TGIF: It’s Moving Day!

Are you guys sick of me talking about moving yet? I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I am just so excited to get into the new place! Since getting the keys last week, I’ve made a few trips over with some small belongings (towels, kitchen stuff, etc.) and now the big day is finally here! My parents are catching the first ferry over and our plan is to be out of the old place by noon and into the new place by 3pm. Then two of my girlfriends are coming over from Victoria to spend the night and help me unpack! I’m feeling pretty lucky to have so much support. (Or maybe they just want to use my new pool and hot tub, hehe.)

It’s incredible how much better I feel this week compared to last. I’m still stressed about how tight money is going to be this month, but I also feel grateful for the opportunity that having my Emergency Fund gave me. Without it, this move would not have been possible without going into debt. Even waiting to move until November would’ve been tough. By this afternoon, the picture you see here will be the view I get to look out at each and every day. No creepers will be able to climb onto that balcony!

The low of my week was paying rent at two places on the 1st. Major ouch.

The high of my week will be today. I’m excited to see my parents and then spend the first night in my new place with friends!

A blog post I loved was Budgeting Means You Don’t Like Nice Stuff over at one of my favourite blogs Our Freaking Budget. I have a post drafted re: how I feel about buying clothes and what I tend to put more value on, and Joanna’s post leads into exactly what I’ll be talking about. (My comment says it all!)

The best money I spent was $24.62 for new shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using the same cheap $4.99/bottle stuff for months, maybe even years, and it sucks. I finally upgraded to something with a few ingredients that will hopefully make my hair feel a bit better than it has lately.

My plans this weekend include moving, unpacking and hanging out with my girlfriends. Then I’m actually heading over to Victoria for an early Thanksgiving with the fam and to see Baby Sis before/after a surgery she has scheduled on Tuesday. Oh, and I’m also working on some posts for next week that I promise have nothing to do with my move!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Yeah, all the best with today’s move, Cait. It sure is great that your (ahem) “movers” are going to be there to help! :-)

    “I’m still stressed about how tight money is going to be this month”

    If I were you, I’d just put it out of your mind now and move on. You’re still healthy, employed, bringing in steady money to replace the funds spent and soon all this will be just as a distant memory as you enjoy your new digs. And you know what? I bet by this time next year you will be happy that you made the move and found this new place. It was probably meant to be. Anyway, hope all goes well for you today.

    As for me, as previously mentioned, I’m in the market to replace our old 25 y/o gas furnace. This week I received one price quote, with another guy to see today. Then, after doing some more due diligence online research, this weekend I’ll decide on what to spend my 5 to 7 000 dollar investment on.

    Great fun indeed … :-)

    • I had great “movers”! Thanks to them, we were done everything in just over 4 hours. And the sun even came out for the day, after a week of rain… I truly couldn’t have asked for a better move.

      I also have an extra $200 in my budget now, because I thought I had to pay a deposit that the realtor who manages the condo ended up paying. So, the financial stress re: this month has been lifted!

      Good luck w/ your research! Does that kind of money include installation?

      • Yep, all inclusive – top rated high-efficiency gas furnace, old gas furnace removal, new high efficiency air cleaner, new replacing duct work, all required wiring and gas hookup, plus (of course) HST. The order placed today. The complete job to be done all in one day this coming week. Good timing before it starts getting cold. Happily I feel that I got a good deal on the price. Not surprising since it’s the same company that installed my old furnace 25 years ago! A mutual win-win purchase.

        Happy to see that you ended up $200 richer. Added back into your emergency fund – right?

        • You know it!

          And congrats on making the big purchase! I hear it’s been warm in Toronto this week, but am sure the cold snaps will start to come… so great timing, indeed. :)

  • Good luck with the move Cait. The moving process can be stressful, so make sure you hit it with a positive attitude. It doesn’t look like you’ll have any issues with that though! :)

    • You’re living w/ your sis though and that sounds ideal in its own way. Thanks, Eva! I hope you have a good weekend :)

  • Nice view! That’s so nice your friends are staying over to help you unpack, sounds like fun even though unpacking can be a pain! If the shampoo and conditioner work well you’ll have to share. I used to buy “high end” stuff whenever it went on sale, but I haven’t noticed much of a difference since switching back to drugstore brands. I also stopped straightening my hair as much, so that may have made a difference all in itself.

    • Yea, I’m going to test this stuff out first, then potentially try some stuff by 100% Pure. I just know how much crap is used as “filler” in drugstore products and my hair is so fine that it’s really starting to damage it. I already don’t straighten my hair – just a quick blow dry and I’m done – so we’ll see how this shampoo test goes.

  • Don’t stress, you’ve worked hard to pay off debt in order to have the money for other things in life when they come up – moving into a safe apartment without creepers totally falls into that category.

    I was feeling guilty for hiring people to come and clean our apartment and do the garden in a couple of weeks when we move out, but then I reminded myself that we don’t waste money on drinking/smoking/gambling etc so $400 that will make our life easier is totally worth it. Plus it would be different if it were on a credit card, but we have the money so what-evs :)

    • TOTALLY! I do think about that a lot these days… the fact that I don’t waste money on booze and partying, that is. So we can spend our cash money the best way we know how. :)

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