Goals for the Rest of 2013

Last weekend, I wrote on Gail’s blog that there were only 51 days left in 2013. Now, we’re down to a measly 43! If you’re like me, you’re probably already looking ahead and thinking about what some of your goals might be next year. Honestly, I’m almost done writing a post outlining all of the new projects I want to tackle in 2014 – and it won’t even be posted until the first week of January! But there are still 43 days left in 2013 and, despite a few of the setbacks I’ve faced, I want to finish this year off strong. Here are my goals for the rest of 2013:

1. I want to save $1,000 in my Emergency Fund. My tentative December budget shows that I’ll actually be saving $1,050 between now and December 31st, but $1,000 is the goal; that means I’ll finish 2013 with only $2,250-2,300 in my Emergency Fund. My goal at the beginning of the year was to save $5,000, but multiple moves and a car accident stopped me from being able to accomplish that goal. Anyway, saving $1,000 will help me with next year’s goal of boosting my Emergency Fund to my $10,000 goal.

2. I want to complete at least 4 chapters of CSC. I’ve been feeling pretty swamped lately, and whenever that happens something gets put on the back burner. CSC has been on my back burner for nearly two weeks now and it’s time to take it off. I want to finish 2 chapters in November and another 2-3 chapters in December. At the end of the year, I’ll be able to see how many chapters I have left and come up with a plan to finish the entire course by September. Once CSC is done, I have two more courses to complete to get my… well, I’ll tell you more about that next year!

3. I want to workout twice/week. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to add more and more physical activity to my daily routine. Unfortunately, I’m still not able to run – and the little bit extra I’ve been doing has left me in more pain at night than usual – but I’m so anxious to get the gym back into my routine. Next week, I’m going to talk to my physiotherapist about what types of activities I should/should not be doing, and then I’m going to make sure one activity results in a serious sweat. (Oh, how I miss those endorphins!)

4. I want to blog on weekends only. Other than writing my short TGIF posts on Thursday nights, I want to write my weekly posts on weekends so I have weeknights off to do other things – like these goals!

5. I want to start planning a trip. I wasn’t able to see this until the end of the year, but taking only the odd day off here and there all year has left me feeling as though I’ve been working non-stop. I need a vacation – a week off to do nothing but read and relax! I want to go somewhere warm, so I can spend a few days relaxing in the sun and a few days hiking or snorkelling or surfing. I have no idea where I’m going to go or who I’ll go with, but I’m going to spend the next few weeks mapping out some options.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 43 days?

  • My goals for the rest of this year:

    -Get prepared to go back to school in January. This means having the $600 tuition (2 courses) and the $300 book (3 books) ready to pay out in the first full week of January. Also I need to have a conversation with my boss at my second job (I had my notice in for this past Saturday but she asked me to stay) to see if employment will still be feasible next year with having class three nights a week plus homework and papers.

    -Get out more. I’ve been working so much this last year and a half that I don’t do many social things. I’m going to get my christmas shopping done this month so I can actually enjoy December. I’m going to try and spend more time with my friends and family. I’m going to a christmas luncheon with my family on my birthday, christmas party with my retail colleagues, and hopefully more christmas and birthday events will come up as it gets closer. I may even do something for New Years. Last year I spent it at home watching movies as I was exhausted from work overload from Christmas sales.

    That’s it for me. I like the idea of setting monthly and yearly goals like you do. Perhaps I’ll start something similar for next year. :) So I guess that’s my first goal for 2014… to set goals. :)

    • You’re so on the ball, Trista – I love it! And December sounds like it’ll be a fun month. I just planned a sleepover party w/ a girlfriend and her two daughters for Friday, December 20th. Can you say cheesy Christmas movies and candy overload!? Can’t wait.

      • I’m trying Cait! I give off the air of being on the ball… My friends and colleagues all think I have my finances and spending all figured out. They are all surprised to see how organized everything is in my apartment too. But sometimes it’s hard to keep everything going.

        I really need to start keeping my savings goals. I keep dipping in all the time. So I need to get on the ball with that.

        I’m hoping December is going to be fun. Your sleepover sounds great. I’m planning a similar night with my girlfriends. I’m thinking The Holiday and Love Actually for sure. If there’s time The Family Stone as well. I love romantic comedies that are set at Christmas. I’m really trying to resist the urge to put up my tree this weekend. Maybe that wouldn’t be too bad though considering it would only be a week early. Ha ha.

  • I love how goal-oriented financial bloggers are, it’s great to see. My goals are more on the family side of things, like finishing up some projects at work so that I can enjoy some time off around Christmas. Good luck on building that emergency fund!

    • I think it’s really important to take time off around the holidays, to not only see family but also just relax and recharge. Enjoy!

