TGIF: I Found a Place!

Holy cow, talk about a stressful week! I feel like I’ve gone back in time to January, where I wasn’t sleeping and was literally just walking around like a zombie. Hopefully that changes soon because I found a place! And I get the keys today! And I’m moving next week!

It’s in a newer building in Port Moody (yay!) in a little village where I’ll be surrounded by grocery stores, restaurants, banks and Starbucks (uh oh). The building comes with a huge gym, pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, yoga room and even a squash court. It is not cheap, but it’s not that much more than my last place and I’m going to take full advantage of all the rec facilities (maybe not the squash court). And for those of you who might be wondering, it’s on one of the highest floors, haha.

Things are moving really fast, which is always stressful, but I needed to take action and get out of the situation I was in. My parents have agreed to come help me, and a few friends from Victoria will already be in town and have offered to help too. I’m pulling some money out of my Emergency Fund to help pay for my move, rent, etc. but I’ve also written up my budgets for October and November and I know that I’ll be able to get back on track soon enough.

To those of you who hoped this situation might have all been worth it, so I could end up in a place I love, thank you. Scenes like what you see in the picture in this post are what made me fall in love with Port Moody this summer. (Yes, that’s a girl paddling with her dog.) I can’t wait to live close to the water again, and be within walking distance to great walking and hiking trails. Honestly, I don’t think a person’s ever been more excited to sign a 1-year lease!

The low of my week was having my roommate give me notice, forcing me to have to look for yet another new apartment. (There were a few tears, I must admit.)

The high of my week was finding a place, inquiring about it, seeing it, loving it, applying for it and getting it! All in a day’s work, I tell ya.

A blog post I loved was There Are 99 Days Left in 2013 over at Yes and Yes. Sarah always has a way of making me think. Go get some inspiration!

The best money I spent was $550 for my security deposit. (Or it was the $2.10 I paid for the Nanaimo Bar I ate to make myself feel better after paying that deposit!)

My plans this weekend include hanging out with Baby Sis, who is coming to Vancouver for a concert! I’m also going to meet Ashly for coffee finally.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • Yay! I’m so glad you were able to find something so quickly and I have no doubt that having your emergency fund in place helped ease your search. Good luck with the move! (Although I am looking forward to you settling in the one place for at least a year!)

    • Thanks, Leanne! I think the move will be easy – my dad is fast and I’m going to bring small things over all week.

  • Wow a one year lease must feel so nice! No more moving, at least for a year.

    Congrats on getting a new place so fast, that sounds like you achieved the best possible outcome for this situation – which is awesome. Can’t wait to see pictures of the new place – and totally jealous of all those awesome sounding amenities.

    • I can’t believe how quickly this all came together. I’m anxious to get the keys… then it’ll feel real. (And I’ll be sure to share some pics!)

  • Phew! Sigh of relief! Glad you found a place you love, and yeah for 1 year leases! Hope all goes smoothly with your move. :)

  • So glad to hear you found a place – and not on the ground level! I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment that was half-basement, half- above-ground (built into a hill), and I was a little nervous with it at first – much more so when I woke up at 5am to a man outside my window. And this was in a city that had a problem with someone called “the night watcher”… I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Now I always look for bedrooms up at least one floor.

    • Oh my gosh, just thinking about living in a town where there was a “night watcher” terrifies me… you poor thing!

    • I can’t believe how nice they all are, too! Some buildings say they have pools but they’re old, small and dingy… not this place. Everything is so new, big and clean. I can’t wait to start using them!

  • Yay C! So glad things are going to work out. I definitely don’t care to sleep on the ground floor, either. I’ve never had to do it. It will be weird if/when we buy a house, because there are mostly one-level bungalows around here.

    In college I dealt with a near break-in and it really screwed up my sense of safety and my sleeping patterns. I was over at J’s spending the night and someone (on drugs) tried to break in through the ground floor windows. He wasn’t successful but it was the scariest thing ever. He left bloodied sock prints on the windows were he tried to kick them in. So odd. When I moved back home after college my parents had to install an alarm system so I could sleep better. (And this was in a super safe, idyllic little town!)

    I live on the 4th/top floor of a building now and feel so much better. It took a really long time for me to work past it though. I hope living on a higher floor helps with your sense of security! (And if we do buy a house, the alarm system will be one of the very first purchases we make.)

    • Bloody sock prints!? That sounds absolutely terrifying… Like you, I’ve been thinking about the fact that one day I’m sure I’ll be living in my own house too… and I’m sure an alarm system will be at the top of my list too!

  • Wow, quick to find an apartment, nice job! So glad that things are starting to look up for you!

    I am thankfully off this weekend! I’ll be spending time with the family, getting a tattoo (#3!), a massage – much needed, and getting ready for an art sale I have coming up.

    Have a splendid this weekend!

  • Glad it worked out so quickly. My wife and I have been living with her family for 9 months now and can finally afford our own place. We’re moving tomorrow! So I kinda know how you feel about the excitement of finally finding that perfect place :)

  • Congrats! I know the next couple of weeks are going to be stressful, but it’s sooooo worth it.

    Once I was unpacked in my safer apartment in a better neighbourhood, I truly felt like my home is my sanctuary. I hope you feel the same peace :)

  • Well Cait, I purposely refrained from posting a comment to your previous post because I kinda had a gut feel that you’d be soon posting a more upbeat one to counter things – like the one that you’ve posted today. I won’t repeat my favourite motto (because I know that you know it already) but it does seem to often prove true for me and now for you. I would say as well that your “low of the week” really was meant to happen and perhaps was long term a blessing in disguise. Think about it. Don’t you feel that it’s much better to live somewhere on your own rather than have to live with a roomie, good friend or not? Until you get perhaps get married some day I for one prefer independent living. The location too seems great and I know that all in all you’ll be much happier living there. Also it’s good to have this all nailed down before the winter months set in.

    • I know, I know… but it didn’t feel like a small thing, at the time. All I’ve been craving is a home and some level of comfort; having that ripped out from under me felt awful. I’m also furious that I’m having to pay for two moves vs. just one… but that’s out of my control. Like you said, at least I found a great place to rent with more amenities than I could have asked for. I have a feeling I’ll be pretty happy when I get into that pool / hot tub next Friday night.

  • Aww Cait, I am so sorry that you have to move out again but it’s great to know you’ve found the place! It sounds amazing! Hopefully, you can stay there for a while longer. I know moving can be so frustrating. I just hope I find a place where I can stay for at least 2 years.

  • That’s so great you were able to find something awesome so quickly! It sounds really nice, I know I would try to use all those amenities. Living by the water would be interesting, but I’m sure the rent would be double what I pay now. Sounds like you have everything figured out, good luck with the move!

    • Yea, I’m not right on the water or anything, but within walking distance for sure. Rent prices seem to be the same from city-to-city here (with the exception of living in Downtown Vancouver) but I’m probably paying a bit of a premium to have all of those amenities.

  • The new place sounds awesome! It sucks that you had to move a second time, but on the bright side now you have somewhere better! You know what they say – ‘when one door shuts…it opens again, cause that’s what doors do…’ lol.

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