Update: October 2013 Budget & Goals

Update: October 2013 Budget & Goals

Nothing to see here, friends. Just an almost on-budget monthly budget! Well, the totals at the bottom, anyway. Let’s look at a breakdown of each section.

Savings goals: check, check, check! Taking my car to Victoria and back for Thanksgiving cost me $133.50, but I’d given myself a cushion to buy coffee or snacks, which I didn’t end up buying either way. Skipping down to the Food section, though, you’ll see I certainly had no problem eating this month, lol. But we’ll come back to that.

Housing. Well, the move. UGH! No, I’ll stop thinking about how much moving in August and October cost me. It’s over and done with and my new apartment in Port Moody is better than I could’ve dreamed of. Oh, but can we talk about how insanely low my TELUS bill was!? Seriously, I don’t understand why my bill is all over the place!

As for food, this month I discovered how dangerous it is to live 50 steps from a grocery store. Although, I did a poor job of taking non-food items off of the bills. I’d guess $20-25 of my grocery budget should actually be in Personal Care. Restaurant wasn’t too bad, considering I went out for a few dinners and coffees with friends. I even have a few dollars left on my Starbucks card.

And the rest looks good! However, I didn’t end up buying a pair of rain boots – which was ok, because it barely rained this month. But I’ll certainly need to pick up a pair in November.

One thing I didn’t realize until a few days ago is that October 1st marked my 3-year blogoversary! On October 1st, 2010, I started writing over at blondeonabudget.wordpress.com! Back then, I went by the name LC (my initials) and I had about $24,000 of debt. I deleted the blog in March 2011, because I knew I was going into more debt fast and I couldn’t hide it in my writing. But I rejoined the blogosphere just a few months later, when I was maxed out with more than $28,000 of debt, and I’ve never looked back! So that counts as a 3-year blogoversary, right!? Well, I’m saying it does.

Goals for the month:

  • Finish a secret little writing project I’m working on – PASS! For now, anyway. ; )
  • MOVE (Unpack, hang pictures, get settled…) – PASS! But my walls still look pretty bare.
  • Read 1 book – PASS! I read Quiet by Susan Cain. I also started It’s Your Money by Gail Vaz-Oxlade.
  • Track my spending – PASS! I’m going to stop including this as one of my monthly goals.

How did your month finish up?

  • I just read a few of your Gail posts and I really enjoy them – especially the Latte Factor one. Like you, I’m much more of a “save the big things” vs. depriving myself every day kind of PFer. Way to go on your budget!

    • Thanks, lady! And we definitely seem to be the same when it comes to what we’re willing/not willing to give up. :)

  • Excellent month just passed, Cait. Budget, goals all met. November should be even better since you won’t have that moving expense category to deal with. Probably a good time to start shopping early for Christmas presents, eh? Looking forward to listening to you on The Current tomorrow (which I often listen to anyway). Happy Halloween!

    • I like to finish my Christmas shopping before December 1st, so I can actually enjoy that month… so yes! What little shopping I have to do will get done next month. :)

      I’m excited to listen too! I can’t help but wonder which parts they used, if anything was edited out, etc. We’re on at 9am, but the whole 90-min program should be good!

  • That is definitely a win! Not even $10 “off”.

    My month went well – I got to $500 in my Emergency Fund (I am starting from scratch), was able to put over $1000 towards debt, and put $350 into my TFSA (some of that was “found money” – I am fairly risk adverse. I want money in the bank, and I stress out too much if there ins’t).

  • Great job on the budget! It’s kind of a double-edged sword living so close to a grocery store, isn’t it? Congrats on all your projects too! Looking forward to the mastermind group. I need some accountability. Also my budget was rough this month due to fincon. I didn’t take advantage of the freebies like a lot of other people did.

  • Happy 3 year blogoversary Cait! Considering it was such an expensive month I think you did awesome with your budget! Are you going to get hunter boots? I bought a pair last year and LOVE them :)

  • Awesome job on the budget! I find myself going to the store more often as they’re so close, too. There are 3 stores and a Target near me, and that’s a bad combination. I’m going to have to pretend they don’t exist for a bit. Happy 3 year blogoversary! That’s quite a feat.

    • Oh gosh, yea I try to forget that a Target is just down the road, haha. I haven’t been yet, since I moved, but I have a feeling I’ll get a little Christmas shopping done there…

  • Way to go. R and I realized yesterday we got complacent and forgot to do our weekly review of accounts. Luckily we did the November budget last week in preparation. It really is a matter of getting into a habit and new mindset. We are already fretting over a few items we sorta, kinda need to buy, but not really( think towel heater as our bathroom has a humidity issue and towels take 2 days to dry) … Before we would have bought them and tried to deal with the consequences. Now we are waiting to sell enough things to pay for them or wait for a month where we have a gap between spending and income. Coming along.

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