  • I just plan on keeping it steady. I’m already done with most of my 2013 goals and kinda achieved them, so now I’ll just hope for some smaller improvements and some serious planning for 2014, which will be a pretty challenging year.

  • I think my rest-of-the-year goal is to just keep on keepin’ on! I feel like I’m on a roll with my blog and writing and I want to keep that momentum up and into the new year. I really hope I can make a serious side income in 2014 to help me reach some of my financial/savings goals.

  • I’ve sort of been neglecting my blog lately, since my life has become so freaking amazing – but I’d like to get back into writing/blogging a little more regularly. This has also made sticking to a budget less of a priority, so I have to re-examine a few things with my finances. Otherwise, I don’t have any other plans for the rest of the year – just excited to see where life takes me next.

  • My goal for the rest of this year is to try to decide to which of three online brokerages I want to move our RESP. It’s got enough now to avoid fees so I have to get motivated and pick a new home for it.

    Your CSC goal sounds very ambitious to me given that this time of year can get horrendously busy with year-end stuff at work and increased social activities. Good on you if you can pull it off, but don’t be too harsh on yourself if you can’t.

    And don’t forget everyone needs one goal on their list that they can accomplish easily. How about: Enjoy one really nice evening with friends without going out somewhere.

    • The CSC goal might sound ambitious but 2 chapters/month is actually less than what I should be doing – there are 26 total and the course has to be completed within a year. Anyway, living in a new city where I don’t have many friends yet will give me lots of time to study! But I do have some nice plans in December already, too. :)

  • All very achievable year end goals, Cait. I’m sure that you will meet them.

    As for me, well I’m in the process of getting some new front doors (inside and out) installed by the end of this month, along with finishing up on the outside yard cleanup work before the snow arrives here in TO. Here’s hoping that my sis (out in Calgary) keeps her snow storms out there for awhile before they start heading east! :-)

    My indoor house painting project has slipped in priority, due to the above activities, but still on my radar for over the winter months. Other than that, just more ongoing house decluttering should round out my winter work goals.

    • New doors – sounds nice! Dad put in all new windows/doors a couple years ago… it was a massive job, but one worth doing.

    • It’s definitely on the bucket list! I feel like that’s somewhere I probably shouldn’t travel solo though? Yes/No? (Being one of the last single people in my group of friends makes it tough to find travel partners, lol.)

    • I always find/make the time to write, but writing every second day just isn’t working w/ the rest of my schedule anymore. It’s time to pencil it in! lol

  • 2013 has been very expensive for me. More taxes than I thought (5600$ more for 2012) that I had to pay in 2013, a lot of renovations in my properties and I bought a new duplex.
    But for 2014, I’m going to be back on track! :)

    I already began to track all my expenses and all the big expenses that I had to do are done.

  • Vonnie and I have budget/spending plan for hosting Thanksgiving, gift buying, and Christmas celebrations. Our goal for the rest of the year is to STICK TO IT. If we can execute, we can just lean back and enjoy the holidays!

    • I have faith you guys can stick to your budget! PS – When’s your debt-free date again!? I’m starting to get excited for you guys!

  • You just inspired me to write out a rest-of-the-year goals post. Thanks!!!!

    Life gets in the way (i.e. your car accident), but it shouldn’t stop us from setting up plans before and after life happens. I like your forward thinking in that you might not hit your start of the year goals, but you are going in their direction still. No reason to give up entirely just because you won’t hit the almighty number.

    Keep at it!!!

  • I plan on doing a triage situation whatever I feel is the most pressing will be what I deal with first! Then, I’ll just mellow out and take stock of the past year.

    • I’ve never thought of doing that, but that works for me! My other “secret” goal is to keep doing things as I think of them versus putting things off / thinking I’ll get them done later. It sometimes leaves me feeling like I’m all over the map, but at the end of each day I know I’ve been productive.

  • Hmmmm. My goals for the rest of the year:

    Stay on track financially – November is shaping up to be a good month! We’ve already saved 26% of our net income this month and are hoping to put away a little bit more at the end of the month. We finished our emergency fund AND started our house fund. I am so excited. December is always difficult due to Christmas shopping. I just wish I knew what to get everyone.

    Be more active – I really need to aim for 10,000 steps a day and should be taking ballet 2x/week. Ballet is so expensive though, it can easily knock a dent in our budget. J’s gym only costs $26/month and ballet is nearly $15 per class. So I can easily rack up $120/month going to ballet. For now, I am wearing my dorky pedometer and am trying to hit 10,000 steps.

  • I’m sorry to hear about the accident! I also don’t know what CSC is, can you fill me in?? My goals for the rest of the year are to add $3,500 to my net worth and get in the full-fledged habit of working out four mornings a week. I’ve done 3 days this week and just need to get up tomorrow to mark my first week of regular morning workouts.

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