TGIF: A Simple Thank You

thank you card

Sorry for being so quiet this week. I’ve been busy, work’s been busy, and side projects have made everything that much crazier. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the month that I would tackle a couple of big side projects before February 1st, and am happy to say I’m already done both! Well, minus some edits that are sure to come my way. Anyway, I lost almost two full nights of sleep to make it happen, but am getting caught up. A relaxing weekend should help me get back on track…

I will admit, after writing more than 6,500 words for these other projects over just two nights, I’ve been feeling a little lost for words here. But a card appeared in my mailbox, earlier this week, with a note that gave me the push I needed to finish one of those projects. So, maybe it’s ok that the only two words I can muster up for the blog today are the same two words that inspired me all week: thank you. I’ve been trying to handwrite and mail more and more cards over the past year, and have received some in return that have made me laugh, smile and shed a few tears. But this card was truly special, as it arrived the exact moment I needed it most. Sara: One day, I hope I can tell you what your words meant to me.

The low of my week was just losing sleep. But it was worth it.

The high of my week was receiving two emails containing a total of six words: (1) THIS. IS. SO. EXCITING. (2) SO. EXCITING.

A post I loved was For the Love of Money by Sam Polk. Give it a read.

The best money I spent was will be $40+ on a CSC Exam Fast-Track Study Guide that I plan on picking up after work today.

My plans this weekend include reading through the study guide, having brunch with Ashly and Holly, and meeting with another mentor from the YWCA to talk about budgeting.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

PRIZE WINNER: Yesterday, I drew one name for the Stop Over-Thinking Your Money! Giveaway. Congratulations to Mikhaila! And thanks again to everyone for entering.

  • I was going through a bit of Blonde on a Budget withdrawal, I’ll admit. I kept checking on Monday and Wednesday, hoping for a post. I think that just shows how engrained certain things are in my day-to-day life – I *need* to hear what Cait is talking about and thinking :)

    My week was pretty boring, though I did get a snow day mid-week. The weather is kicking our butt here in the East Coast. And since a lot of my work isn’t computer/paper work, I really got a day off. It was a nice perk though.

    This weekend will be a writing show-down. I am tapped out at the moment… and I need four posts for next week. I’ll try to write 8 or so, so I have a few spares for when I am out of inspiration. I don’t know how you’ve done it for so long. :)

    • Oh man… 8 posts!? I’m sending you all the strong coffee vibes in the world! I’m lucky if I can bang out 2-3 in a weekend, so you’re doing better than I! Good luck :)

  • Good for you for knocking out those goals of yours though! I know the sleep part sucks, but you can always get more of that :) Not everyone has the hustle in their blood! So keep on using it – gonna be a good year!

  • Hey Cait! Happy Friday!!

    Love your TGIF posts!

    High of my week was dinner I made on Tuesday night – creamy chicken pesto w/bowties … it turned out really well and was loved by my dinner company ;)

    Low of my week – no complaints really, I ended up starting work at 5am yesterday and today to cover for someone who is sick, so that wasn’t too much fun … not really a low though, I’m just a little sleepy!

    This weekend I am playing in a softball tournament in the Skydome/Rogers Centre … it’s round-the-clock so we play at 9pm tonight, noon tomorrow, and 6am Sunday. I also have a surprise party to go to tomorrow for my Grandpa’s 80th b-day. I have to go to a meeting Sunday and then we’ll have Sunday dinner with the family. New friend is on nights all weekend so I won’t be seeing him … *sad face*

    Hope your weekend is great, Cait!


  • Sounds like a productive week! The post you loved was quite thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing it!

    My weekend includes visitors coming to meet my newborn daughter (2 weeks old today) and hopefully a nap here and there to make up for some of the lost sleep I’ve had over the past 2 weeks!

  • 6,500 words over 2 days? I’m not surprised that you are lacking in the sleep department! I have a ton of writing to do this weekend. I just hope I can get it all done.

    Have a great weekend!

  • I’m new to your blog but I love this weekly wrap up. I’m a huge fan of hand-written cards, having them come in the mail is even nice. I have a bunch of mine hanging up at work from friends, charities and colleagues. I save all of my cards, I love them and will reread them when I’m having a bad day.

  • Congrats to Mikailha who won the book. I’m going to pick up a copy for myself but I haven’t decided if I’m going the iTunes/iBook route. Or the real live book with a cover and pages and everything from the local bookstore close to my place.

    The high of my week? Um … Um…. Not to be a sad sack but there really wasn’t one. It was to paraphrase Robert Munsch … “A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week”. And next week isn’t looking much better.

    The best money I spent? I’m going to see how hungry I am (stress kills my appetite) but if I’m up to it there is a great little sushi place right down from my office and I may pick up some lunch. It’s take out only and owned by the nicest young couple – so I try to frequent it as much as I can to support their small business (and my sushi habit).

    Weekend plans? Regular posters are going to find out I’m just a “bit” of hockey fan. The Bruins play the Flyers tomorrow at Noon my time (I’m in Winnipeg). Then the Jets play the Leafs (at 6). And I’m going to watch the ridiculous outdoor game between the Ducks and Kings Saturday night. Seriously – who plans that? It’s 75 degrees plus in L.A. right now and they’re going to play hockey outside. I feel bad for the players because the ice will be “not good” (cause I shouldn’t say the word I want here) but in the wisdom of the NHL this outdoor game is just the “best idea ever” (using my imaginary sarcasm font).

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Hehe, I bet you did. I can’t imagine how exhausted your body must be, carrying those two little beans around! :)

  • Wow, that’s a whole lot of writing you did there! It’s such a nice feeling when you can you finished something that’s been hanging over your head. It’s nice to get those little unexpected moments like your thank you card, isn’t it? Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • I’ve been so out of it for the past week that I totally missed this post.

    I’m SO glad that 1) The card made it (I have bad luck mailing cards for some reason), and 2) That it meant so much to you.

    I meant every single word :)

    Stay awesome, my friend <3

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