, often with no overtime pay (my reasonably paying job expected it as it “came with the territory”, as my then boss use to say). That said, however, working hard never hurt anyone and it meant that you appreciated more the income that you did earn and thus tended to use it more wisely. Of course hard work should be kept in balance with one’s need for rest and enjoyment. Should either end of this spectrum tilt too far out of whack then lifestyle problems tend to occur. I do think though that if you love the work that you are doing then it’s not really all that hard but really a “labour of love”, which is why you read about so many self employed entrepreneur types who work hard and are successful.

    • Very busy! But all for a good cause. And I can honestly say I’m enjoying everything I’m working on right now, which is something to be grateful for. :)

    • Yes, do it! There are only 9 episodes in total. Each is about 100 minutes long though, so it’s more like watching 18 episodes of a regular show, haha.

  • it’s great that you’re being so proactive about meeting your savings goals for the next few months! i know it’s hard now, but it will definitely pay off in the long (or, short) run.

    also, SHERLOCK. cumberbatch is fantastic in all things, but i seriously love the entire cast! it’s such a great show and i love that the episodes are so long (but i’m not crazy about the seasons being so short)! plus it fills the hole that downton left–i’m just not interested in the abbey since *spoiler* got killed off–and the husband will actually watch sherlock with me, unlike some other shows. i did the same thing when grey’s anatomy killed off denny a million years ago.

    • I am DEFINITELY not a fan of there only being 3 episodes. Damn the BBC for making such good TV, yet so little of it!

  • Hey thanks for the shout-out Cait. And congratulations on your debt-blasting track record so far. It’s amazing how quickly things change with a new financial philosophy. My life is completely different after only a single year of having my financial marbles together. As soon as I had a few months’ expenses in my emergency fund, all this invisible job stress lifted away. Just wish I’d smartened up earlier, as we all do :)

    • Thanks, David! And you’re most certainly welcome. J shared your post on Facebook earlier this week, and I knew right away that it would be my favourite read of the week (as other posts of yours have been before). I had no idea you were in Winnipeg, btw! I love that. Congrats on the success of your blog :)

  • I wish I could be there for your Pecha Kucha presentation!!

    This week has been steady but busy for me. It’s probably largely due to a combination of moving and wedding planning, but I haven’t found a nice balance where I can just sit down and blog since (starting) moving in with my fiancé. I’m hoping to get back to that sooner rather than later. I spent two days this week doing ISO 9001 auditor training, so that was interesting, but otherwise I’ve just been keeping my head down and slogging through the never ending to do list. I’d be further along in the process if we hadn’t gone skiing in Lake Louise last weekend, but it for The Boy’s 30th birthday so I really can’t complain about that at all. This weekend we’re rearranging a bunch of rooms and building a couple shelves so that we have room to move more of my stuff in. I have so many things I want to write about right now. I have a feeling I’ll be doing more writing in February.

    • Ohhh, I wish you could be here too, friend!

      You have a LOT going on right now, holy jeez. But it still sounds like you have everything figured out – which doesn’t surprise me in the least. Text me anytime you need to decompress from it all, eh? :)

  • Great post Cait, whew a 17 hour day, that is quite the accomplishment, hope you can find a way to unwind a little bit this weekend! My weekend will be covered up with preparing for a Super Bowl party on Sunday, with about 40 of our closest friends. Great blog, and thanks for introducing me to David’s blog too!

    • It’s been a busy weekend, but very productive! And I did take a couple hours yesterday to watch more Sherlock. :)

      Enjoy the game today! 40 friends – that sounds like one great party.

  • Great title… Sounds like I had the same week as you. Let’s hope this one is a bit better!

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