TGIF: Welcome Home, Bandit!

So, I lied. Last week, I said I’d finally decided what to do with TGIF… but now I’ve really decided what to do with it. Seriously, no more changes! I think.

I’ve always wanted to do some type of weekly post, to break up the rest of whatever it is that I talk about on here. I’m not a huge fan of carnivals or link loves, but I do want to share some of the stuff I enjoy reading each week. I also want to keep up with sharing the low and high of my week, and sneak in a little money talk too. So, going forward, you can expect to see a little something like this every Friday:

The low of my week was getting an unexpected bill, after I’d already moved a bunch of money into various savings accounts and given myself a very small amount of cash until payday. Eek!

The high of my week was getting my car (Bandit) back from the auto body shop. Is that lame? It’s just so nice to have it back, in good condition and with no more reminders of what happened that day.

A blog post I loved was The Hardest Decision Was to Live Differently Than Everyone Else over at Budgets are Sexy. One of J’s readers sent him that quote and I think anyone who has made a decision to go against the norm will appreciate the rest of the post.

The best money I spent was $10.45 for a copy of MoneySense’s Guide to Buying and Selling a Home. I write about this stuff everyday for work, but could use some new insights and ideas. (PS, have you seen their new site? It looks awesome!)

My plans this weekend include two brunches and hopefully a nice walk around the city. I may not be able to hike yet, but I want to get outside before six months of rain begins!

Your turn! How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

  • I like your new Friday blog posting format, looking good. I had a bunch of highs and lows this week. One of my highs was taking my dog Molly to her first obedience class last night and finding out that she might just be the smartest dog there.

    A definite low was trying to keep my husband’s spirits up when he just kept hitting road block after road block when trying to complete a high stress project in his business.

    Definitely looking forward to a weekend of relaxing. Maybe I’ll work on some wedding photos. :)

  • My past week was beaucoup busy (that’s my Montreal French peeking out – lol).
    My construction buddy retired neighbour and I have basically now finished off my outside home improvement projects. This past week saw one of the hottest days of the summer in TO, during which we moved 2 trailer loads of left over sand to other peoples’ houses (who had bought the sand from me) and trimmed down a long 8 ft high hedge located around the property of our church, making 8 trips to the city dump with the branches. I figure that I must have lost another 10 lbs working in the heat doing this. Who needs to go to a gym, eh? :-)

    This weekend: mow the lawn, weed the property, and basically chill out – speaking of which, the TO weather has now turned a tad cool here today. Crazy Canuk weather! :-)

    Happy to see that you’ve got your wheels back. Hope you’re feeling good as new, Cait.

  • I LOVE that quote from Budgets are Sexy! It’s SO true!

    And I celebrate right along with you for getting your car back. Two years ago (just a few days before Christmas…) a woman parallel parked right into my car and DEMOLISHED the front fender (I HAVE NO IDEA). Not even sort of as big a deal as what you went through but I missed my little doom buggy while it was in the shop and was so excited to get her back too :)

  • Love this format! I really enjoyed reading it (honestly, I never read the crazy link love stuff for the simple fact that it’s not fun to read!). This was refreshing and I hope you keep it up – but without the unexpected-bill part, of course! Have a great weekend :)

  • Hey Cait,

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed your last post, I didn’t get a chance to comment but I enjoyed reading it and think it’s awesome that you made that choice for your own health and wellbeing.

    My week was busy, started work at 5am Tueday thru Friday … still managed to make it to the gym every night, and starting working on my online courses.

    This weekend I’m playing in a ball tournament in the west end of Toronto out by the airport … should be fun, first game 9:30 tonight.

    Have a great weekend!

  • It is so not lame that you were excited to get your car back! I would miss my car if it were gone for a bit, too. The low of my week was coming back to work after a week of vacation, and the high is that it’s Friday. Pretty sad, but I am looking forward to writing over the weekend and hopefully going on a few walks! I like the format of your post, too.

  • This is a great Friday post, Cait. Keep them coming :)

    My week has been busy. I’m glad to be able to finally relax and catch up on my reading. I am going to continue packing (along with more reading) over the weekend, and cinema on Sunday which I’m looking forward to :P

    Have a lovely weekend.

  • I like the new TGIF posts! Like anyone, I appreciate informative posts on a blog, but I also really, really like to know what’s going on in the life of the blogger, even if it’s little stuff.

    The high of my week was getting fall mums on Sunday. They’re so pretty, and I love seeing them on the porch when I come home everything.

    My low was just generally feeling stressed/overworked. I had two bad head days, and I think that’s mostly due to work pressure/stress. But I’d rather be busy than bored!

    I just picked up a book to read from the library, so hopefully I’ll spend the weekend reading. I’m also considering driving up to my parents’ camper to see the puppies tomorrow.

    • Aww, I like the high of your week too! That sounds nice. And the low sucks… but let’s say “only” two bad head days and then maybe it’s not so bad? I hope you feel better enough to read all weekend long. xo

  • Thanks for the shout, my friend – I’m glad you enjoyed the article :) And I’m a big fan of these types of posts too – they’re usually a fun break from the rest and still just as helpful to most people.

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