TGIF: See You Next Year, Toronto

After weeks like the one I just had, I hate that I always title these posts “TGIF”. I’m not thankful it’s Friday! I mean, it was a busy week, and it’s always nice to have a weekend off, but I’m not ready for my time in Toronto to be over! I feel like I only just got here, and somehow it’s already time to leave again. I guess it’s never a bad thing to say you enjoy spending time in various cities across the country, but sometimes I wish I could just pack everyone I love into a box and bring them back to Vancouver with me.

I did get everything I asked for and more, with this “Christmas in Toronto” trip. My first night here, Kurtis and I baked cookies and watched Christmas movies. We played Christmas music in the office and decorated our Christmas tree. I saw lights everywhere and beautiful window displays. I plan on doing a little last-minute shopping tomorrow, which will be insane but also fun. And I’ve also attended one of two Christmas parties.

Overall, I’ve made some great memories with my coworkers this week, caught up with a handful of friends and have been reminded of why I do love visiting Toronto. I can’t wait to see you all again in 2014, xo

The low of my week was suffering from some serious jet lag and losing almost an entire night of sleep because of it. Multiple shots of espresso were consumed this week.

The high of my week was everything! Coffees and dinners with friends, seeing Roomie, hanging out with the team at work, going to meetings downtown. Oh, and decorating our Christmas tree at the office!

A blog post I loved was A Letter to My Parents From My Tween Self by Maya Kuc Corbic. It brought up memories of feeling excited about opening my first bank account and building up a little bit of savings when I was a tween. Why didn’t the high of that last longer? haha

The best money I spent was $22.70 on a cab ride home from a Christmas party last night. My blistered feet can’t thank me enough.

My plans this weekend include going to the Christmas party tonight, spending the day with friends in Toronto tomorrow then flying home to Vancouver on Sunday.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

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  • I think everyone who has connections and roots in other cities can empathize with you. Especially with Canada being such a spread-out country! I’m glad you enjoyed your week, even if you’re not ready for it to be over. Have a safe flight back to Van on Sunday!

  • Happy to see that you’ve been having a great time on your visit here in TO, Cait. This time of the year can get a tad dreary weather-wise but all the year-end holiday festivities more than make up for it, eh – what with visiting with friends, coworkers, family and such.

    This week has been a bit busy for me as I embark on my next home improvement project – a chair stair lift for my 93 y/o (going on 94 next Feb.) MIL, who lives with us. Her hip has been giving her a lot of pain lately when she walks so we’ve bought her a wheelchair to get around and now we’re looking at the best way for her to navigate the stairs in our McMansion (not – lol). I’ve been getting people in to provide us with proposals on purchase / installation. This is one purchase where, due to cost, I need to do my due diligence before making my buying decision. And so it goes, eh?

    • The projects never end at your house, Rob! But, as you said, it’s probably smart to have someone else do the work on that one.

      PS – Your McMansion reference was hilarious, lol.

  • Aw Cait, this post is so Christmassy and I loved reading it so much! I am glad you are enjoying your time in Toronto, this is one of the places I really want to visit when I get a chance to visit Canada, I cannot wait! It looks like December is the best time to visit it :)

    I hope you have an amazing weekend! Have a safe flight back home! xo

    • You must visit Toronto! Especially at Christmas – although it’s freeeeezing cold right now!

  • Glad you had a great time in TO! I noticed on twitter you went to the One of a Kind show? I meant to head over today, but came down with a cold, go figure. How was it? Haven’t ever been yet!

  • Glad you had a good trip.
    I find it’s always sad to leave if you’ve had a great time.
    That being said there’s something to be said for coming home and sleeping in your own bed!

    • I went to massage therapy on my way home from the airport, then had a 2-hour nap on the couch. It was a goooood Sunday, hehe.

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