October 2013 Budget & Goals

October 2013 Budget & Goals

“New month, new apartment, new goals, new budget!” That’s what I said last month and the same is true again this month, haha.

Even though this move is costing me a pretty penny, I cannot properly express how good I feel about what the final outcome will be. With that being said, one number has been left out of this budget and that’s the rent I’m paying at my new apartment. Why? Because I pulled the entire amount out of my Emergency Fund (sad), so it doesn’t need to be accounted for again here (thanks Cassie, for reminding me not to count my money twice!). It sure does suck to have to pay rent at two places though. Anyway, onto the numbers.

Remember all of those savings goals I made for myself this summer? Well, consider them dead. (For now, anyway.) I want to boost my Emergency Fund back up to $2,000, before I do anything else, because this month has taught me that emergencies do happen! I’m going to continue to save $330 in my RRSPs though, because saving for my retirement is more important than saving for a trip. (Wait, who am I!?) Finally, Christmas is coming up! Since I like to get my shopping done before December 1st, I need to save a little now.

I’m going home to Victoria for Thanksgiving, so that amount is essentially just me bringing my car over on the ferry. Housing – you know what’s happening there. I’d love to come under budget with my move, but I don’t really see that happening. (At least I won’t have to do this again for a while, eh?) And the amount I’ve budgeted for food is fairly standard, but I’m serious about restricting my Restaurant budget this month. October is going to be expensive enough as it is. I don’t think my budget can handle too much takeout!

Everything else looks pretty normal here. My car insurance went down by a few dollars, so I guess ICBC considers Port Moody to be a slightly less risky place to drive / keep a car than New Westminster. One budget I did boost up was my Personal Care budget and that’s because I’m in the market for a new pair of rain boots. It’s rained so much here this week that I nearly considered buying them early, but my feet can get wet for a few more weeks until this move is done and I actually have some extra cash on hand.

As for the total at the bottom, you may have noticed it’s a little larger than usual. That’s because this girl got her first official raise! Well, one that wasn’t given to me for the simple fact that a union said I should get one. I have to admit, it felt good – and motivating!

Goals for the month:

  • Finish a secret little writing project I’m working on
  • MOVE (Unpack, hang pictures, get settled)
  • Read 1 book
  • Track my spending

What do you have planned for this month?

  • I can’t believe Christmas is coming–I know, it’s the same day every year but it seems to get here really quickly once October is here.
    Hope all goes well in settling into your new place!

    • I cannot WAIT for Christmas! It’s without a doubt my favourite time of year. But I will agree with you that it does creep up fast!

  • Congratulations on your big move Cait
    It’s nice to know that your boss gives you a raise because of your hard work and dedication to the organization which I’m sure you bring. It’s clear you have your head on your shoulders and set out to achieve all the goals you want in your life. Keep up the good work and enjoy the new place. CBB

  • Congratulations on your move! Sometimes things work out for the best, which I’m sure is your case- sounds like your loving your new place! I can’t believe the year is almost over. Aye, I have some last minute goals to finish- hopefully they happen!

    • I’ve been having the same thoughts recently… so little time left in 2013. Time to finish some things up!

  • Good achievable budget, Cait (although, for the life of me, I’ve never been able to budget down to the exact penny like you have in misc. cash – $41.09 – just teasing ya, buddy! lol)

    My home improvement projects continue this month. As you know, I did a whole bunch of outside stone work around the house over the past 2 months. Now I’m into the inside projects. I was planning on starting to paint every room in the house but I now plan to delay that a month while I arrange to replace our furnace (which is 25 years old) with a new one. Nothing wrong (yet) with the current furnace but I figure why wait until something evil might happen (in the dead of winter, a la Murphy’s Law) – might as well get it done now while the furnace deals are on. No impact on this month’s budget as the home improvement fund has it under control as to expense (which is why one needs such savings plans for future needs, like you have with your emergency savings).

    • Ha! You know what I do with that silly category.

      I actually just wrote a post about things to do before winter and getting your furnace looked at was one of the points. At 25 years old, I imagine yours has been good to go. Kiss it goodbye and onto the next!

    • You can say that again!

      I’ll have to host you and Daisy for dinner. Gotta put the new gas range to good use!

  • WOOHOO for the raise! So many things are always going on in your life :)

    Christmas is my favorite time of year. I can’t wait until I can start decorating.

    • SO many things. Always, haha.

      And agreed. I don’t think I’ll get a tree at my own place, but I’ll still put up some lights and garland. :)

  • Congrats on the raise! I also liked the fall colors you used. I really like your optimism for the move and this month as a whole. It’s so easy to get down about having to go through moving again, but you’ve found the positives in it. I hope everything goes smoothly and that you find a cute pair of rain boots! I hate the feeling of having wet feet.

  • This is great! I have to ask though (and I’ve wanted to for awhile), how on earth do you spend so little on food? I struggle to spend less than $350 on groceries alone each month!

    • Hmm. Well, I don’t buy meat. I meal plan, which means I eat the same meal many times in a week. Other than that, sales? Honestly, I’ve just always spent about $45-50/week on groceries and the rest I fill in w/ takeout.

  • Glad to hear that your move went well! Congrats on the raise, those are always awesome to get :)
    I hear you on draining the Emergency Fund, had to do that myself for September’s bills. Hope to get back to $2K as well in mine.

  • You know… one thing that struck me as I was reading this post was that GIRL, you sure do move a lot! How many moves have you made since you started your blog? Congrats on the raise! And for preparing for retirement :)

  • I had a pretty nice budget lined up this month and yesterday husband let me know he needs to have his gas analyzer (needed for his business) checked (it’s checked yearly). It will cost 1/3 of my initial budget. The good part is that we do have the money, the bad part is that I wanted to save it :D

    We’ll surely survive.
    Keeping our fingers crossed for your budget to go well this month

    • Oh no! I hear you on not wanting to spend your savings, haha. But we’ll both get our balances back up again soon. Happy October!

    • Absolutely! For Monday, I’m writing a post on how it’s just a basic template but anyone could use it as a template and adapt it to their needs.

      Happy October, Tara!

  • My comment has to do with how you show the numbers for the emergency fund savings. If you yook out the money for your rent then you really did not save any money this month in fact should you not show a debit against the savings?

    • So you think I should put -$750 in Emergency and make the rent $1,740? I suppose that makes sense too. I just prefer to keep track of how I spend my monthly income.

  • You’ll love Port Moody! I used to work at the museum there, that’s in the old CPR station right next to Rocky Point Park. Have you ever been to Padjo’s? Great little fish and chips place in the park, with awesome poutine :D

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