TGIF: Christmas in Toronto

Ok, so this is actually a Christmas tree in New Westminster right by my office, but you get the idea… I’m feeling festive! It could have something to do with the garland and lights I hung from my fireplace mantle this week; or it’s all the lights strewn from the trees in Port Moody and the Christmas music playing around every corner. I’m just a sucker for all the feel-good moments that come with the holiday season… and this year, I might even get to see a little snow!

In Toronto, that is – I’m flying there on Sunday morning for work. And after work each day, I have plans to do something festive, like walk through the Christmas Market in the Distillery District, go to the One of a Kind Christmas Show, witness the madness of the Eaton Centre and attend a couple Christmas parties. It won’t be the same as spending Christmas in New York City was (oh my gosh, how I miss that city), but it’ll be fun! Plus, I can’t wait to see everyone at work and get in a nice visit with Roomie and her dog. <3

The low of my week was going on a little emotional roller coaster while thinking about some stuff related to do with my sobriety. I have a milestone coming up next month that I’m excited to celebrate, but I’ve also been feeling a lot of anxiety about the upcoming holiday season, Christmas parties, etc. I’m thankful I have a beautiful and inspiring sober friend to talk to when I’m down.

The high of my week was meeting my high school mentee at the YWCA and totally hitting it off! She’s interested in going into communications, has a yorkie and we are just basically twins. It was also cool/surreal to have one of the other mentors recognize me because she reads this blog. (Hi, Kayla!)

A blog post I loved was 5 Steps to Organize Your Financial Life by Sophia over at Gen Y Planning. Step #1 is my favourite – I do it often. But Sofia’s blog makes me wonder… Are there any young Canadian financial planners who focus on working with millennials!? If so, email me! I have an idea.

The best money I spent was $3 on chocolate chips that I turned into chocolate chip cookies. Because sometimes a girl just needs to make herself a batch of homemade cookies!

My plans this weekend include having brunch with some friends from Royal Roads, then flying to Toronto (and hopefully squeezing in a yoga class on Sunday night, when I get there).

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Just wanted to finally say, I love your blog! I get the emails and so look forward to them with my morning coffee. You’re an amazing person! Have fun in Toronto!

  • I also really love Christmas. I’m hoping to get our tree this weekend but I don’t know if the lots will be open…I would love to spend a Christmas in NYC. We went in Nov a few yrs ago which was great fun. Have a great weekend :)

    • I’m so sad I won’t have a tree this year! At least not in my apartment (at home, my parents will). I gave away the little fake one I owned when I moved to Toronto. I might have to pick up a cheap one on Boxing Day. (Real trees aren’t allowed in apartment/condo buildings.)

  • That tree is beautiful. Have a wonderful stay in Toronto. My weekend will consist of working the Black Friday sale at my store (which apparently is a whole weekend thing now not just Friday), cleaning my apartment, decorating for Christmas and perhaps purging more belongings. It looks as though I’m moving for January 1st. I was between two minds on decorating but I already have the ornaments out and the tree up just not decorated yet (I figure I might take it down just before I go home for Christmas). That all happened before I encountered the inability to get up my driveway when there’s ice. I made three attempts the other night and came down sideways in to the street each time. I can’t imagine trying to stay there for the whole winter. My landlord has offered me his new basement apartment that he is just finishing up. It has a flat driveway. He also says it’s bigger which I’m hoping means I’ll have more storage. I have to look at it next week. I’m pretty sure the rent will be more but I’m hoping he won’t charge me too much more. I’ve been moving around a lot this last couple years and I’m really hoping to find someplace I can stay long term. There’s never a dull moment.

    • Oh my gosh, you know how much I hate moving, so I really feel for you Trista! I’m excited to hear if the new basement apartment works out. Fingers crossed it’s not too much more money!

  • Hi Cait. No worries about there being snow here in Toronto. We got some early snow this year but bundle up well when you get here cuz it’s “chilly bear” weather here fer sure! :-)

    Welp, we got our new front doors (inside and out) installed yesterday. Good thing that it wasn’t snowy and blowy then though cuz we had a completely wide open front doorway for most of the morning while the guys built a new door frame and hung the doors – made for a tad chilly house for awhile!

    Hope you enjoy your brief stay here this weekend. Black Friday sales are in full force (started yesterday and going all weekend). A real shoppers zoo out there! :-)

    • Brr, bet you’re glad that job’s done!

      The winter coat is definitely come back with me… Vancouver has had such a beautiful fall so far, I’m scared to feel that first burst of cold air.

  • I’ll be heading home to Toronto in a few weeks for Christmas! All those places are definitely on my list to check out – but unfortunately I will miss the One of a Kind Show. You should go skating at Harbourfront too!

    Have a great time :)

  • Woohoo for you being in Toronto, I’m excited to have another friend here. Definitely bring your winter coat, and your new scarf, and a warm hat, and gloves. It’s freaking freezing here.

  • Sounds like a great plan of things to do. It never feels like Christmas until there is a bit of snow, but there are flurries outside right now, so those count.

    My week was good. I am feeling good, and am motivated. There is nothing worse than not having the drive to do something but you know it has to get done. I guess you could say I am feel re-energized in this whole re-start to my journey. Just need the time to pass so I can do it!

    • Feeling motivated is the best! Hopefully it helps you tackle a few items on your to-do list, or just create a plan with baby steps of ways to move towards some of your goals. :)

  • You’re going to have so much fun in TO! The One of a Kind Show is amazing, lots of cool stuff. I love the distillery district…I was able to take a photography class last year and we used it for a project.
    I so need to take a yoga class instead of doing it at home! There’s so many to choose from, what type of class do you take?
    Enjoy Toronto! :)

    • I know! I lived in TO last Christmas and am so excited to see everything decorated again.

      I’ve only done one restorative yoga class since my accident. It hurt, but I know it’s better for me to attempt to workout rather than do nothing.

  • I’ve always wanted to go to NY at Christmas..and I don’t even like Christmas much. The Nutcracker, ice skating in Rock Plaza, Central Park…I’m sure Toronto will be a blast! And happy almost milestone for your sobriety!

    • You must go to NYC at Christmas! The streets are busy (in parts), but everything looks that much more beautiful and there’s even more fun stuff to do. And thanks, Tonya. :)

  • I love Thanksgiving. Favorite holiday EVER. I also love putting up and decorating the Pizel family Christmas tree. Good times. It would then follow that I love Christmas season, right?


    December is one big interruption to my daily routine filled with unnecessary stressing, traveling around the state of Minnesota for various family gatherings, etc.

    I try to keep my happy face on throughout the month, but in reality, I’m looking forward to January 1st. :(

  • As an idea for a Christmas tree alternative in an apartment, when my mom moved to a small small apartment and did not have space for a tree, she used a poinsettia.

    Since I am unable to have Christmas trees as well. I have continued the tradition.

    I try to purchase a poinsettia from a school fundraiser and place the few presents around it in my apartment.

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