TGIF: Let the Holidays Begin!

Ok, I actually still have two more days of work, but I’m heading home for the holidays this weekend, and I could not be more excited to see everyone! After I squeeze in one more workout.

This week has felt very heavy. Delicious! But heavy – with food, that is. On Sunday, Wendy and I spent the afternoon baking cookies (which was not cheap). I ate a few while we baked, then packaged the rest of them up to give away – mostly because I knew I could’ve easily eaten them all myself, haha. Later that night, Krystal and I met for dinner at Longtail Kitchen in New Westminster. Everything I’ve eaten there has been good, but their Pad Thai might be the best I’ve ever had.

Anyway, the food indulgences have basically continued all week. I whipped up enough homemade spicy peanut sauce on Monday to toss over three meals’ worth of vegetables and rice. I had a nearly expired Groupon for food and drinks at Wild Rice that I needed to use. Last night, Daisy came over, and we ordered pizza and made (/ate) a gingerbread train. And I’ve also been trying to eat whatever is in my fridge, knowing that I’ll be away for a week or so. I can’t say it hasn’t all been delicious, but I will say that I’m grateful I can finally workout again. With all of the parties, dinners, coffee dates, etc. this next week is going to be gluttonous. Let the holidays begin!

The low of my week was not getting to see my dad. His job was supposed to bring him to New Westminster on Tuesday, but that fell through. However, he will be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which we weren’t expecting! I can’t wait for the traditions to begin – starting with a cup of tea, of course.

The high of my week was receiving a number of emails from readers who have never reached out to me before. So far, those emails have turned into two coffee dates in Vancouver in January. Love it!

A blog post I loved was When It Comes to Your Finances, Make 2014 the Year You by Preet Banerjee. Anyone with high-interest debt should seriously consider his first point. Also, if you’re still thinking about what your resolution(s) could be for next year, read this. (#9 is my fave.)

The best money I spent was $20 on a donation to one of my co-worker’s favourite charities, as a little thank you for all of her hard work. I think (hope!) she’s being notified about it today.

My plans this weekend include having a girlfriend and her two kids over for a sleepover tonight (think: more cookies and more Christmas movies but with girls under 6!), then heading home to Victoria for the holidays. I’m so excited to see my family, the “girls” (our dogs), friends and their kids!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Wow, you had a busy week – and that pad thai does look delicious! I have two more days of work as well, but I think it’s pretty awesome to have a weekend, a one day work week, NINE days off, a two day work week, and then a weekend. Oh holidays!

    • Woo hoo! I’m only off for 8 days but am really looking forward to it. Enjoy your time off, Alicia!

  • Eeeek! I’m still so excited to have won one of the journals! I can’t wait to start using it! Thanks again for holding the giveaway!

    As for the holidays, I feel like I’m already in the middle of the because my family celebrated our Christmas last weekend (my brothers have conflicting schedules and one of them can’t be here for Christmas day). I’m having a party for friends tomorrow and then a week off!

    Also, one of my favourite things about the holidays is the food. I eat shamelessly over the holidays. I have the rest of the year to be good ;)

    • I’ll eat pretty shamelessly too, but want to hit the gym at least once while I’m in Vic (mostly because I miss my old gym). Merry Christmas, Sara!

  • Your sleepover plans sound like a lot of fun! I feel like I never really experienced the magic of the Christmas season before having a child. It is so wonderful to share fun holiday activities with him — even if it’s just watching The Grinch! Have a great weekend, and safe travels!

    • Oh, I cannot wait for them to get here – it’s going to be a fun night! I’m also anxious to get home and give a couple of gifts to my “niece” and “nephew” (another friend’s kids, to whom I’m Auntie Caitlin). One gift is something she asked Santa for, that my mom has been sewing together, so I’ll have to tell her he accidentally left it under my tree…

      Happy holidays, Rebecca!

  • Looks like you’ve been having a really great time this past week, Cait. Hope that next week is a repeat, what with Christmas celebrations and all. We’ve been having real yucky weather here in TO this week, mild and raining here lightly right now but the forecast is for really freezing weather this weekend. Not a fun time to be outdoors so I plan to stay warm indoors and just blog surf. So, enjoy the sleepover tonight with your girlfriend and her little ones – hope you guys manage to get enough zzzzz’s :-)

    • Oh boy. I’d definitely stay indoors, if I was there! In Port Moody, we woke up to more snow again today, so other than my trek home to Victoria, I’ll likely stay indoors this weekend too. But I can’t promise we’ll get much sleep. :)

  • I know exactly what you mean about this week being heavy and delicious. Friday is jeans day at my work and I had to struggle a bit to slip on my skinny jeans this morning LOL. Good thing the holidays are around the corner and I’m usually rocking comfy, LOOSE PJS then. Merry Christmas Cait! See you in the new year pretty lady! xo

  • Thanks for the Journal! I have been reading you blog for a few months and I know this is cliche but 2014 will be my year to get out of debt, as well as having a better handle on savings.

  • Sounds like a great week! I’m glad you will be home with your family. This weekend I am attending one of my bf’s music gigs, going to a holiday party, planning 2014 goals and generally being a homebody.

  • That pad thai looks amazing! I got some from a place near my apartment yesterday and it was the worst. I hate when they put tomato or ketchup in it like so many fake Thai places do! Pad thai should not be orange or red! Now I’m on the hunt for a new Thai place here :(

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